“Now, I am using a Sony Ericsson Android phone. It has a nice look and so many great features. This phone has also an internal memory to store some files like photos, music, videos and many more. My captured photos are also stored in my phone memory automatically. I need to transfer my all those photos to my laptop to make a space for other captured photos. But, this is not possible to transfer photos from phone to laptop only with USB connection. My memory card is also almost full of data. So, how can I do this job? If you have any suggestion related to this, please inform me as soon as possible. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you…”

If you have also faced the similar situation and want to free the space from internal memory, then there is nothing to worry because with the use of Android file transfer software you can easily transfer the Android data like video, music, files etc. to PC and from PC to Android device.

This is the best solution for you.  It is truly accepted that internal phone memory is not sufficient for storing large amount of data. But, some data are automatically stored on phone memory like captured photos. So, you have to free the internal memory by transferring files to other devices to store more new photos. Because, this is not possible for you to delete your precious photos regularly. For that, there is Android PC file transfer software by which you can transfer all of your data from phone memory to PC and make space for capturing new photos. So, if you are among people who have faced problems regarding insufficient phone memory, then don’t fright, try software to transfer files from internal memory to PC easily.

How to transfer files from Android to PC