11 Best Ways To Fix Face ID Stopped Working On iPhone

The face ID feature makes it quick & easy to unlock your iPhone, validate purchases, authenticate downloads, and more. But at times, the Face ID not working or Face ID stopped working on iPhone due to some unexpected reasons. In such a situation, rebooting the iPhone/iPad, enabling and disabling Face ID, checking for lighting conditions around, etc. can solve this issue.

Unlocking the iPhone/iPad using the Face ID feature is really an exciting and easier task. This advanced feature is embedded in certain iOS devices. However, if you are an iPhone user and having trouble using this feature, then read on this post.

This article describes why face recognition stopped working on iPhone and how to get rid of this issue with 11 working ways.

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Before proceeding further, let’s take a look at one of the real user’s examples…

Practical Scenario:

Face ID no longer works after the latest iOS update. It doesn’t recognize my face anymore and when I tried to reset Face ID and start over, it can’t seem to find my face in the camera — keeps saying ‘reposition your face within the frame–your face is out of view’. I tried cleaning the special lens but that didn’t help.

Any suggestions? If I erase the phone settings, will that wipe out the Verizon phone number assigned to it?


What Causes iPhone Face ID To Stop Working?

If your face ID stopped working on iPhone/iPad, then it is important to fix this problem as soon as possible. But before that, let’s take a look at the most common scenarios that can result in such issues.

  • Your iOS device must be running in the outdated version.
  • The iPhone model that you are using doesn’t support the Face ID.
  • Something is blocking your face or camera.
  • When your device has not been unlocked for more than 48 hours.
  • You have made 5 unsuccessful attempts in order to recognize your face.
  • Your iOS device has received the remote lock command.

As you have known the major factors behind this problem, now it’s time to fix face recognition stopped working on iPhone 12/11 in the best ways.

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How To Fix Face ID Stopped Working on iPhone/iPad?

Let’s try out the below-mentioned fixes one by one until your issue gets resolved.

Way 1: Disable & Enable Face ID

The very first solution that I would like to recommend is to disable and enable the Face ID. Doing this action always assist the iPhone users to fix several iPhone Face ID issues including the above-stated problem.

Therefore, here is how you can turn off and on the Face ID feature easily.

  • On your iPhone, you have to go to Settings.
  • Then choose the Face ID & Passcode.

Face ID & Passcode

  • Next, choose the Disable iPhone in order to unlock.
  • At this time, hold down a side & volume button till an apple logo seems on your phone’s screen.
  • Now, push a side button till an apple logo seems.
  • Under Settings >> choose the Face ID & Passcode.
  • Then enable unlocking by Face ID
  • Finally, you should be able to use the Face ID

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Way 2: Reboot Your iPhone/iPad

Even after disabling and enabling the Face ID feature if the issue still persists, then once you should restart your iPhone. Doing this will fix the potential software glitches that could be triggering the face ID on iPhone stopped working problem.

For this, you have to press & hold a side button & either a volume button till “slide to power off” seems on your screen. Then, use your finger to swipe a red & white power icon from the left to right. Now, your device will turn OFF.

Face ID Stopped Working On iPhone

Now, you have to wait 40–60 seconds, again press & hold a side button till an Apple logo seems on the screen. Your device will turn on shortly.

Way 3: Clean Face ID Sensor

Since the issue is related to face ID so once you should clean the Face ID sensor and check for the issue.

Oftentimes, holding a mobile for too long time can accumulate body oils & dirt that can stick to a Face ID sensor & can stop working it. So, to solve that, you need to wipe a top part of your device with the dry and soft cloth to ensure the sensor is clean.

Way 4: Check For The Device’s Latest Updates

Most of the time, it happens that running an outdated version of the OS can trigger various issues. In such a situation, updating the device to its latest version can help you to get rid of the issue.

Thus, if you are suspicious that you are experiencing face ID stopped working on iPhone issue due to using an outdated version of OS, follow the below steps:

Step 1- At first, plug your iPhone into the charger & connect to the Wi-Fi.

Step 2- Go to the Settings >> General option >> tap on the Software Update.

Step 3- Well, if there’s any software update available, you have to tap on Install Now.

Software Update

Way 5: Check For Lighting Conditions

It might possible that there is too dark or too light around you due to which iPhone face id stopped working after update. So, it is mandatory to check the lighting conditions around you.

Though the Face ID will perhaps work good in a room that is well-lit by natural light.

Way 6: Ensure There’re No Other Faces Around You

Well, if there’re multiple faces detected by your camera sensor then it is possible to experience such sorts of issues.

Thus, if you are in the rush or busy place, then find a private spot so that your camera could recognize your face.

Way 7: Add The Alternate Appearance

The next solution that comes after checking the lightning condition around you is to set up the alternate appearance. This will probably help you to fix the face id not working ‘move iPhone lower’.

Here is how you can easily do so:

  • Initially, go to the Settings then tap on Face ID & Passcode.
  • Next, enter the passcode if provoked.
  • Click on the “Set Up Alternate Appearance”

Set Up Alternate Appearance

  • Now, look directly at your iPhone then hold it vertically with a face placed inside a frame.
  • After that, slowly change your head position to finish the circle.
  • Click on Accessibility option in the case if you are not able to move your head.

Accessibility Options

  • Once the first (Face ID) scanning process is finished>> tap on Continue.
  • Then, slowly move head in order to complete a circle again.
  • After completion of the Face ID setup process, tap Done.

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Way 8: Fix Face ID Stopped Working On iPhone/iPad By Resetting The Face ID

Resetting the Face ID is another yet option that can help you to solve iPhone face ID not working issue. This is not as difficult as it sounds, just because it takes a few minutes to configure the Face ID.

In order to do so:

Step 1: Open Settings app >> tap on Face ID & Passcode option.

Step 2: Next, you need to enter the passcode that you were set, if prompted.

Step 3: After this, tap on Reset Face ID.

Reset Face ID

Step 4: Now, you have to follow the on-screen instructions in order to set up the Face ID for the second time.

Way 9: Reset iPhone To Its Factory Settings

This solution might be risky for you as it will delete all your crucial data that are saved within your iPhone. Therefore, before factory resetting your iPhone it is important to take a backup of the data stored in the iPhone.

Once created a backup, all you need to do is to follow the below steps for factory reset and fix the face ID stopped working on iPhone:

  • Simply open the Settings.
  • Then, tap in General >> Reset.
  • After that, choose the option “Erase All Content and Settings”.

Erase All Content and Settings

  • Now, confirm that you need to erase your iPhone.

When your phone is restored to its factory settings, again set up the Face ID.

Way 10: Contact To Apple Support

Last but not the least, if your iPhone has recently dropped on the hard surface, it might possible that there are physical issues with your Face ID sensors. And that’s why your camera is unable to recognize your face.

In such a situation, consider contacting the Apple Support & scheduling an Apple store visit.

Final Verdict

Well, Face ID on iPhone stopped working issue is very much annoying for users as it restricts them from securely unlocking their iPhone, validating purchases, or signing in to the apps with a glance.

Therefore, I’ve presented this article that contains the 11 quick solutions to fix Face ID stopped working on iPad/iPhone in no time. So just apply those fixes according to your niche to get rid of it.

Last but not the least, if you’ve any queries or doubts, let us know on our Twitter or Facebook page.