8 Best WiFi Password Hacker Apps For Android Without Root [2022 Guide]

Summary: Can’t connect to the WiFi connection? Looking for the best WiFi password hacker apps for Android without root? If so, then here is the list of best WIFI hacker Android apps you would definitely like to take a look at.

Technological advancement and its usage rate have immensely led the high internet consumption. We all are now dependent on the internet and need it every time no matter where we are.

Considering the importance of the internet in our daily life, even the government and some of the non-profit organizations have started offering free public WiFi zone.

However, these WiFi zones are not available everywhere and are very limited. And, even if there is a WiFi connection showing on your phone, it is not always secure or password-free. There are times when you may find a Wi-Fi connection secured with a password.

In this case, you might think about how to hack Wifi Password, which is quite obvious. If you are also in the same situation, then don’t worry. Cracking the WiFi password is not a tough job, especially when you have WiFi password hacker apps.

So, if you want to find out the best free WiFi hacking apps for Android without root, then this post has everything you are looking for. Try any of these apps to crack WiFi passwords without the need of rooting your Android phone.

Disclaimer: All the WiFi hack app for Android mentioned in this post are for the educational purposes only and you are expected to use any of them just for testing your own security. We don’t support or encourage hacking. Hacking or attempting to crack anyone’s WiFi password without their permission is a criminal offense. So, use these WiFi unlocking apps responsibly.

Best WiFi Password Hacker Apps for Android Without Root

1: WiFi WPS WPA Tester – Top WiFi Password Hacker Apps for Android

Best WiFi Password Hacker Apps For Android Without Root

With 100 Million+ downloads, WiFi WPS WPA Tester has secured its first place in the best WiFi password hacker apps for Android without root. So, if you are looking forward to hacking the WiFi password on Android, then you should definitely consider this best app for wifi hacking without root.

This app can also find out if the access point is safe or vulnerable to malicious attacks. Using this WiFi password hacking app, you can also hack the entire Wi-Fi network.

Ideally, it can help to crack the Wifi pin using different algorithms, such as Arris, Zhao, Dlink, and more. For Android Lollipop and higher version users, they don’t even need to root the phone to use this app.


  • Freely available
  • User-friendly interface
  • The app is easy to use
  • Hacks the Wifi Password within no time
  • Uses multiple advanced algorithms to crack the WiFi password.


  • The app will only run on devices with Android 5.0 or higher OS. For Android 5.0 below devices, you need to root the phone to use this app.

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2: WiFi WPS Connect

WiFi password hacker apps for Android

It is another Android app for Wifi hacking without root. Using the WiFi WPS Connect app you can connect to any router having WPS protocol enabled.

As most WiFi router falls under the WPS protocol, you can connect to almost every router. Adding to this, this powerful app will also let you analyze if the router connection is secure or vulnerable to malware attacks.

So, not just cracking the WIFI password, but the app will also help you to strengthen the network. It supports several renowned password hacking algorithms, such as easyboxPIN and Zhao.

This app is easy to use, first track the accessible network connection, then hack the password with the help of the assistance of this app.


  • Easy to use
  • The app is free to use
  • It supports the pinning of the WiFi networks
  • Uses powerful algorithms to provide the best result to Android users


  • There is no automatic way to find or connect to the WiFi network
  • Not compatible with all Android devices.

3: WiFi Dumpper- Best Wifi Hacker App For Android Without Root

how to hack Wifi Password

Looking for a way to connect to the WPS-enabled router? If so, then WiFi Dumpper is the best WiFi crack app for Android without root. Simply, launch this app on your device and you will get all the WiFi networks that can easily be connected.

This app allows users to choose the network and hack the password with or without rooting the device. After applying the required algorithm, this best WiFi hacking app without root app will show you the password of the WiFi network connection you want to connect.

It is very easy to use this WiFi hacker apk no root app as you only need a phone to find out your nearby WiFi connection and the rest of the tasks will be done by this app. 


  • The app works on both the rooted & un-rooted phones
  • This app is free to use
  • It supports most of the router companies, such as Vodafone, Dlink, Huawei, Asus, and more.
  • The interface is easy to use
  • It works fast.


  • App only works with the routers having fixed pins
  • If you want to use this app without rooting your phone, then it must have Android 5.0 or higher. Ir, if your device is lower than Android 5.0, then you have to root the phone.

 4: WiFi Warden

WiFi Warden

Even though there are several WiFi hacker apps are available for Android, not all are easy to use. So, if you want to get your hand on the easy app, then WiFi Warden is surely the best option for you.

This app allows users to get the WiFi password by finding the relatively less crowded channel in order to get WiFi access, analyze the network, and connect to the WiFi network.

The best feature of this app is it allows you to see the saved password of a WiFi connection without rooting the phone.

When the WiFi Warden app analyzes the network, it also provides all required info including the Channel Bandwidth, SSID, encryption, router manufacturer, security, BSSID, the distance between your device and the WiFi connection, and much more.

Also, this WiFi hack password show app no root is totally free to use and offers many features without the need to root your Android phone.

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5: Wifi Password Key- Best WiFi Password Hacker Apps for Android

Wifi Password Key

Still unsure about how to hack the WiFi password without rooting your Android device? Don’t do it on your own. Simply, use the Wifi Password Key app.

It is the best and the most secure way to hack the WiFi password on your Android phone. Additionally, it is also easy to use. This app provides the nearby network’s passkey without getting you any trouble.

Due to its smart interface, it automatically tracks all the nearby WiFi networks. Once you have the list of all network connections, you just need to select one of them, and the app will connect your Android phone to it without any hassle.

Using this WiFi hacker apk no root app, you can also check if the network you want to connect with is secure or not. Apart from this, if you are worried about whether doing this is ethical or not, then let me tell you, it is legal.

Since the passwords of these networks have already been shared by users, it is totally ethical. 


  • Global access to shared networks
  • Provides a provision to share your network with others
  • Safeguards your network
  • Can also help in signal boosting
  • Compatible with a wide range of devices (Android 4.0.3 and up)


  • No cracking facility or implementation of advanced decrypting techniques

 6: WiFi Password- Best WiFi Password Cracker Software For Android


WiFi Password is an absolutely free Android WiFi password hacking app without root. It allows users to hack the WiFi password at any time without paying a single buck.

So, whenever you find a WiFi network near you, get connected to it using this app. It helps in finding and connecting to the millions of WiFi hotspots. However, you need to have an Android 5.0 or above device to use this best WiFi hacker app for Android without root.

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7: Aircrack-ng- Real WiFi Hack App Android


If you are looking for the most reliable and trusted app that unlock WiFi without root, then nothing could be better than Aircrack-ng.

This app is widely used for hacking the WiFi password on Android devices. Not just for Android, but it is also available for the Ubuntu platform, which makes it more popular across the globe. 

And, do you know what makes this app more trustable, it is developed by Android developers & enthusiasts of XDA Developers.

So, there is no way to avoid this app when it comes to hacking networks and at the same time protecting your network connection.

8: Kali Linux Nethunter- Free WiFi Password Hack App

Kali Linux Nethunter

If you want to enjoy unlimited access to the secured Wi-Fi network connections, then you must give a try to the Kali Linux Nethunter app. No matter whether you are at the home or outside at any restaurant or shop, this app will let you access the password-secured WiFi network.

With this app, you get the best wifi password cracker software for Android without the need of rooting your device. It is an open-source Android-based Wi-Fi hacking app that is very famous for its ROM penetration and testing abilities.

Talking about its user interface, this app has been configured in a way so that users can easily cope with the intricate WIFi network connections. Besides, it is the best app for WiFi password hack online without root.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it illegal to hack WiFi?

Yes, it is illegal to hack someone’s Wi-Fi password without their concern. In fact, in some countries doing this is a huge crime and you can be charged under the stealing law. So, avoid doing such unethical practices.

Can I hack someone’s Wi-Fi password?

Yes, you can easily hack someone’s Wi-Fi password. For this, either you have the knowledge of hacking r you can simply do it by using the Wi-Fi password hacking apps as mentioned in this post. However, it is strongly recommended not to attempt any unethical practice as it is illegal.

How to find out if someone is stealing my Wi-Fi password?

If you are worried if someone is using your WiFi without your concern, then there are a few ways to find out this:

  • Check the Wi-Fi router’s status light: Disconnect all your device connected to the WiFi router and then check if the > if the light is still flickering on the router, then it means someone else is using connected with your network.
  • Use WiFi detective app: There are so many apps available on the Google Play Store that may help you to scan your WiFi network and give you a list of all connected devices. And with the help of the list, you can easily track if someone is using your network or not.
  • Use Router’s app: If you are using a modern router and configured it via an app, then you can use tat rou8ter app for network map, client list, or log. Simply, login to the admin control panel and find out the unknown devices.

How to block someone from using the WiFi?

If you want to block someone from using your WiFi, then follow these methods:

  • Use wireless MAC address filtering
  • Direct blacklist the device from the WiFi settings page
  • Use the 3rd party app to block the device

How can I secure my wireless network?

There are some precautions and configurations that can secure your wireless network and prevent hacking and other malicious attempts:

  • Keep changing your WiFi password
  • Restrict the access of your network by allowing only authorized users
  • Encrypt your wireless data
  • Don’t publicize your SSID and change it to something unique
  • Install a good antivirus for your Android phone with the firewall protection
  • Try to connect network using a VPN


Now, you know the best WiFi password hacker apps for Android without root, pick your favorite one from the above list to enjoy the WiFi connection without any password.

Nevertheless, while using these WIFI hacker Android apps, make sure not to invade someone’s privacy or do anything that is illegal.

Being said that, use all of these apps wisely and if you still have any doubts regarding these apps, then feel free to ask us on Facebook or Twitter.