How to Recover Lost Photos From Micromax Funbook Tablet

You have mistakenly deleted your favourite photo from Micromax Funbook? Need those important photos back?

As tablet is one among most popular portable device used widely nowadays. If you talk about earlier days then it is used especially for purpose of entertainment but due to the advancement in technology, it is used in several different fields which include education as well as business in today’s world.

People love to store their favorite apps, music, videos, photos, documents etc on their tablet so that they are able to access whenever they need.

But as you can see that users comes data loss situations very often and their important data comes to an end. This means that if you have not kept those data in safe place and its only on the tablet then all your data are deleted permanently and you cannot access them further.

But as you can see that users comes data loss situations very often and their important data comes to an end. This means that if you have not kept those data in safe place and its only on the tablet then all your data are deleted permanently and you cannot access them further.

Practical scenario

“Hi, as I am student, I always prefer to have a gadget which will fulfil my both needs i.e. entertainment and studies, for this reason I went for Micromax Funbook Android device. Recently what happened is, I was working on my Micromax Funbook, suddenly the device got restarted and what I saw is totally unbelievable. Yes, I had lost all the data from my Micromax Funbook which was previously present on it, I lost my favorite pictures, loving songs, and other vital study materials, without which I am feeling helpless. Please someone tell me the way by which I can restore Micromax Funbook or suggest me any software that is capable of Micromax Funbook recovery.”


But what are the possible causes that can lead to such several data loss? Dot worry, let us know some of the common reasons behind data loss from Micromax Funbook.

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What are the reasons behind data loss on Micromax Funbook?

  • Accidentally deleting important data from devices or tablets
  • Due to memory card damage or corruption
  • Harmful virus attack leads to severe data loss
  • Power failure while transfer of files
  • Ejecting SD card at the time of writing process
  • Formatting SD card or entire tablet while connected to PC/laptop
  • Due to factory reset on Android

As you can see that all these are the common scenarios that can lead to data loss. But what do you think, is the data permanently lost from tablet?

The answer is no. Generally, when any data is erased from your Android device or tablet, then those data are not deleted permanently but still remains in the device that cannot be seen. They can be recovered by using powerful software.

But before that, few important things are to be remembered like:

First, you should stop using your device as soon you come to know that your important data are lost. Because using the device will save any new data and the old data will be overwritten, hence the chance of recovery will come to an end.

Second, you should use any professional recovery software to retrieve deleted data from Micromax Funbook.

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How to get back lost photos from Micromax Funbook

The very first thing you should do to rescue lost photos from Android tablet is by using your backup if you have any. Backup is the best way to restore any wiped away data from Android devices or tablets.

But it is seen that users don’t do any backup of their important photos or other files, hence at that time you need a powerful recovery software to retrieve those deleted photos.

When you need to get back those deleted crucial pictures from your Micromax Funbook then don’t panic as you will able to recover your photos until the formatted SD card is not overwritten by any new data.

Thus, you are suggested to avoid storing any of new data on Funbook memory card. You can restore your deleted Funbook photos safely with the use of Android Tablet Data Recovery software.

Android Tablet Data Recovery software is very well known and excellent software to recover photos from Micromax Funbook. It is used not only to retrieve Micromax Funbook photos but also various other Android Tablet easily and efficiently.

This software can recover several other tablet data such as contacts, text messages, videos etc.

This recovery software performs with high efficiency for restoring deleted pictures from Micromax Funbook. It can deal all situations in which your photos get lost with ease and restore deleted pictures without any hassle.

It supports all android devices such as phones and tablets. With the use of this software, you will also able to recover formatted or deleted pictures from different Android phone memory cards like SD, SDXC, SDHC xD, CF cards etc.

It keeps your original data on your files without modifying them. Your recovered photos will be kept in safe and secure place so that you can use them later on when needed.

It is simple to use and just in few simple clicks you can get back all your Micromax Funbook photos. So, download this software and enjoy as your personal data will not get leaked.

How to Recover Deleted Photos from Micromax Funbook?

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Losing your important data from Micromax Funbook is embarrassing and one should look forward to avoid such conditions. However, it is always suggested to create a backup of all your important photos or other data in safe place so that later on you don’t have search for files or look for any way to get them back.

In addition, you should try Android Data Recovery software to restore all your deleted photos and other data from Micromax Funbook.

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