How to Recover Deleted Data From Android 6.0

Easiest Way to get back lost data from Android 6.0

While using the android device, you may have deleted the data and later you realize that it was important and want to recover it. You can easily recover it from the saved backup. And if you do not have any backup then in that case it can be recovered with the help of Android Data Recovery Tool. Using this application, you can easily recover lost, deleted or erased data and that too with few simple clicks.

This application tool is capable of the following:

  • Recover deleted or lost data from memory card
  • Retrieves lost, deleted or formatted data from all types of Android device
  • Rescue erased photos, videos, contacts, call history, audios, personal documents, emails and so on.

Google has been rolling out the new Android version- Marshmallow (6.0) to several Android devices like Samsung, Motorola, Nexus, Sony, LG etc. This is the new version that users are waiting to have on their devices.

But wait a minute, are you aware of the fact that upgrading to your device to Android Marshmallow can put you in trouble of data loss. If you have already upgraded your device to it then obviously you might have lost your data.

And this is not the only situation with you but several other users have also faced this problem. After upgrading their Android device to Marshmallow (6.0), many of them have lose the essential data like contacts, photos, videos, notes and other data from devices.

If you don’t have any idea on how to get back those lost data after upgrading to Android 6.0 then this blog will surely help you to get out of the situation.

Practical Scenarios:

Is there any method to recover lost data from Android phone after Marshmallow update? Last night, I have update my Samsung Galaxy S6 to Android 6.0, and after that, I found that some photos, videos have got lost on the phone. Is it possible to get back those file back?


Reasons behind the data lose from Android 6.0

Here are the lists of scenarios behind losing your data from Android 6.0 are mentioned below:

  1. When you update your mobile phone to Android 6.0, in that case there are chances that you may lose your important data during the upgrading process.
  2. You have accidentally deleted the data while using the phone.
  3. You have performed a Factory restore on your mobile.
  4. You are unable to access the data as the screen of your Android device is broken.
  5. Sometimes in order to install incompatible apps or to boost your phone’s speed as well as battery life, you need to root your android phone. During rooting if the user performs any wrong step that may delete or corrupt your important data in the phone.

What should be done when you lose your data from Android Phone?

When you lose the data from your Android phone then in that case you should stop using the phone until all the deleted, corrupted or lost data such as music files, video files, photos etc. are recovered from it. If you continue using your phone then the new data would overlap the older data, then in that case it would become difficult to recover the lost, deleted or corrupted data.

How can you recover the deleted, lost or corrupted data?

You can recover the deleted data with the help of Android Data Recovery. This is professional software and it is capable of recovering your lost images or photos, video files, documents and emails, music or audio file or data from the memory card.

This is absolutely one of the right choices to get back erased data from Android device after upgrading to Android 6.0. It easily recovers lost contacts, videos, photos, text messages, call history and many others from Android phone.

It does not matter how to the data is lost, whether hard broken, OS issue, water damage, virus infection, factory reset etc. it simply works on its algorithm and helps you to restore the erased data from the phone. In addition, it supports all Smartphone brands, which includes LG, HTC, Samsung, Nexus, Xiaomi, Huawei, Sony, Google Pixel etc.

Steps to retrieve lost, deleted or corrupted data from Android phones

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How to backup Android data safely

It is always recommended that you should backup your essential data in safe place so that you don’t have to deal with any unwanted situations.

You might know that Google Drive offer users to store their important data and this are also one of the best ways to backup all important data. It offers 15GB free cloud storage but you have to set it up automatically to drive.

Go to Settings, before that select the app like photos or contacts, and after that choose backup and sync. And at last, click it On.


After upgrading Android device to any latest version, it is seen that users face data loss situation where their essential data gets lost. They don’t know how to recover those data but this blog will definitely help you to get back erased data after upgrading to Android 6.0.

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