Spotify Wrapped Not Working or Showing? 7 Effective Fixes to Resolve It

Spotify Wrapped Not Working or Showing

Spotify introduced the “Wrapped” feature so that you can view all the songs that you enjoyed throughout the year and share them as ‘cards’ on social media.

But at times this ‘Wrapped’ option doesn’t open to view your collection and you wonder why it is not showing your data.

So today in this article, I am going to discuss 7 effective ways to fix Spotify Wrapped not working issue so that you can access your songs and share them without any issues.

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7 Fixes For Error Code 505 In Google Play Store

Error Code 505 In Google Play Store

Error code 505 in Google Play Store generally indicates a compatibility issue between the app and the device. But at times this error also pops up when you try to install similar apps that require the same permissions.

The conflict between those apps over permission also results in error 505. So, today in this article, we are going to discuss a couple of solutions to fix error code 505 in Play Store.

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Deleted Contacts Recovery- Recover Deleted Contacts Android

how to restore deleted contacts on Android

If you have unintentionally or accidentally deleted your Android contacts, Android Contacts Recovery is the best tool for deleted contact recovery. And if you have the backup VCF/CSV file of the lost or deleted contacts then restoring deleted contacts on Android is even easier.

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How To Transfer Data From Android To iPhone?

Have you changed your phone from Android to iPhone and now looking for a way to transfer your data? If Yes, Android Transfer is the easiest and the most reliable software to transfer data securely from Android to iPhone. However, read the article thoroughly to know the other ways of transferring data.

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4 Ways To Find And Remove Hidden Spyware On Android

find and remove hidden spyware on android

If you got Spyware on your Android phone and you are now worried about your crucial information, run antivirus software to get rid of it. Running antivirus software on your phone will find and remove hidden spyware on Android phones. However, read the complete blog for detailed information.

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13 Ways to Fix Apps Keep Crashing On Android Devices

Apps keep crashing android

Android devices are all about apps. But have you ever wondered what will you do if apps keep crashing on Android? Well, if you have ever faced such an issue, you must have an idea how annoying is this. However, such problems can easily be resolved by re-launching, clearing the app cache, and updating the app.

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3 Methods On How To Transfer Files From Android to PC

transfer files from Android to PC

Well, Android phones nowadays come with large storage but still, sometimes there exists a chance of getting storage full or data loss due to phone crashes or whatsoever. So, if you are looking to back up or transfer some of your files to a PC then USB cable, Bluetooth, and SD card are some of the mediums how you can transfer files from Android to PC.

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4 Ways to Unlock iPad Passcode Without Restore

Unlock iPad Passcode Without Restore

Securing iPad with a passcode is important in order to protect your data from unauthorized access. But the problem arises when you forgot your own iPad passcode. So, today in this blog I am going to discuss how to unlock iPad passcode without restore.

So, check out the mentioned ways one by one and follow them to get access to your iPad data without losing them.

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