[Extensive Guide] Google Photos – Store, Backup & Organize Your Photos With Ease

Google Photos is one of the popular photo storing apps available in different Smartphones. It allows users to backup photos and videos to cloud and can be accessed from anywhere on any device.

When users search for services that automatically backups their photos and videos then there are several of them. OneDrive, Dropbox, iCloud, Amazon Photos etc. And in this list, Google Photos is also available that has grown over the years since its launch in 2015.

It gained popularity in both Android and iOS devices as it manages all media files on phone and offers bundle of useful features.

All in whole, you can say that Google Photos easily organize every photos and videos you save on your phone.

In fact, there are lots of features that this app offers to its users. So let us dive in to this blog and know everything about Google Photos and its available features.

Features Of Google Photos Along With New One

There are several useful features that user gets with Google Photos app. Some of the best includes:

Google Photos Search– It uses a complex image processing method that makes a group of photos and its search is incredible.

Google Photos Assistant– This feature helps you to know what’s going on Google Photos Library, or tells you when to view new creations and also gives you latest news on Google photos.

Google Photos Albums– This option helps to gather group photos into albums automatically with its technique and displayed at the top of page.

Google Lens– It’s an image identifying tool that brings relevant news via visual analysis. This Google Lens icon can be seen while viewing a photo in Google Photo app.

Free Up Space– A very useful feature that let you free up space on phone. No message of “storage full” as after backing up, just need to go to Settings and choose Free up Space.

Manually tag a face– Now it’s clear that users will be able to tag a face on photos manually. This is a useful feature for Google Photos user.

How To Back Up Photos In Google Photos

When time comes to backup essential photos then you can get several of them for both Android and iOS devices. But this is a confusion too because users don’t actually know which one to opt.

There is nothing to get confused because Google Photos is one of the best choices for backing up photos. And this is coming as a preinstalled app nowadays in almost every Android device.

So here I am going to show you how to backup photos to Google Photo app in different devices:

Backup photos on Android

  • First, download Google Photos app from Play Store and if its already preinstalled then leave it
  • Go to the app where it will ask for permission to backup several data online. Select the folder that you want to access and it will automatically backup those photos
  • You can select “free up space” to make some space before backing up the images and then you can allow your photos to backup.

Backup photos from iPhone/iPad

  • First, install Google Photos app on iPhone/iPad
  • Then all your photos will start to backup automatically to photo library.
  • If you don’t want automatic synching feature then turn off by opening Google Photos app > choose Menu > Settings > Backup and sync and there you can turn off or on.

Backup Google photos from computer

  • First, install Backup and sync that is a desktop uploader for Google Photos
  • Now sign in with Google account
  • Then choose Backup photos and videos

  • Here choose the folders that you want to backup to Google Photos
  • Also choose the size you prefer like High Quality or Original
  • And simply click on Start

How To Upload Photos To Google Photos

Now there are different ways to upload your important photos to Google Photos app from Android, iOS and computer. Though the steps will only differ a little bit, so let’s see how to manually upload photos to the Photos app.

Upload photos from Android and iOS devices

  • First download Google Photos app on your phone if not installed and sign in with your account
  • Now click on the photos that you want to upload. For multiple photos, long press on photo and select the other items you want
  • Doing this will open a preview window
  • The already uploaded photos will have a cloud symbol with a line
  • Now tap on top right screen that opens a popup menu
  • Choose Backup and your selected photos will be uploaded to Google Photos

Upload photos from computer to Google Photos

Apart from automatic backup, you can easily upload your photos manually from computer as well.

  • Sign in to your Google Photos account if not signed in
  • Then tap on “Upload” that is just next to “Create” option

  • Here you have to choose the photos that you wish to upload

  • You can also upload more than one photos at a time
  • At last, click on Open and all your photos will be uploaded to Google Photos

Is Google Photos Free to use?

Yes, Google Photos is absolutely free to access up to 16 megapixels and videos up to 1080p resolution. But only when you agree it to store compressed copies of all your photos and videos.

And there is no harm because the quality does not becomes low. Compressing the photos will not affect your original ones.

Even you can save all your original images including RAW files by using Original Setting in the app that can be stored on Google Drive that allows 15GB storage space. But this storage space is shared with other services of Google as well like Gmail, Google Docs etc.

But if you want more space then also you can get it by upgrading to 100GB at $1.99 per month or can be exceeded to 1TB at $8.25 per month.

Why Google Photos Is So Popular?

Obviously, people ask why Google Photos is so popular between users?

Well there are few reasons for its popularity that I am going to tell you here:

  • The very first reasons is, you get unlimited storage and that too free. Though there are paid services as well that keeps your photos in original resolution but in free service, the quality of image is very high. It compresses photos over 16 megapixels to size and videos are at 1080p.
  • You don’t have to worry about device because it supports every device like Android or iOS.
  • Various features are available where users can access, organize and easily manage every photos or videos
  • The app is very easy and straightforward to use
  • Most important thing, after you share your photos to other people, they don’t require Google Photos app to view

How To View & Edit Photos On App

Here you will know how to view and edit the photos from Google Photos app. So let’s check them out:

How to view photos

  • First, open the photos app where you will see the list of photos added
  • Click on the photos to zoom in and out and you can also swipe right or left to view next photos

  • Now click on Share icon to share the photos you want
  • You can also click on “I” icon to view the details of photo like date taken and size of file
  • Now again click on back button to return to photos
  • Click on magnifying glass to open search panel

  • Here you will get the uploaded photos sorted as per categories to make you easy to find actually what are you looking for like People, Places and Things.
  • Even you can use search field to find out any images you have uploaded. If they are available then you can view them

How to edit photos from Google photos

  • First, open Google Photos app on your phone or you can directly access to http://photos.google.com
  • Now click on photo that you want to edit
  • Then click on pencil icon to enter edit mode
  • Here click on adjustment icon. Then on three horizontal lines that will open several other options like Auto, Color, Light, Vignette, Pop All these have different features and you can edit your photos as per your wish
  • You can also click on Filters icon that has a landscape inside. You can preview it before and to see the changes, you can increase or decrease strength of filter

  • If you need the changes then save them otherwise click on X to cancel
  • You have the Crop icon that helps you to crop the image and after making changes, save it or just tap on X to unsave the changes.

What To Backup, When And Of What Quality To Google Photos

You already know that Google automatically backups all your pictures and videos on your phone. When you first use this app then you are offered two choices for quality of backup- Optimized or Original.

According to me, Optimized is the best choice because it offers unlimited storage. And this option is also helpful in sharing your pictures online like on social media or through email.

The next option is Optimized which is an option for photographer. It’s for those who don’t want to degrade their images quality. But one demerit is that it takes lots of storage space and this is where it needs to upgrade to get more space.

You have several options to back up your photos to this app. You can opt whether you want to backup via Wi-Fi only or other options. Even your photos will backed up while charging and you have to select this option as well.

If you are using your cellular data you can back up your pictures to the app anytime as you don’t have to wait for Wi-Fi.

There may be sometimes you need to backup other folders as well and in this situation, you can select other folders like downloads, screenshots, Instagram etc. The photos are backed up by settings > Backup & sync and choose “Backup device folder” just to toggle off and on.

As already discussed that if you want to backup any individual photo or video and its not synced with Google Photos then its done manually.

What Is The Difference Between High Quality, Original Quality, And Express Options In Google Photo App?

If you are using Google Photos app then you might want to know the difference between high quality, original and express options available in this app. Generally, the app has three storage settings for users to select from.

High Quality let you backup photos from your phone up to 16MP each and videos clips up to 1080p resolution to cloud account. This option let you upload unlimited number of photos and videos only when you agree to its resolution rule.

In fact, recently Google has updated its term and it supports several video formats such as mpg, .mod, .mmv, .tod, .wmv, .asf, .avi, .divx, .mov, .m4v, .3gp, .3g2, .mp4, .m2t, .m2ts, .mts, and .mkv.

The “Original Quality” option keeps your photos in original quality with perfect resolution without any compressing. Due to this, sometimes it surpasses High Quality setting.

In those phones which Google Photos is already installed has upper limit cloud storage for Original Quality setting. All these are stored on Google One Cloud account and are shared space with Google Drive and Gmail.

Now there is a good news for some smartphone users as they are not bound with storage limitation. Google Pixel or Google Pixel XL has the option to upload unlimited photos and videos at Original Quality setting for free till 2020 and will never run of storage.

Same for the Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL phone, where you can upload huge amount of photos and videos in Original Quality setting until 2021. After this time is over, whatever pictures or videos uploaded will be compressed down to High Quality resolution.

How To Use Photo Assistant Feature

Many of them are not familiar with Assistant in Google Photos. This is very useful as it gives “cards” of suggestion. In this, collages of photos or something similar to that is being suggested to user and even animations are created or some kind of videos.

You can easily swipe off the screen if you don’t like. All in whole, this feature is designed to maintain track of photos and videos library. You can create your own collage, albums, animations or photobooks etc.

This assistant feature is also used for notification that will tell you when something is wrong like storage space is running out.

Photo Book Feature Is Available In Google Photos App

Photos Book is one of the interesting features in Google Photos app that lets you share pictures with your friends and family members. In fact, few images might attract you that you want to bring in front of the world and Photo Book can help you.

Google Photos uses AI feature to create a book by adding some best photos or you can manually select to put on photo bucket. The price starts from $9.99 for 7-inch square softcover and it exceeds to $19.99 for 9-inch square hard cover and minimum pages are 20.

This book can be ordered from the website and from Google Photos app. You can take help of Google Photos Assistant feature to make a collage as per your image selection.

How Does Free Up Space Works On Google Photos

Unnecessary storing the same photos more than one place takes lots of storage, so it’s better to clear those pictures from phone after successfully backing them to Google Photos.

  • First, open Google Photos app and click on Backup & Sync option
  • Then click on three line > Settings
  • You will see Free Up Space Click on it and you will know how many photos will be removed

  • Now click on Remove option and this will delete the photos. Android users can check them in Trash folder whereas iOS users can check them on Recently Deleted folder

Remember– Deleted photos remains for 60 days in Android and 30 days in iOS. After this time, they are removed permanently.
  • You can remove them immediately from the selective folders by going to Trash > Menu > Empty Trash for Android. And for iOS , go to Recently Deleted folder > click on “Select” > press “Delete All

That’s it…

How To Download Photos From Google Photos App

After backing up all pictures and videos on Google Photos app, you should also know how to download them. I will show you how to do that.

Download photos from Google Photos on phone/tablet

Many times, your important images are wiped away from phone memory and you want them back, then you can simply Download them by following the below steps:

  • First, open Google Photos app on your phone
  • Then click on image which you wish to download
  • Now click on triple dots
  • Then click on Download or Save to device
  • That’s it, the images will be saved on your phone

Download pictures from Google Photos app on computer

  • Open https://photos.google.com on your computer
  • Now click on the picture that you wish to download
  • Then tap on three dots and click on Download option

How To Share Your Stuff With Others From Google Photos

Sharing is loved by users and they never forget to share their pictures, videos and other thing to their friends, relatives etc. In fact, sharing is also a big part of this app.

To share the photos, just open it and choose Upload icon on lower left of screen. If you are using an iOS device then it’s an arrow sign coming of it whereas on Android devices, its “<” icon.

The sharing option depends on the apps installed on your phone like Facebook, email, Twitter or text messages. Gmail account holders can get a thumbnail of suggested contacts from where you can mail directly.

There are other sharing options as well like simply clicking on Get Link button to get a unique URL for the photos you selected and paste it on text, email and other message. Remember that the URL is not for a particular person that you send to so anyone can view the URL of the photos linked with it. But you can stop this anytime.

Can I Recover Permanently Deleted Photos From Google Photos?

No, there is no way to recover permanently deleted photos from Google photos. Once they are deleted, they move to Trash folder where the photos stay for 60 days in Android and 30 days in iOS devices.

In between that time, you can recover the lost pictures. If the days are crossed then the items are permanently removed from Trash folder and cannot be retrieved by any mean.

How To Recover Deleted Photos From Google Photos

When photos are deleted from Google Photos then how to recover them is a big question?

But don’t worry, you can still get back those wiped away photos. As I have told earlier that whenever any photos are deleted then they directly goes to Trash folder. From there, you can retrieve them easily by following the below steps:

Steps to recover photos from Trash folder on Android/iPhone

  • Open Google Photos app on your phone
  • Click on Menu icon at the top left
  • Then tap on Trash or Bin folder
  • There you can see the deleted photos. Simply touch and hold the one you want to restore and click on Restore button

That’s it.

Steps to rescue missing images from Trash folder on computer

  • Open google.com on any browser on PC
  • Now tap on Menu icon > Trash
  • Pictures deleted will be seen, just take your mouse cursor and select the photos you want to recover
  • Then tap on Restore button and all your pictures will be restored to Google Photos library

Apart from these steps, if you fail to get back lost pictures from Google Photos then I would recommend you to use Android Data Recovery. This is a professional recovery program that helps to recover every missing photo from Google Photos app. It is easy to use and without any backup, all your wiped away pictures will be recovered.


Google Photos is one of the efficient and best app for uploading and sharing them to others. It provides several awesome features to make your photos look better than before. You can create a collage, add animations and many more.

In fact, you can select the quality of images and I think nothing is better than using Google Photos. Overall, this app is easy and simple to use and you can share them with others by editing those picture without reducing the quality.