10 Best Procreate Alternatives for Android

alternative to procreate for android

Procreate is an immensely outstanding app for Digital art. But unfortunately, it is available only for iDevices such as macOS, iPhones, or iPads. However, if you are looking to procreate alternatives for Android to unleash your creative potential on the Android platform, here’s a detailed guide!

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9 Best Apps to Watch Anime For Free

Best Apps to Watch Anime For Free

Anime today has captured a wide audience all over the world due to its epic adventures and vibrant characters. So, if you’re an anime lover and seeking the best apps to watch anime for free, look no further.

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How to Hide Apps Without Any App? Here’s 3 Simple Tricks!

How to Hide Apps Without Any App

Hiding some apps is essential to maintain your privacy & security. There are various app-hider software available to perform this task easily. However, if you are looking for how to hide apps without any app, read this article to learn a few tricks to hide apps without an app launcher.

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OTA Update Android (Detailed Guide)

OTA Update Android

OTA (Over-The-Air) updates on Android are software updates that are delivered at regular intervals to Android devices over the Internet. These updates include bug patches, new features, and functionalities to enhance the overall device’s performance. So, today in this detailed guide, you are going to learn how to check for and install OTA update Android, its’ benefits and how much is it safe.

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Why Should You Clear Cache on Your Phone?

Your phone stores cache to help speed up browsing, as many sites reuse the same information over and over on different pages. The cache saves this information so that the next time you visit a page or reopen a website, it uses the saved information instead of taking up time and data to retrieve it again.

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9 Best Ad Blocker for Android (2023 Guide)

Nowadays, most websites or apps display ads to generate revenue. However, these ads are very annoying for users as it ruins their overall experience. So, if you are also one of those annoyed users and want to get rid of them, read this article to know the best ad blocker for Android to remove ads.

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How to Make Blurry Pictures Clear App? – 7 Best Apps

How To Make Blurry Image Clear in Mobile?

Nowadays, every person clicks thousands of pictures but what if later while checking your gallery photos, you found some of them blurry?

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How to Reprogram Android Phone? [Easy Guide]

How to Reprogram Android Phone

Reprogramming an Android phone usually involves performing a factory reset or installing a custom ROM. This will restore your smartphone to its original factory settings almost making it new again.

So, if you are facing any problem with your phone or planning to sell, gift, give away, or dispose of your phone, this article will guide you on how to reprogram Android phone.

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4 Ways To Empty Trash on Android

how to empty trash on Android

If your Android phone got overloaded with trash files, read out this article completely to know how to empty trash on Android to free up space.

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6 Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Internet Browser

Make the Most Out of Your Internet Browser

Make the Most Out of Your Internet Browser

Internet browsers are some of the most important applications used on computers and mobile devices. Given how much time we spend online, be it work or entertainment, it would be impossible to do that without an internet browser.

Now, while such an app has its purpose, it would not be a stretch to suggest that most users are pretty casual and do not bother optimizing their experience.

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