How To Recover Lost Data After Factory Reset On Android [Best Ways]


Summary: Did you accidentally lose your important data after a factory reset? Forgot to backup data before doing a factory reset?  It’s very unfortunate when your valuable data gets disappeared after factory settings. Retrieve the data becomes hectic when you don’t have any idea. But you don’t need to worry; here in this blog, you will get some best ways to recover lost data after factory reset Android using automatic and manual solutions.

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How to Recover Deleted Media Files in Android?

Restore erased media files (photos, videos, audio, etc) from Android mobile devices, without any backup!

Using Android mobile devices (phone/tablet) you might have come across various circumstances in your daily life that may lead to loss of your important media files on Android.

The deleted media files can be recovered from the stored backup. If there is no backup of the media files, then in that case, you can recover deleted media files from Android with the assistance of Android Data Recovery Tool. It is professional recovery tool as it recovers lost or deleted data due to resetting your Android device to factory settings or due to manual deletion.

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