Top 3 Ways to Backup & Restore Android Files from Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+

Have you ever come across the situation where you have a fear of losing all your important data from your Samsung devices?

If yes then I can know that you have felt so bad when you have come across any data loss situation on your mobile phones.

However, nobody wants to lose their essential data from their android devices no matter whatever the brand is. Even I have suffered a lot once I have erased all my data from my mobile phones.

Well today we will discuss about this topic only where you will be guided on how to backup and restore data or files from Samsung Galaxy.

As you know that Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ has launched this month only and it many users to buy. It’s unique in design and some extra features compared to its previous model. However, this is the fact that Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ has positive response from customers.

But wait a moment, though this is a new device but there are problems related to it which can interrupt your enjoyment. This is also the fact that whatever data you have on your device can be losing anytime without any intimation and you even do not know how.

Those data might be useful and some might not but if you create a backup of all those data from your device then it can be helpful for you only in such unwanted situations.

So let us know why backing up data is important for every Android users and how to do it without suffering from data loss.

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How to backup Samsung Galaxy S7 to Google Drive

How to restore my Android phone from backup

How to backup and restore contacts to SD card

Methods to Backup and Restore Samsung Galaxy

Reason to backup Android data

Well when we come to the topic on why to backup all-important data in safe place then reasons are several. Not only it is important to backup Samsung Galaxy or Samsung S8 but it is mandatory for every Android user to create a backup of their crucial data.

The very first reason for creating a backup is it helps you to manage the situation when you face data loss due to phone crash. It helps you to retrieve data easily without any worry.

Second if your device gets attacked by malware or malicious virus then your data can get lost and you might don’t even know about it. So here also creating backup is essential so that you can stay relax.

Third one, you might need to do a factory reset or may be your memory card needs to format and you can lose all your data. But backup can help you to manage the situation.

So it is always a wise thought to backup all your important data from your Samsung Galaxy devices and keep them in safe place.

How to backup Samsung Galaxy S7 to Google Drive

Many users ask this question in general on how to backup S7 data to Google drive so that they do not have to bear the pain of any data loss from their devices. Well for that, you have to follow the below steps:

  • From Home Screen, click on Apps
  • Now click on Settings and then click Backup and reset
  • After that click on Backup my data switch to switch on and off
  • After the switch is turned on, hit Backup account
  • Here you have to hit on proper account
  • At last, click on Automatic restore switch to on or off

That’s it…

How to restore my Android phone from backup

You can easily backup every data to your Google Account from your device. And after that you can restore all those data to original device or wherever you want.

However, you should remember that every device is different so restoring data can vary from each device and its version. In addition, do not forget that you cannot restore backup from higher Android version to low version. So follow the steps to restore Android phone from backup.

First, you have to add a backup account and for that, you have to:

  • Go to settings apps on your device
  • There click on System backup and click on Account Add option
  • If it is required then enter the device PIN, or password
  • Now at last, sign in to account, which you want to add for backup

How to backup and restore contacts to SD card

To restore contacts to SD card, you have to follow the below steps carefully. First of all you have to backup all contacts and the restore them, let us how it works.

Back up contacts to SD card

  • From Home Screen, go to empty spot to open Apps tray
  • Then click on Contacts > Menu > Settings
  • If required then click on Contacts to display > All contacts
  • Now here you have to click on Import/Export contacts > Export to SD card

  • Here you have to review the file name on pop-up message
  • Now click on OK to confirm
  • At last, you will receive a message stating contact will be exported

After that, follow the below steps to restore contacts. Almost you have to do the same process as you have done while backup.

Restore contacts to SD card

This process is done automatically when you sign into your Google account next time.

  • From Home screen, go to empty spot and open Apps tray
  • Click on Contacts > Menu > Settings
  • Click on Contacts to display > All contacts
  • Here click on Import/Export contacts > Import from SD card

  • Then review the file and hit on OK
  • At last, you will get a message stating your contacts will be imported

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Methods to Backup and Restore Samsung Galaxy Without any Data Loss

This is very important part of this blog because everyone wants to know how to backup and restore their data from their devices. However, it is easy for users to backup their Samsung data without any problem and effort.

Even this is one of the important parts if you are having Android device. You can backup all your important data on Samsung Galaxy to computer. Now all thanks to the developers and creators that they have made several ways to backup important data on your devices. So let us look at some of the effective way to backup and restore files from Samsung Galaxy and more…

Method 1: Backup and Restore Android files via Google

You might have noticed that when you want to backup your data on your Android device then you have an option to add an account. This adding an account gives you permission to set up with Google on android device and all the data are synced to it.

By doing this, some apps like contacts or settings are synced to Google server. This is good for small data but not that much good for big files like videos, photos, music etc.

But you have the option to backup them through Google apps where you get the option of Google photos for photos and videos or Google drive for big files and folders.

Method 2: Use Android Backup Service to backup & restore data

You might know that every Android devices already comes with stock backup function. This option is helpful as it back up the settings along with app data to a local storage or cloud. However, every Android device is different according to brand so it is not possible to say the entire process.

Therefore, you can set auto backup or can customize as per your Android device model. You can get this option in settings but varies from device to device. Therefore, this is also one of the ways to backup and restore your Android data on Samsung devices.

Method 3: Backup and Restore Android data with Effective Tool

Android Data Backup & Restore is one of the best and easy to use tool that helps users to backup their android data from Samsung Galaxy. This is well designed for android users and can easily preview and restore backup to android devices.

This software allows user to easily backup every kind of data, which includes videos, photos, contacts, call history, music, gallery etc. It facilitates user to manage, export and import data whenever they want. So this tool is considered as one of the best to provide solution when users are in need to backup and restore their important files from Samsung Galaxy or some other devices.


Note: It is recommended to download and use the software on your PC or laptop. It is because recovery of phone data on the phone itself is risky as you may end up losing all your data because of data overriding.

Steps to Backup and Restore Android files

With Toolkit for Android - Data Backup & Restore, you can easily backup your Android data. This tool has make it quite easier to back up your Android data to computer and even selectively restore backed up data to your Android device. Let us have a look how one can easily backup and restore their Android phone.

Part I: Back up your Android Phone

Step 1: Connect your Android device to computer

At first, there is a need to launch Toolkit for Android on your computer and then select Phone Backup

After the above step, connect your Android phone to the computer with the use of a USB cable. But it is quite important to make sure that you have enabled USB debugging mode on your Android phone. If your Android OS version is above 4.2.2, then remember that there will be a pop-up message display on your phone. Now simply tap on OK so that you can allow USB debugging on your device.


Click Backup to start the backup Android phone data.

If you have already used this tool to back up your device in the past, then you can simply view your past backup by clicking on 'View backup history'.

Step 2: Select file types to back up

When your Android phone gets connected, then you have to select the file types you want to backup. Remember one thing that Toolkit for Android has checked all the file types for you by default. After this, simply click on Backup so that you can begin the backup process.


It will take a few minutes to complete the backup process. So, please do not disconnect your Android phone and also do not use the device or delete any data on the phone when the backup process is in progress.


After the backup process gets over, you can then click on View the backup button to see what is there in the backup file.


Part II: Restore Backup To Android Phone

Step 1: Connect your Android device to computer

Here, you are required to launch Toolkit for Android on your computer and then select 'Phone Backup. Now simply connect your Android phone to the computer with the use of a USB cable.


Step 2: Select the backup file you would like to restore

After clicking on Restore button, by default, the program will display the files from the latest backup on computer. Here you need to select backup file you need and then tap on View next to it.


Step 3: Preview and Restore Backup file to Android Phone

You can have a preview here of each file in the backup. From here, you can check the files you need and then simply click on 'Restore”.


The overall process will take few minutes to complete. So, please do not disconnect your Android phone or do not open any Android phone management software during the process



At last, we have concluded that only saving data on Android devices is not important but creating a backup and keeping those data in safe place is equally important for every Android users. This backup can really save your time when you come across such conditions of data loss.

However, Android backup and restore software is best to help you come out of the situation. I hope whatever solutions I have mentioned in this blog will help you to restore your data from Samsung Galaxy and from other devices as well.

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