10 Best Solutions To Fix Overheating Problem On Android

Are you facing issue on your android phone because it is overheating fast?

If yes then you are not alone here, several Android users are facing this problem nowadays and they are looking for some troubleshooting ways to fix overheating problem on android.

As you can see now there are many competitions among Android devices but users are also fed up of heating issue that has become one of the top most problems.

No matter, whatever brand of Android phone you are using but somewhere every one of them are facing issue. The actual problem here also implies that Smartphone’s generally don’t have cooling system as computers have.

So if you are an Android user who is facing overheating problems on your device then this blog is surely for you.

Here you will be guided about some helpful tips on how to fix overheating problems on Android phones.

How to fix Android phone overheating issue

Here you will get some of the best tips and tricks on how to cool down your Smartphone when it gets heated up frequently.

So try to follow those ways carefully and stop your Android phone from overheating.

Solution 1: Don’t place your phone in sunlight

Leaving your Android devices on sunlight is a common thing, but do you know that this can heat up your device fast? The heat from sun, especially the summer season can heat up your device within few minutes.

If this is the problem then you should immediately move it to cold place and avoid using it until it cools down. It is also instructed not to use your phone on high temperature.

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Solution 2: Close all apps running in the background

There are many apps that frequently runs in the background and you don’t even know about it.

Hence, the result is it consumes more RAM, drains battery fast and at the same time your phone gets heated up.

If you simply click on home button then this will not close the background apps. Apps like Facebook runs in the background if you don’t close it properly.

So you should click return button twice or can click Exit button from app menu to get out of the running apps on your Android device. Forgetting to close the apps is a common scenario and one should remember to exit the app after using to stop heating up your device.

Solution 3: Stop doing your multitasking needs

Generally, if you see then we as an Android user tends to do several things on our device but don’t know that we are silently hampering our device. It means that whatever multitasking needs we do on our device, its should be stopped.

The device’s CPU has the ability to handle only few apps and doing excess of anything can make a big damage.

So, stop overloading your device’s CPU and you can see that heating problem of your phone will also be solved.

Also try to use fewer apps unless there is a requirement of more app or so.

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Solution 4: Software or app updates

The device you are using should have its software and apps up to date because if your phone don’t have the latest OS then it can heat up your device.

Keeping your phone up to date also ensures you to do every task properly and there will no load or pressure on its system.

Everything keeping up to date also means that your device will not heat up frequently as it was before and now it will run smoothly. You should have a habit of seeing the apps are updated or not and if required, the immediately do it.

Solution 5: Avoid using your phone for long time

Many people have a habit of using the device for longer time without any rest either for calling purpose or playing games or something else. This should be avoided if you want to stop overheating of your device.

Especially when you use your phone while charging will heat up your device faster. While you play games, many parts work together at same time and CPU fails to handle so much of demand, hence heating of device starts.

So it is suggested not use your device while you are charging it and try to avoid long duration usage of your device. Give rest to your phone and then use it.

Solution 6: Battery problem

After using your device for some time, you may notice that your phone don’t have that much power to stay for long time as it was before. It means that your device’s battery is losing its power.

Battery has become old and now its started showing problems like too fast draining of device and even heating up your phone. Your phone’s battery may be defective or has become old more than a year then you should replace it ASAP.

Its obviously that its warranty period is over and now you don’t have any other way except to buy a new battery for your device.

This will help you solving tow thing especially, the first is your battery will not drain faster and second, your phone will not heat up frequently as it was.

But it is also recommended to buy a new battery from a reputable website or from a legal store where you can get reliable battery for your phone.

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Solution 7: Stop using your device while poor signal

It has been noticed many times that your phone has to face poor signals where it don’t get proper network. In this situation, you have to struggle a lot for proper coverage.

But have you noticed that in this situation your battery also drains fast and phone gets heated up. Especially when you try to surf internet in poor network.

So try to avoid using your phone for calling or surfing purpose when there is bad signal strength. And if its urgent then changing the place can solve the issue.

Solution 8: Stop playing heavy games

Everyone loves to play games on their Android devices but you should also know that playing heavy games could heat up your device fast.

Heavy games consumers more resources compared to other apps. Those games that have 3D graphics use high processor and GPU that drains your phones battery fast.

This heat up problem is for all mid range phones as well as high-end flagships devices. Playing games for longer duration heats up your device and you can feel it.

So why to take risk when we know that device is getting heated up while playing heavy games for longer time. Stop doing such mistakes and make your device cool enough to do its task properly.

Solution 9: Look where the device is heating up

You should see whether your device is heating up on the backside or at the bottom. If its heating at the bottom then it might be on the charging place. Many times while connecting to charger, your device gets heated up.

So you can try using different charger to see whether the heating issue is resolved or not. If the problem gets solved then stop using your previous charger and continue to charge with the new charger.

Solution 10: Phone is not getting enough cooling time

Another possible reason for heating your Android phone is that your device is not getting time to cool down. Continuously using it or spending much time in pocket also can be the issue.

Staying in pocket don’t gets enough ventilation and somewhere it faces problem.

If this is the problem then keep your device in some open place where it gets exposed for some time. If you have put a cover on your phone then also there is a chance that your phone is heated up.

It means that you should remove the case or covers of your device especially when the cover is made of metal case. Keep your phone without a cover and see the difference, your cell might cool down fast and the problem can be resolved.

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Best apps to cool down your Android phone

You might be wondering about any apps that might help you to cool down your phone when it gets heated up in short time. There are many of such apps that can help you to cool down your phone and make it work.

Cooler Master

Cooler Master is considered as one of the popular app that works best when your device gets heated up. It warns user when the device-overheating limit expires and provide the temperature of your device.

It also shows you which apps are consuming more battery and causing heat.

Easy user interface and works without any problem. So its best to use to cool down your phone with just one click. You can download it from Google Play Store.

Device Cooler Master

This is yet another coolest app that fix overheating issue on Android. It also provides temperature details and list of those apps, which makes your device hot.

It is easy to use and not only it fixes overheating issue but also clear the history of Android phone.


So here, I have discussed best 10 guides on how to solve Android phone overheating issue and I hope all these will help you to cool down your phone. Several issues can make your device hotter but trying the best ways can help you to get out of the problem.

Also try to disable all those features, which are not required for your device and save stop your phone from acting awkward.

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