Quick & Effective Ways To Recover Lost Data From Rooted Android (Updated)

Nowadays, you might have seen that more and more users of Android looking to root their Android phones using several tools available in market.

The reason behind is only one thing “want to get more control over their device”.

However, if you see in practical then there is no doubt that you can control your device with ease. But whenever you think to root your device then one should think twice.

Rooting is not difficult but the situation users have to face after rooting is really horrible. In fact, lots of users have reported that they have come across data loss situation after rooting their Android phones.

And the same thing indicates to you as well and if you are thing to root your phone be careful, data loss can happen.

But what to do when you want to root your device and data loss occurs?

Don’t worry, this blog is for you and other users as who want to root their device and later on come across data loss situation. Here, you will come to know about how to recover data from rooted Android?

android rootingThe inbuilt feature of Android OS provides backup for safeguarding your precious data. One of such features is “Rooting”.

Rooting is the process to remove all the limitation and grants full access. This feature let the owner to have more control over many settings and settings, features and performance of their phone.

It helps you to get the root of the operating system and to make global changes.

Practical scenario


how to direct access to internal memory in rooted phone to data recovery?

From- https://www.data-medics.com/forum/data-recovery-in-rooted-phone-t2252.html

Though rooting seems good for many users but this can also lead to data loss disaster. Because, one single wrong move and you are just out. Means your device can suffer from bricked problem and hence data loss situation can occur.

What are the risk of rooting Android phone?

Well, as I have already told you earlier that the situation becomes very terrifying after rooting, so there is no doubt that there can occur several risks after rooting Android phone.

Though its always instructed not to root phone but still some users are in a mood to do that and they take their own risk in it.

Some of the risks include:

  • There will be no product warranty
  • As told earlier, severe data loss can happen
  • No free service after the device gets damaged hardware or OS failure

After this, if still users want to move ahead and root their phone then they are welcomed.

But maximum of the users I have seen is want a recovery solution where they can get back lost data from rooted Android phone.

Rooting involves the risk of “bricking” on your phone- Rooting makes the phone useless and makes it dead.

These disadvantages of rooting lead to

  • Poor Performance- Rooting of the phone seems slow processing as the speed is added to phone’s additional features. As a result phone loses its performance.
  • Virus Attack- Rooting can lead to virus prone, as rooted phones flashes ROM’s custom programs. So whenever the program changes the code of the software, it runs the risk of entering a virus.

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Is it safe to root my phone?

Many users ask whether rooting the android device is safe or not. Rooting is popular among several users and there is no high risk of this rooting.

Only the thing that matters is the devices warranty will be cancelled or may be the device become bricked. It means that the device might not function properly and here some other risks also can be configured.

How to know if my phone is rooted?

Generally, phones are not rooted by default but there are chances that if you bought a used phone then it can be rooted by previous user. However if you wish then you can check whether your phone is rooted or not by using any root checking app that is available from Google Play Store.

After that, you have to follow the below steps:

Step 1: First check your Android version because root checker app works on Android 4.0 or higher version

Step 2: Now open Google Play Store to access the app store

Step 3: Search for root checker app. You will get several paid as well free

Step 4: Click on the app to install after which you can see the icon on your phones screen

Step 5: Press the icon and you will get an option “verify root”. After a while you receive a message stating:

  • Congratulations, you have root access on your phone!” in green letters.
  • “Your device has no root permissions or you device is not properly rooted.” in red letters.

How to recover lost data from rooted Android?

Now when your data gets lost and you don’t have any idea on what to do and how to get the erased data back then few things, I would like to suggest you.

First, check your backup file. Maybe you have created a backup of your lost files and kept somewhere, so just once check them.

If your luck is good then you can easily get the deleted files back but what to do when you don’t have backup?

Don’t worry, in this condition you need to use Android Data Recovery tool, a professional recovery program for Android users. Using this tool, whatever data you have lost will be recovered with ease. It effectively restores lost data from rooted Android without any backup.

Whatever data you have lost like contacts, pictures, messages, call logs, WhatsApp chats, videos, notes, audio files etc are recovered.

It is professional recovery tool for restoring corrupted, deleted or lost data and files directly from the android. It efficiently scans delete or appointed files and restore all of them one by one.

So without any worry, simply Download Android Data Recovery Tool and recover deleted data from rooted Android.


Note: It is recommended to download and use the software on your PC or laptop. It is because recovery of phone data on the phone itself is risky as you may end up losing all your data because of data overriding.

Steps to recover your deleted data from your rooted Android device

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Some useful tips to protect Android data before rooting

Well, instead of running here and there to restore lost data from rooted Android phone, its better to take some preventive measures beforehand and protect your data just to handle such situation in better way.

And nothing can better than to create a backup of your Android phone.

Here I have mentioned some of the backup ways of Android data and hope that you will follow them seriously.

Way 1: Backup Android data using backup settings on phone

Now you can create a backup using automatic backup by simply going to Settings app on phone > System > Advanced > Backup

Even you can manually backup data by going to Settings > System > Advanced > Backup > Backup Now > Continue > here choose the items to backup

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Way 2: Create a backup to Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the best options to store your important files from phone as here you get 15GB storage space. Its easy to backup and restore data from Google Drive. Just follow the below steps:

First, go to Settings > Personal > Backup and reset and there choose Backup my data and Automatic restore

Or even you can go to Settings > Personal > Accounts & Sync and after that, choose Google account

You can also select the data like photos to manually upload to Google Drive and restore them later on when required.


Well, many users love to root their device so that they can install unapproved apps, replace the firmware, customize anything on their device, and update the OS and many more. This can be interesting but many times data loss occurs. But no need to worry as data loss is a common condition.

Therefore, I hope that this blog will help you to get back your erased data from rooted android phone.

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