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Now a day transferring your data from old phone to new android phone is the common question.  So if you are among those users who want to transfer their contacts from their windows phone to their new android phone then watch the given tutorial that will guide you on how to transfer contacts from Windows to Android phone. The method given here is quite simple.  But before moving into the transfer process ensure that you have a Microsoft Account (Windows Live, Hotmail, Outlook) account  and if you dint have then create one Microsoft account.

The next thing need in transferring the contacts form one phone to other is the Google account.  If you don’t have a goggle account then create one Google Account.

How to transfer contacts from Windows Phone to Android

From your Windows Phone, sign-in to any created Microsoft account (Windows Live, Hotmail, Outlook) and then sync your windows phone with the account.

Note: When you are syncing your Windows phone with you Hotmail account then you are syncing all the contacts from your phone to the account and contacts from account to phone. So when you access your account from computer or phone and look for the contacts page then you will find both the Windows Phone contacts and mail contacts stored.

Let’s start the contact transfer process.

Step 1: Export Windows Live (Hotmail) contacts.

After syncing your Microsoft account with Windows Phone open your computer and export and save all the contacts from Microsoft Account to (”CSV” – “Comma Separated Values”) file. To do that:

1.  First sign-In to your Hotmail account on your computer:


2. On the main window, press the drop-down arrow next to “Outlook” and select “People”.


3. In the “People” page, choose “Manage” and select “Export”.


4. Now click “Save” to store the exported contacts file “WLMContacts.csv” on Desktop.


5. Close the Windows Live Mail.

Step 2: Transfer Windows Live (Hotmail) contacts to your Google Account.

To transfer your Hotmail contacts to your Google Account. To do that:

1. Sign-In to Gmail account on your computer.


2.  On the main Gmail window, press the drop-down arrow next to “Gmail” and select “Contacts”.



3. In Contacts page, click “More” menu and choose “Import”.


4. Now click on “Choose File” button.


5. Move to the location where you have saved the Hotmail Contacts file (WLMContacts.csv) in the previous step and “Open” it.


6. Now click on “Import” button and wait until and unless the process gets over.


Close Gmail and sync your Android phone with Gmail Account.

Transfer Contacts from Windows to Android phone