HTC Desire Data Recovery- Get Back Lost Files With 7 Easy Ways

If you have lost your essential files like pictures, videos, contacts, music, etc. from the HTC Desire phone & seeking for its recovery then keep on reading this article. Here, you’ll learn how to recover data from HTC Desire phone by using the HTC Phone Data Recovery tool. Besides, we’ll focus on other alternatives as well to perform HTC Desire data recovery.

So, let’s get started…

Is It Possible To Recover Data From HTC Desire Phone?

Yes, of course, it is possible to recover data from HTC Desire phones.

But how…?

You can bring back your lost HTC Desire data by using the versatile HTC Desire phone data recovery software.

But remember that, if you want a successful data recovery then you must stop using your HTC device. Because when you add new photos, videos, or other data on your phone, it’ll overwrite an existing data & thus you’ll lose the chances of HTC phone data recovery.

Powerful HTC Desire Data Recovery Tool

HTC Desire Data Recovery Tool is a professionally recommended utility that can be used to recover deleted files from HTC Desire mobile.

It has the capability to retrieve all sorts of data like photos, videos, audios, SMSs, chats, call history, notes or other documents from all HTC models devices in a hassle-free manner.

It supports HTC Wildfire R70, Desire HD, HTC Desire 10 Pro, Desire S, HTC Desire 12 plus, Desire XC, HTC Desire 19+, HTC Desire 620, HTC Desire 820, etc.

No matter whether your photos, videos, or other data have been deleted from HTC Desire due to mistaken formatting, accidentally deleting, SD card corruption, power failure, virus infection, and other reasons this program can help you to get them back easily.

The best part about this program is that- you can use this utility even without any technical skills.

So, just download and install this software on your device and follow its easy steps to get back lost photos and videos from HTC Desire.


Note: It is recommended to download and use the software on your PC or laptop. It is because recovery of phone data on the phone itself is risky as you may end up losing all your data because of data overriding.

How To Retrieve Deleted Files From HTC Desire Phone?

Check out the below alternatives to get back the lost data from HTC Desire.

Method 1: Recover Deleted Files From HTC Desire Mobile Using Local Backup

Keeping backup of the crucial data is one of the best ways for smartphone users. So that whenever those stuff gets deleted, they can easily restore them from a backup.

Thus, if you have created a backup of your HTC Desire mobile data on another location before deletion, then you don’t have to try any other complicated HTC Desire data recovery solutions.

All you need to do is to go to that location where you’ve backed up your files then copy them and paste them to your desired location of HTC Desire.

Method 2: Retrieve Deleted Data From HTC Sync Manager

Another effective method that you can try to perform HTC Desire data recovery is to use the HTC sync manager.

So, if you’ve used this feature to copy all your important stuff & stored them on PC before their deletion, you can definitely bring them back.

To do so, follow the below easy steps:

  • On your computer, open a HTC sync manager & connect HTC Desire mobile via USB cable
  • Then, go to a transfer & backup option
  • Choose the file in order to copy them from a PC to your HTC Desire phone.

After completion of these steps, wait some time while the erased items are restored in an HTC device via HTC sync manager.

Method 3: Get Back Lost Photos & Videos From Google Photos On HTC Desire Phone

Google Photos is another yet option that works for both the Android & iOS devices to save all media files as a backup.

Therefore, once you must check your Google photos application for all your missing HTC Desire photos and videos.

  • At first, open the Google Photos application on your HTC Desire phone
  • Next, click on the Menu option then tap on Trash.

Google Photos

  • From there, tap on the photos/videos that you need to restore
  • Tap on the Restore option. Now, all your stuff will be retrieved in your HTC Desire phone’s gallery.

Google Photos

Method 4: Restore Deleted Data From HTC Desire Device Using Google Drive

As we all know, Google Drive is another cloud option that can be used to store essential photos, videos, notes, and other documents from a phone as a backup. The best part about Google Drive is- it provides 15GB of storage space where to save your media files.

Thus, if you have previously uploaded your files to the Google Drive as the backup, just follow the beneath steps to recover data from HTC Desire phone:

  • First of all, open the Google Drive on a device or you can visit via any browser.
  • Next, login into it with a same ID & password which you have used to make a backup of your data
  • Tap on the My Drive option & all the items will be short-listed which you’ve uploaded previously
  • There, choose the files that you need to restore & then tap on the Download.

Restore Deleted Data From HTC Desire Device Using Google Drive

  • Now, all your chosen data will be automatically downloaded to your HTC Desire.

Method 5: Recover Contacts From HTC Mobile

If you’ve lost your important contacts from your HTC Desire then you can restore contacts from HTC desire phone with the Google account.

Thus, if all your contacts sync with the Gmail, follow the below steps to retrieve them from there.

  • Tap or visit
  • In the second step, you have to tap More option>> Undo changes.
  • Choose a time from where you wish your contacts to get back >> click confirm.

Recover Contacts From HTC Mobile

  • Then, click on the Accounts > Google.
  • Finally, tap on a restore contacts.

Method 6: How To Recover Deleted Photos From HTC Desire Using Microsoft OneDrive

In order to do HTC Desire data recovery via Microsoft’s OneDrive, you need to open Microsoft’s OneDrive app >> go to the Me then tap on Recycle bin.

There, you need to choose the files that you need to bring back & tap on a Restore icon.

Recover Deleted Photos From HTC Desire Using Microsoft OneDrive

Please Note: OneDrive keeps the deleted items for upto 30 days only, however, it may erase them sooner when your recycle bin occupies more than 10 % of the total storage space.

Method 7: Revive Files From Dropbox

Dropbox is another yet option you can try to retrieve deleted data from HTC Desire mobile.

Nevertheless, Dropbox is the file hosting service that offers file synchronization, cloud storage, personal cloud & client software. Using it, users can create the exceptional folder on a PC and then easily copy their stuff to that folder. These files will be synchronized to the Dropbox’s servers.

So, if you have kept your HTC Desire data up-to-date on Dropbox then simply sign into your Dropbox account on the desktop. Now, go to the Files then tap Deleted files >> Restore. Select the items that you need to restore. They are available for the 30 days only after deletion.

Deleted files recovery from dropbox

How To Recover Data From Dead HTC Desire Phone?

Several users have conveyed that their HTC Desire mobile isn’t responding as it is dead and so that they are unable to access the data stored within the device.

Thus, if you are one of them then you must be looking for how to recover data from dead HTC Desire phones, right? Well, you can easily retrieve those stuff from dead phones by using HTC Desire phone data recovery software.

How To Get Off Pictures & Videos From HTC Desire Broken Screen Mobile?

You can easily get off pictures and other data from HTC Desire broken screen phones by using the best Data Recovery Tool.

This program has enough capability to extract data from broken/dead/inaccessible phones in a few clicks.

[Bonus Tip] How To Backup Important Files On HTC Desire Phone?

Making a backup of crucial stuff is a very important step to avoid data loss situations. Therefore, you should also create a backup of your files to any secure place on a regular basis.

Well, you’ve lots of backup methods such as Google DrivecomputerGoogle photos, cloud/local backup feature, etc. Alternatively, you can use Android Data Backup & Restore. It is a professional utility to back up contactspicturesvideosdocuments, call logs, notes, and other data on your HTC Desire or other smartphone brands.

Time To Conclude

Data gets disappeared from HTC Desire phones & other smartphones at any time without any indication. That’s why it’s very important to create a backup of the crucial stuff in a safe location so that you don’t have to further encounter any sort of data loss scenario.

Therefore, in this guide, whatever I’ve described will assuredly help you to perform HTC Desire data recovery.

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