How To Transfer Google Authenticator To New Phone?

Nowadays, users change or upgrade their phones more frequently. But if you have 2FA enabled on your old device, the task of accessing your accounts on the new device becomes difficult without Google Authenticator codes.

So, today in this article we are going to provide you with the most convenient way to transfer Google authenticator to new phone and continue using the 2FA functionality on it.

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How To Transfer Google Authenticator To New Phone?

Note: Do not delete Google Authenticator from your old phone if you wish to transfer the codes in an easy way to your new phone.

Follow the below steps as instructed to transfer Google Authenticator.

  • Firstly, you need to download and install Google Authenticator on an Android device.
  • Now, on the old Android phone, open the Google Authenticator app.

move Google authenticator to new blog

  • Hit the three dots icon present on the upper right-hand screen corner.

transfer your Google authenticator to a new phone

  • Tap on the Transfer Accounts.

transfer Google Authenticator 2FA to a new Android phone

  • Hit the option “Export Accounts”.

transfer or backup Google Authenticator on Android phone

  • Make verification of the identity.
  • Select the account from the appearing list on which you are willing to transfer Google authenticator.

transfer Google Authenticator codes to a new phone

  • Hit the Next option.

switch Google Authenticator to a New Phone

  • Now on the new Android phone, hit the same 3 dots icon.

menu icon

  • Hit the option “Transfer Accounts”.

Transfer Accounts

  • Make a tap over “Import Accounts”.

Import Accounts

  • Hit the button “Scan QR code”.

scan QR code

  • Using your new phone, just scan this code.

transfer google authenticator to new phone

  • Hit the done button on both devices.

Alternative Method: Use Backup Codes to Transfer Google Authenticator to New Phone

You can also use the Backup codes to transfer Google Authenticator codes to new phone. Here’s how you can do so:

  • Download the Google Authenticator from the Google Play Store and install it on your new phone.
  • On your old phone, sign in to the account for which you want to transfer the Authenticator codes and disable 2-step verification.
  • Go to the Account security settings for the account and recover your backup codes.
  • Now, set up 2-step verification for the same account on your new phone.
  • Enter one of the backup codes when prompted.
  • Once done with setting up 2-step verification on your new phone, re-enable 2-step verification on your old phone.

Note: Backup codes can only be used once and cannot be reused. In case, you have used all of your backup codes, you’ll need to generate new ones.

Transfer Your Google Authenticator Codes for Other Sites

Google Authenticator generates time-based one-time codes. It works with various services and websites, and you can use the same Authenticator codes for multiple services or websites if they support 2FA.

To transfer Google Authenticator codes for other sites, follow these steps:

  • Install the Google Authenticator app on your new phone.
  • On your old device, launch the app.
  • Now, choose the service or site for which you want to transfer the codes.
  • Click on the site’s name, and select the Settings (or Edit) button.
  • On the settings, search for the option Export or Backup to transfer the codes.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to export the codes to a file.
  • Then, transfer the exported file to the new phone using a file-sharing app or transfer through a PC.
  • Now, launch the Google Authenticator on your new phone and import the codes from the exported file.
  • Lastly, use the same codes for 2FA on both devices.

Note: [The above steps may vary depending on the service or site you are using. So, make sure to consult their support documentation for specific instructions.]

Additional FAQs

How Do I Reset Google Authenticator?

To reset Google Authenticator, you need to switch it off and then turn it on. This will work as resetting the Google Authenticator as every time it allots you with new unique code.

How Do I Backup Google Authenticator?

This is mainly done at the time of the setup procedure. It provides you with an option to save all your codes during setup. Alternatively, you can also take picture of the QR code that is displayed on the screen while setup and keep it completely safe somewhere.

How Do I Restore My Authenticator App?

If the backup code is saved or you have the old QR code, restoring the Google Authenticator is just matter of reinstalling the app then rescanning the QR code or assigning the security keys.

Wrap Up:

So, these are all possible ways to transfer Google Authenticator code to the new Android phone. From now on whenever you switch to a new phone, you can follow this method to transfer this code.

I will also request you do not neglect to transfer this code as Google Authenticator is a secure way to keep your device secure from hacking and other online threats. So, transferring this authenticator code ensures your device’s safety.

Besides, if you are facing any inconvenience or issue while doing it, feel free to contact us on Facebook or Twitter.