[3 Ways] How To Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages Someone Sent You?

WhatsApp has recently added a new feature called “Delete for Everyone”. This feature helps users immediately delete the sent messages either to the wrong chat or when messages contain any mistakes. But the fact is that deleted message arises curiosity among receivers to know what’s on them. So, if you are one of the curious receivers and wanted to know how to read deleted WhatsApp messages someone sent you, check your Notification History or use WhatsApp chat backup.  

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5 Easy Ways to Monitor Child’s Text Messages Android

Monitor Child's Text Messages Android

Cyber crimes are nowadays growing tremendously over the phone via text messages or messages over various social sites. So, if you are a parent and worried about your child’s security and safety from those cyberpunks or scammers by having a continuous track of your child’s messages then use eyeZy. Using this software, one can easily monitor child’s text messages Android. Also, go through this guide completely to know other ways of monitoring your child’s text messages.

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11 Best Procreate Alternative for Android! [2023]

alternative to procreate for android

Procreate is an app famous for its painting, sketching & digital art. It is used both by amateurs as well as professionals. But unfortunately, it is available only for iPhones or iPads and doesn’t work on Android devices. However, there are various Procreate alternative for Android available that work the same as the Procreate to provide Android users with a similar experience.

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5 Tricks to Get New Emojis on Your Android Phone

Emojis can make any conversation interesting as they express one’s emotions and expressions without needing words or sentences. With emojis, digital conversation becomes more advanced & enhanced. Moreover, there are thousands of emojis available now. However, emojis get updated or new emojis are added at regular intervals. So, if you are wondering how to get new emojis on Android, download different keyboards, use emoji kitchen, or make your own custom emoji to get new emojis.

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How To Make Blurry Image Clear in Mobile? – 7 Best Apps

How To Make Blurry Image Clear in Mobile?

Nowadays every person clicks thousands of pictures in a day to preserve their memories. But what if later while checking your gallery photos, you found some of them blurry? This is the most annoying thing to know. Well, if you are having the same problem, then you can use numerous photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop, Pixlr, Lightroom, etc to clear blurred images. Also, go through this blog to know how to make blurry image clear in mobile.

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3 Ways How to Check AirPods Battery on Android

how to check airpods battery on Android phone

Want to keep track of the battery life while using AirPods with an Android phone? Wondering if it’s even possible to check the battery levels of Apple AirPods in your Android phone? Don’t worry; it’s possible and way easier than you might think. 

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11 Best Apps For Cheating Spouse [2023]

Best Apps For Cheating Spouse

Are you suspicious that your spouse is cheating on you? There are changes in his/her behavior? Does your partner keep his/her phone locked and you don’t even know the screen lock PIN/Pattern/Password? If all these questions your answer is yes then don’t worry, as this article contains some of the best apps for cheating spouses that will surely help you to catch a cheating spouse.  

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5 Best Apps To Fake GPS On Android Without Mock Location (2023)

Fake GPS On Android Without Mock Location

Your Android phone has a GPS location feature that allows in things like navigation, right?

But for many users, this feature sometimes creates a headache and they want to use some fake GPS location.

The reason can be anything like you want to access some app or service that is not available in your area or in your country.

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5 Best App Hider For Android In 2023

Best App Hider For Android

Are you searching for a good app hider for Android that can hide your installed apps on your Android phone?

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7 Best Pokémon GO Spoofers for Android- 2023 Guide

best Pokémon GO Spoofers for Android

If you want to capture some legendary and rare pokemon in the Pokémon GO game then you might need the best Pokémon GO spoofers for Android devices. Here, you will find the most reliable Pokémon Go spoofing apps like PGSharp, FGL Pro, Nord VPN, Surfshark, etc. So, choose any one of them and start collecting exciting Pokemons.

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