How to Backup and Restore Hangout Messages on Android

Recover Lost Messages from Hangouts on Android

Overview– Whenever you want to retrieve any lost data from your android device such as hangout messages then you can Android Data Recovery Software. This is one of the best tool to recover your lost/deleted data from any android device.

This recovery software have some best features like:

  • Helps to restore Hangout messages along with several other important data from android devices
  • Supports almost every android versions and smartphones
  • The software has user-friendly interface and, therefore, it can be easily operated by people who have very less technical knowledge
  • This tool comes with preview option which help users to preview the data before retrieving

Practical scenario

Hi everyone, I generally chat with my friends via Hangout but I never delete my conversations. One day I accidentally erased my hangouts messages without knowing anything. I am totally confused about how to get back those messages. Can anyone help me to recover the deleted Hangout messages? I am really waiting for the messages to get back? Please help me!!!

There are many android users who sue Hangouts to keep in touch with friends and family members. Hangouts help users to one to one conversation or in a group also and even can turn free video call in single tap and easily make calls from android. Generally Hangout is a convenient app which is used by many users and it includes messaging, video chat, SMS and VOIP features. This app is very much popular among android users, tablets and iOS devices. But sometimes the data from this application gets erased/deleted and this is really very frustrating situation. Data loss is a common scenario which happens to almost every android users but many users backup their essential data to prevent data loss. However here in this article, you will get to know about how to restore hangouts messages from android.

Possible way to recover deleted Hangouts messages

Well many android users face a situation where there important data from Hangouts are deleted and this is a terrible situation especially when the data is deleted accidentally. When one or more Hangout messages or conversations are deleted then they request a restore later on because Google Hangouts never store any lost chat history. So when they are deleted it means that the data is deleted from Hangout app. This does not means that the deleted messages cannot be recovered? The data can be recovered by the following ways which are mentioned below. Here you can get possible ways to retrieve Hangout messages or conversations.

Method 1: Find Hangouts Messages in Gmail

If you want your lost messages from Gmail then your Hangouts history should be turned on because it automatically saves all your chats. Even you can search for Google Voice text messages and voicemails and this works only when you have turned on Google Voice in Hangouts. But if you use inbox by Gmail, you can return to Gmail temporarily to search for Hangouts messages.

Steps to Get Back Hangouts Messages on Android

  1. First search for Hangouts Messages in Gmail
  • Open Gmail on your computer where you need log in with the same account you use for Hangouts.
  • Then type “in:chats” on the top.
  • Hit on search button. Here the Hangouts messages will be marked with a Hangouts icon.
  1. Browse Hangouts Messages in Gmail
  • Sign in to your Gmail account on computer.
  • After that tap “More” at the bottom of your Gmail label list which is on the left side of the page.
  • Select “Chats”, you will see a list of all your Hangouts chat history that you saved.
  • Find the Hangouts you want to read and at last click to open it.

Method 2: Recover Hangouts Messages on Android with Recovery Tool

Well to recover the lost data from Hangout, Android Data Recovery Software is one of the best software that completely works in recovering lost/erased data from android device. This software restores deleted data from anywhere in the device and it does not matter how the data is deleted. It has the ability to recover all data such as hangout messages, WhatsApp messages, contacts, call history, photos, videos, audio files, notes, documents, Viber messages etc along with many other files.

The best thing about this software is that it works for almost every android device and supports every android version. It can retrieve data from internal as well as external memory of the device. It scans the entire device and search the deleted files easily without any original files deleted. This software is very easy to use which can retrieve deleted, erased or missing files from android smartphones and tab.

Steps to Use to Get Back Deleted/Lost Messages from Hangouts on Android

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