How To Restore Whatsapp Messages From Google Drive To Android

Summary: In one of my earlier post I have explained about on how to Retrieve Deleted or Lost WhatsApp Messages from Android. And in this post you I am going to provide complete solutions on how to backup whatsapp messages to Google Drive, how to restore whatsapp messages from Google Drive and how to move whatsapp messages from old Android phone to new Android phone by using Google Drive.

As we all know that Whatsapp is a world popular and mostly used chat application that is used by billion of users worldwide. This app allows you to chat, make voice and video call, send or receive images, videos, link, create group and more.

Whatsapp is free and easy to use. This chat app can be used by all people such as friends, family members, businessman, employees, etc. Different people uses wahtsapp for different purpose.

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So, it doesn’t matter whether you use whatsapp for work or to keep in touch with friends, it is obvious that you might have some important messages or media files in there that you do not want to lose them forever. But it would be shame if all of the messages gets lost or deleted all of a sudden and it disappeared. Hence, it is good habit to keep backup of your messages, photos and videos.

So, without any delay, let’s start with a step-by-step guide on how to backup Whatapp messages to Google Drive.

How to Backup WhatsApp Messages To Google Drive

Note: Before you start, make sure your mobile device is synced with Google Drive, your Google Drive account have sufficient space to store whatsapp data and your mobile phone have enough free space to create the backup.

  • Open WhatsApp on your phone. Tap on Menu icon that is displayed as three vertical dots and then tap on Settings.

  • After this tap on Chat and Calls and then tap on Chat Backup and then tap on Backup to Google Drive.
  • Tap on Google Drive Settings and select the backup frequency with which you would like to backup your chats and media files.

  • Next, select Account and simply tap an Account from the list that you would like to keep backup with.
  • If you do not have any account and then you can tap on Add Account to create a new one.
  • Next Tap Allow.

  • After this tap on Back up over. If you want to backup through Wi-Fi then tap on circle next to Wi-Fi. If you want to backup through Wi-Fi or cellular then tap on circle next to Wi-Fi or cellular.

  • Select the box next to “include videos” in order to backup video message.
  • Finally, click on BACK UP to manually backup your whatsapp data to Google Drive.

All Done!

Since everything’s is backed up. You will be now able to restore your whatsapp chat history every time when you re-install whatsapp, it doesn’t matter whatever device you use.

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How To Restore WhatsApp Messages From a Google Drive Backup

Some users faces problem while restoring whatsapp chat conversation through Google Drive even after they have backed up everything.

Check Out The Real User Example:

I can’t restore my whatsapp data via google drive.

I flashed my phone accidently and lost all data. I have a samsung glaxy s6. I reinstalled whatsapp and when asked to restore via google drive it detects my account and the last backup which was on the 1st of August 2017. Once it starts loading, i see a message that prompts me to either load from an older backup or skip the restore process as “whatsapp is unable to load from the recent backup”. Is there a way to solve this as i need those chats and media etc.

– Original Post from Android Central Forum

Well, if you have backed up your Whatsapp data to Google Drive, then you can easily recover them back – it doesn’t matter whether you have flashed your phone or changed your phone.

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But how you will get back all your chats?

Well, here’s how:

  • Open WhatsApp on your phone. Verify your phone number (the same phone number that was in use while creating backup to Google Drive).
  • Tap Restore when prompted (please note that If you don’t restore now, you won’t be able to restore later).

  • Finally when restoration process gets complete, Setup your profile, then tap on Next and then Continue.

You will now have all your messages restored back.

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Alternative Solution: Use WhatsApp Recovery For Deleted Messages

If you have accidentally lost or deleted your whatsapp chat or if you have forgotten to create backup then you can always use Android Data Recovery software which is a suitable WhatsApp Chat Recovery Tool that is capable to restore whatsapp photos, videos, audio and messages from Android Phone.

Below, Free Download WhatsApp Recovery Software

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Restoring WhatsApp chat from Google Drive

I have changed my phone. I had backed up my WhatsApp data on Google Drive. On the new phone, I reinstalled WhatsApp with the same phone number and opted to restore data. It only restores media files but no chat messages. Restoring messages stops at 24% and shows error “unable to restore from current backup”. How can I restore my chat? Google Drive shows the chat has been backed up there. Kindly help.

– Original Post from Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange

In the above example user want all his whatsapp messages from his old phone to new phone. Well, if you have backed up your Whatsapp chat to Google Drive, then it’s very easy to transfer all WhatsApp chat conversation to the phone.

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How to do that? Here’s how:

  • Add the same Google Account that you have used to backup your Whatsapp data on old phone.
  • After this install WhatsApp on your new phone and launch it.
  • Tap Agree and Continue and then verify your phone number (the same phone number that was in use on your old phone while creating backup to Google Drive).

  • Tap on Restore in order to get back your WhatsApp messages from your Google Drive.

  • On completion of restoration process, tap on Next.

All Done! You will now be able to view, read and access all messages of your old phone on your new phone.


The above mentioned process of restoring whatsapp messages is not 100% foolproof and it may not work every time. Hence, if you have important messages that you do not really want to lose, then you must want to copy whatsapp messages and save them on your PC in order to make sure that you have them forever.

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