How To Unlock Android Phone Password Without Losing Data?

Unlock Android Phone Password Without Losing Data

Forgot the password/pin/pattern of your Android phone screen lock? Now wondering how to unlock Android phone password without losing data? Luckily there are several ways to bypass an Android phone password without sacrificing your important data.

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Siri For Android: 10 Best Alternative Voice Assistants

Siri Alternatives For Android

Siri is the first virtual assistant with a voice introduced in iPhone 4S back in 2011. It is a perfect blend of artificial intelligence and accuracy that has completely revolutionized the way how people interact with their phones. While it is specially devised for iPhone users, some of you may wonder is there a Siri for Android?

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Recycle Bin On Android: How to Access Trash Folder on Android?

How to Access Trash Folder on Android

Recently, I have come across so many queries where users were curious to know if there is any trash folder on Android devices and if is, then how can they access it. If you are looking for the same answer, then this article is for you.

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4 Best App Hider For Android In 2021

Best App Hider For Android

Are you searching for a good app hider for Android that can hide your installed apps on your Android phone?

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13 Best Ad Blocker For Android You Must Try In 2021

Best Ad Blocker Apps For Android

Annoyed with intrusive ads on your Android device? Take a look at the list of the best ad blocker for Android I have shared in this article to get rid of annoying ads on your phone.

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8 Best Digital Wallet Apps For Android In 2021

Best Digital Wallet Apps For Android

Digital wallets are quite popular these days as they facilitate easy payments through smartphones with complete protection. With wallets, you can not only send and make payments or pay bills but also enjoy the benefits of coupons, tickets, and passes.

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8 Best and Safe Sites To Download Android APK Apps In 2021

Safe and Best Sites To Download Android APK Apps

We all know that Google Play Store is the biggest platform to download apps on an Android device. Google Play Store has over 2 million apps and thousands of developers/publishers update their apps every day.

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9 Best PS2 Emulators For Android [2021]

Best PS2 Emulator for Android

PS2 (PlayStation 2) is one of the most successful gaming consoles of all time. It holds the Guinness World Records for the bestselling gaming console with over 160 million units sold till it is being discontinued.

But there are people who still love PS2 and its games and want to relive their good old days. So for those, now you can enjoy PS2 games on Android smartphones with PS2 Emulator for Android.

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[Best & Easy Guide] How To Fix A Hacked Android Phone?

fix a hacked Android phone

Android devices are considered to be safe to use as they come packed with loads of security features. So, even after having such good security features is hacking an Android phone possible? Well, yes. Doesn’t matter how many security features have added to your device, a hacker will somehow be going to find a loophole to break into your phone.

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[7 Quick Solutions] How To Fix Delayed Text Messages On Android

Fix Delayed Text Messages On Android

Are you getting delayed text messages from your friends, colleagues, or from family members?

Well, delayed text messages can be irritating when someone messages you and you receive it after a long time. In fact, you don’t know that the sender has sent you a message unless he/she calls you to respond to that SMS.

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