Fix “Unfortunately, Phone Has Stopped” Error on Samsung Galaxy S9

Its hardly few months that Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 + was launched and it was expecting to be the best Smartphone compared to other brands.

But now it seems that Samsung S9 is facing problem and showing error on the device of “Unfortunately, phone has stopped” error.

Well this is one of the error messages that many of the galaxy S9 users have faced which was predicted to be due to firmware issue or because of conflicts on some apps.

However, some reports have concluded that such error message is happening when any phone app is opened. Some other apps are triggering the issue or not is not yet known.

Though whatever the problem may be, all in whole, it seems to be another glitch in phone app, yet the firmware side can be considered to be reason of pre-installed app.

Previously I have written a blog about the error “Unfortunately, the has stopped”. This error is almost the same as we are discussing in this blog.

The difference is only about which is one of the services behind phone app and when any service crashes or gets damaged then the situation becomes more critical compared to usual app crashes.

Let us look at the actual problem that user has faced and reported about the error.

Practical scenario

After the latest update, I keep getting this message whenever I get a phone call while I’m using any app. The above message shows up, and it keeps showing even after tapping “OK” multiple times. Even after the phones stops ringing, the message still pops up. Putting the phone to sleep does not help either. This issue can be solved only by taking out the battery, but I don’t want to keep doing that. And I especially don’t want to keep missing phone calls.


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Ways to fix Samsung Galaxy S9 “Unfortunately, Phone has stopped” error

Well if you are using Samsung Galaxy S9 device then don’t forget to follow the methods given below to get out of the error.

Method 1: Force reboot your Galaxy S9

When you come across such error on your Galaxy S9 phone then one of the best way to get out of the situation is to force reboot your device.

This can be done simply by pulling out the battery from device. But as Galaxy S9 don’t have removable battery so you have to try it with some buttons to get the same result. Follow the below steps:

  • First press and hold the Power + Volume Down buttons for 10 seconds until your device power cycles. Then leave for few seconds to get into Maintenance Boot Mode screen.
  • Now from Maintenance Boot Mode screen, you have to select Normal Boot. Here you to use the volume button go through the available options to select and then wait for 90 seconds to reset the device completely.

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Method 2: Clear phone cache and contacts app

Whatever app you have on your phone, they all use their own set of temporary files to work. These temporary files (cache files) gets collected over time and becomes corrupt. So to ensure whether the phone and contacts apps are using the clean set or not, you have to follow the below steps:

  • First open settings app and the click on Apps
  • Now click on More at upper right and then on Show system apps

  • There you have to find the app and click on it
  • After that click on storage and then “Clear Cache” button
  • At last, restart your Galaxy S9 device and then check whether the problem is solved or not.

Method 3: Update the app if available

Many times, you can see that the error you are getting on your device is because the app is not up to date. So here, updating the app may solve the error you are getting. For that, you have to follow the steps:

  • First, you have to go to Google Play Store > Menu

  • Search My Apps > slide right and then go to “Installed
  • There you can get the option to update your app if available

Method 4: Restart phone app

The error you are getting on your Galaxy S9 is related to phone app, so here you have to deal with the app directly. For that, you have to force stop the phone app and then restart the device. This step works many times to fix such types of bug. So here are the steps to follow:

  • First, open Settings app and click on Apps
  • Now click on More in the upper right and select Show system apps

  • Here you have to find phone app and click on it
  • Click on “force Stop” button
  • At last, restart your device

Method 5: Reinsert SIM card

This is also one of the helpful methods, which works for many users to get out of the situation. Simply by removing the SIM card and again reinserting it can solve the issue. After reinserting, don’t forget to check whether the problem is solved or not.

So here are the steps that you have to follow

  • First, switch off your phone
  • Now remove the SIM card tray

  • After removing the SIM card, switch ON your device
  • Check whether the issue still exists or it has solved
  • Now again switch off your device and reinsert your SIM card
  • At last, check if the problem is solved

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Method 6: Uninstall and again reinstall the app

Its already mentioned above that app can be the reason behind the error so its better to uninstall the app which is creating problem and again reinstalling it from Google Play Store. This can help to get rid of the issue. For that, you have to follow the steps:

  • First go to Settings > Application Manager > All
  • Here you have to select the app that is showing error > click on Uninstall option

  • Now go to Google Play Store > find the app and download it
  • At last when the downloading is over, click on Install

Method 7: Free up some storage space

When your Galaxy S9 is showing insufficient storage space or running out of space then also there is a possibility that you can see the error “Unfortunately, phone has stopped”. So to get out of such situation, you should have at least 500 MB storage.

If possible then you should keep 1GB free space so that all updates, caching, new app updates can be done properly.

So if you don’t want to run out of space, its better to move all your important photos and videos along with other data in safe place. For Samsung users, Samsung Cloud is available that can store many data.

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Method 8: Reset network settings

Resetting network settings in your device is not done automatically. Even if you are reinserting your SIM card, then also there is no possibility to reset devices network settings. So for that you have to do it manually by going to Settings. Then follow the below steps:

  • First open Settings app and click on General management
  • Now click on Reset and then on Reset network settings

  • Here you have to click on “Reset Settings” button
  • At last, restart your device and see whether the problem still exists

Method 9: Do Factory Reset your Galaxy S9

This is one of the last methods that nobody suggest immediately to use it. The reason behind this is after doing factory reset, all your data saved on your device is erased.

Therefore don’t use this method first, rather try some other methods and if not methods work then you have to use this method to get rid of the problem.

But also recommended to take backup of all your essential data before doing factory reset to keep your data safe. Now to factory reset your Galaxy S9, follow the below steps:

  • First go to Settings > go down to select Backup & Reset option
  • After clicking on Backup & reset, you will see other options as well
  • Now click on Factory Data Reset

Doing this will erase every data from your device and it will like a new device where you don’t have any stuffs and everything you have again set up and your problem will be solved.

So, here are some of the effective methods that I have explained you to get out of “Unfortunately, Phone has stopped” error message on Samsung Galaxy S9.

How to get back lost data from Samsung Galaxy S9

After factory reset, generally many user face data loss scenario because they don’t backup their data previously. So for them as well other users who want to recover their lost or deleted data from Galaxy S9 device, Android Data Recovery software is one of the easiest solution that can help to rescue every data lost from android devices.

No matter how your data was lost or erased, this powerful software has the ability to deal with any type of data loss scenarios.


Note: It is recommended to download and use the software on your PC or laptop. It is because recovery of phone data on the phone itself is risky as you may end up losing all your data because of data overriding.


So if you are the one who have faced the same situation as others so I hope that after reading this blog, you will get the complete solution to fix the problem without any worry. In addition, if any data gets lost in between any process then using Android Data Recovery software, you can get restore all wiped out data from Samsung Galaxy S9 phone.

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