7 Tips To Make Android Faster Without Root For A Novice

Summary: Is your Android working slowly? Performance of Android has been degraded and not giving the superfast performance as it was giving when you have purchased the phone. So, how to make Android run faster without root? Well, in this post I am sharing some of the very useful tips for novice users and you must follow all the tips mentioned here in this article to really make your non-rooted Android run faster.

It is very painful to invest hundred dollars on a high-end smartphone only to find that speedy and smooth performance that you expected remains intangible. While budget and mid-rangers phone also do not offer smooth performance, instead they are more prone to lag and stuttering.

Some, users also compare iOS and Android, just to check the speed performance before purchasing a smartphone.

Let us take one practical scenario.

How to make Android faster…?

So recently I’ve been watching some videos comparing the iPhone to various Android devices in speed tests. One of the things that I’ve noticed is that iPhones (for as restrictive and battery consuming as they are) tend to be considerably faster than the competition. For example the HTC One M8 used to be one of the fastest phones on the market, but now the iPhone 6/Plus seems to be running laps around it in terms of speed. Even the brand new Note 4 is losing preliminary speed tests against the iPhone.

So this begs the question, why is this? Android has vastly superior specs so in theory it should be running a lot faster under similar conditions. Is it because of bloatware? Would rooting your device to delete said bloatware/maybe use a custom ROM increase the speeds? Or are Android devices simply doing more things at once than the more restrictive Apple ones? Basically I’m wondering why is Apple faster and is there anything I can do to get an Android device to run just as fast?

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The main difference between Android and iPhone is that iOS is designed to work on specific device(s) and developed keeping in mind to work on specific hardware configuration. On the other hand, Android was developed to work on many devices and that do not work on specific hardware configuration.

Though, the main issue of performance is related to hardware configuration, there are various ways that you can do on the software front that will reduce the pressure on the device hardware and thereby make Android work faster.

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So, let’s us know about these tips!

Tips To Speed Up Unrooted Android Smartphones

Important Note: The following tips mentioned below are for unrooted Android phones. This article is also for those users who do not want to root their Android phones just to make it run faster and are looking for some useful tips.

#1 – Uninstall and Disable Unused/Unwanted Apps

The apps that you do not use or that you do not require, you never want such apps to eat up memory space on your device. Hence you must uninstall or disable unused apps.

Here how to uninstall app:

  • On your device go to Settings>Apps and then All tab section.
  • Now look for the apps from the list that you do not use or need it.
  • Tap on the App that you do not use and then tap on “Uninstall” option.

Uninstall unused apps on Android

However, if there is no uninstall button, then you must tap on Disable option.

#2 – Keep Your Device & Installed Apps Updated

The latest software or apps update often contains bug fixes, new features and general improvements and it can help in keeping your Android device to run faster.

Software updates comes via OTA (Over The Air), and you should be automatically notified to install them. But you can also check for updates manually. Go to Settings > About Phone > Software updates > Check for Updates.

Android update

The same thing applies to installed apps. Open Play Store, tap the Menu at the top left and then tap on My Apps and make sure all the apps you use are up-to-date.

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#3 – Avoid Live Wallpaper and Screen Animation

It is you who have to make decision that what you want with your device – appearance or performance. You will not get both, particularly when you are not using high-end smartphone. If you looking for better performance then you must remove live wallpapers and the screen animation.

Android wallpaper

You must select the common image or black wallpaper over a live wallpaper – this will also make your Android battery last longer on Android. In order disable screen animation go to Settings > Display > Animations.

Disable Screen Animation

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#4 – Turn OFF Mobile Data and Background/Auto Sync

Mobile data and background/auto syncing, make a device to work comparatively slow and drain its battery power. Hence, you must Turn OFF mobile data when not needed.

On the other hand, most of the users add different accounts to their Android device and allow them to automatically sync data in the background and provide us with updates.

Here how to disable background/auto sync:

  • Go to Settings > Accounts > Find Auto Sync and simply Turn it OFF.

Turn OFF Auto Sync

In case, if you have added different accounts, then you should remove the accounts that you don’t really need and also reduce the sync frequency.

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#5 – Keep Your Home Screen Clean

clear android home screen

If you are using live wallpaper then replace it with any static or common image. Also keep your home screen clean and remove all unused icons and widgets. The less the mess your home screen is the better the performance.

#6 – Clear Cached App Data

All the apps create cached data. However, the cached data for apps makes them to load more quickly, but it also build up cached data over a time to consume lot of memory space for apps that you no longer use.

So, if you have not cleared the cached app data from very long period of time, then you must clear it (do not worry it will not delete any of the app data). Sometimes, clearing the cached data for an app also clear up strange behavior and speed up the Android performance.


If you want to clear cached data of specific app, then go to Settings > Apps > go to All tab section. Now, tap the app for which you want to clear cached data and then tap on “Clear Cache”.

If you want to clear cached data of all apps altogether, then go to Settings > Storage and tap on Cached Data and then tap on OK.

clear android cached data

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#7 – Avoid SD Card Issues

Have you ever tried to find the reasons, why most of the top brands don’t offer SD card slots in their smartphones? One of the reasons is that if you use poor quality or low speed SD card, then it would eventually slow down your device.

Avoid SD card issue

Therefore, if you really want your Android phone to work faster, then it is always recommended that you must use right SD card for your Android > at least class 10 (not less than class 10) of reputable brands such as SanDisk, Samsung, Transcend. Also you should avoid SD card issues and scan your card for corruption and virus as they could be another reasons behind the slow working of your device.


So, those are very important tips and that you must apply all above-mentioned tips, if you really want to make your Android device to run superfast in terms of speed and performance. You will notice the difference in performance and speed that your Android was giving you before and after following the tips.