recover blackberry data

Recover SMS, contacts, photos, videos and music on your Blackberry Device

If you accidentally deleted your Blackberry Data then don’t worry you can recover it with the help of Android Data Recovery Tool. This software can recover formatted, deleted, lost Blackberry files such as photos, videos, music, call logs, text messages, and more. This tool is compatible with almost every android device such as Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, and many more.

  • Get back your lost or deleted data such as contacts, messages, photos, videos from your Android device.
  • Recover lost data from various android Smartphone’s such as Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola, etc.
  • Recover data after accidental deletion, screen broken, operating system corruption and many more
  • Preview and selectively recover the data you need

Recover Lost or Deleted Data from BlackBerry

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Blackberry is the most popular Smartphone in today’s life which works as phone, camera, music, email receiver, player etc. All the files in Blackberry are stored on a card such as flash card, memory card, XD card, XF card etc. But sometimes users usually make mistakes and delete some important data like pictures, contacts, messages or music files accidentally or while formatting the phone without keeping a backup of those important data. When you format the phone, all the data of your phone from the SD card gets lost which include photos and contacts and more from that phone. This is just a mistake and no one knows how to recover it as they are all important data. Even you don’t know whether the files that are deleted will be retrieved or not with the help of some software.

However there is nothing to panic as there is a way by which you can recover all your deleted photos or contacts from your Blackberry phone. You should make use of professional data recovery software which can recover all the deleted or lost data from your Blackberry phone.  The data which you deleted accidentally has not deleted permanently from the device, it only wipes the address tables. System will make a mark on the space where lost files are located as blank so that the new data can be take place. If you have accidentally deleted or formatted your Blackberry phone which has important data and if you have not written anything else into the phone after formatting, then the formatted or deleted data can be recovered. Therefore to recover the lost photos and contacts, you should use professional data recovery tool.

Android Data Recovery Software is the powerful data recovery software which is designed and developed to recover all the deleted or lost data like photos, contacts, messages etc. This software easily scans both the internal and external phone memories of the device to recognize the lost data and recover them in a safe and secure location that can be reused easily. This software is the right solution for your Blackberry data recovery as it can recover all the lost or deleted data from Blackberry phone. It supports all Android devices and is compatible with almost all versions of Windows including Windows 7.

Steps to recover lost photos and contacts:

Step 1: Firstly connect your Android Device with computer with the help of USB Data cable and enable USB debugging. To enable USB debugging follow the steps mentioned below:


1. For android 2.3 or its earlier version go to “Settings” ->then click on “Applications” -> Click on “Development” ->and check on “USB debugging”.

2. For android 3.0 or 4.1 version go to “Settings” ->click on “Developer options” -> and check on “USB debugging”.

3. For android 4.2 or the newer version go to “Settings” click on “About Phone” -> then click on “Build number” for number of times until you receive a note “You are under developer mode” go back to “Settings” ->click on “Developer options” -> and check on “USB debugging”.

This step will connect you device to computer. After this follow the next steps:

Step 2: Now scan your phone for recovering deleted data:


When you connect your phone with the computer you will get a window. Here you can click on “Start” button to allow the program to examine your device before scanning.

After a few seconds you will get a window. In the window Click on “Allow” button of your device to let the Superuser Request. After this just click on “Start” button which will make the program window start the scanning process.


Step 3: After this get Preview and Recover the recover deleted songs and photos from your Android device:


You can have preview of your data from where you can choose what you want and after this click on “recover” button to save them on your desire location.

Blackberry Data recovery – recover lost photos, contacts etc!