Android Data Eraser

Erase All Data From Android Device Permanently and Protect Privacy

Easily removes deleted files permanently & Protect Your Privacy

  • Erase permanently your Android data and protects all private information while recycling, reselling, donating or giving your old device.
  • Wipe everything from Android completely and permanently.
  • Remove photos, videos, contacts, messages, call history and other personal data.
  • Support all model and brands of Android devices available in market.
  • User friendly Interface and easy to use.

Fully compatible with the latest Windows 10, Android 7.0 Nougat

Protect Your Personal Information with Android Data Eraser

Generally android devices contain much basic information like logins, information and email along with many more other data. But sometimes the data gets deleted and many people don’t know that the data can be retrieved. However the data once deleted seems to be deleted permanently but much software can use to recover the deleted files and by this way, other people can access data and can be used for some illegal purpose.

Android Data Eraser for Android is powerful software especially designed for android users which ensures your information to delete permanently, clear the caches and browsing history and it also prevents your personal information. This software helps to keep your data safe from going in the hands of data criminals. This software repeats the process several times so that no data can be recovered from android device with the help of any software.

Android Data Eraser: Key Features

Erase everything on your Android Phone

If you have decided to sell or donate your old Android phone, then use Android Data Eraser to delete everything from your Android device and protect your privacy and identity.

Completely wipe & clean Android Phone

Simple performing factory reset does not remove the personal data from the phone 100%. Using Android Data Eraser ensure 100% wipe & clean Android device and bring it back to factory settings.

Wipe all types of data on Android Phone

Android Data Eraser will help you to permanently delete private data like photos, text messages, call history, contacts, notes, calendars, videos, voice recordings, documents, app data, etc.

Wipe old Android phone and protect your identity

Out of 10, 1 person becomes victim of identity theft in the world. And with the suitable tool, deleted data can still be recovered very easily from Android phone. But data erased using this tool is not recoverable by any tool.

Support All Android devices running on different Android OS

Android Data Eraser supports all model and brands of Android devices such as phones and tablets that are available in the market. It will support all other new Android devices that are available.

100% safe and secure to use

Once, you erase data using Android Data Eraser, then the deleted data are not recoverable by any data recovery software. Also, it does not keep or leak any data, as well as it comes with user friendly interface, hence anybody can use it.

File Types Supported to Erase:

(Erase Private Data as well as Erase Traces of Deleted Files)



SMS Messages


App Data



Call History

How to Use Android Data Eraser

Erase Private Data

Deletes all private data permanently stored on device

Step 1. First hit on Erase Private Data that is in the right primary window

Step 2. After that automatically the program will analyze and begin to scan the data on device

Step 3. When the scanning is finished, all the private data will be listed. Now select the data you want to delete and hit on Erase Now option.

Now you will prompt to type the word ‘delete’ just to confirm the deletion and then hit on Erase Now.

After the deletion is completed, below window will appear

Erase Deleted Files

Erase the trashed files permanently on your device

Step 1.In the primary window, click on erase deleted files and after that the program will begin analyzing and scanning the data

Step 2.After the scanning is finished, click on Erase Now by selecting the files which you want to erase by checking the box

Now you will prompt to type the word ‘delete’ just to confirm the deletion and then move forward

Step 3.At last when the deletion is completed, ‘successfully erased’ window will appear. But before doing all the process, make sure that your device is connected with your computer.

Erase All Data (Android)

Totally erase all personal data from Android device without restoring or rooting the device to factory setting.

Step 1.First connect your Android device with USB cable to your computer and enable USB debugging before connection. The program window will appear as given below. Now click on Erase All Data that will help to delete all data from your android device permanently.

Step 2.Now enter ‘delete’ option in the window just to confirm the order and hit on Erase Now to move forward.

Step 3.After that the program will begin to delete all data such as movies, music, apps, and photos along with other personal data from device. However this process can take few minutes as it completely depends on the data.

Step 4.At last when the deleting process is completed, follow the instructions on device and click on Factory Data Reset or Erase All Content to delete the entire system settings.

Supported Device (6000+)

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