6 Effective Solutions To Get Rid Of Security Warnings On Android

Did you encountered any kind of security warning message on your Android phone?

As according to several reports, users have come across a popup message stating “Security warning” or “security certificate warning keeps popping up Android” while visiting a website or doing any other work on any browser.

It happens many times that no matter how much protection you have on your Android phone, you can come across warning popup on it.

In fact, many times when your phone is infected by virus then your phone don’t shows any message unless you run an antivirus program.

So whatever the situation may be, this blog will completely help you to get rid of security warning message on Android phone.

What Are The Reason For Security Warning Message On Android?

The security warning message can be dangerous than you think.

But not always because it’s not the issue with your phone, but the error message popup because of harmful website or due to some other issues.

Let us see some common reasons:

  • Sometimes Android fails to obtain security certificate because of improper date and time or sometimes because your browser is not updated
  • May be the website you are visiting is no longer exist or safe to visit. When you see any kind of unwanted message on visiting the website, immediately leave it. Your data will be at risk if you proceed further as the website is not safe to visit
  • Sometimes the website is in maintenance mode and when you visit there then you can see security warning or may be security certificate error message.

Does Security Warning Message Means Your Phone Is Infected?

Many times, Android users get a warning message when they try to visit any malicious website from phone. Though the message is a fake one and it only warns that your phone is virus infected.

It also gives a button to click to run scan and immediately remove the bug from phone.

But note that your phone is not infected with virus and you are not supposed to click on that button or any other button.

When you see a warning popup outside web browser then there is a chance that browser itself has got infected and it should to be removed.

Good thing is that until you click on that button, your Android phone is safe from any kind of security warning message.

What Are The Solutions To Remove Security Warnings On Android?

Solution 1: Refresh The Web-Page

The very first solution to fix the error message is simply do a refresh of the browser you are accessing. Doing this will fix the security warning error on Android.

Though you might face difficulty many times because after refreshing the browser, the issue continues and you don’t know what to do. But after few seconds, it works again.

So give some time to work after refreshing and don’t move to other solutions unless you reload your browser once.

Solution 2: Clear Cache Of Browser

When you come across security certificate error on your phone then you should once clear the cache of the browser you are accessing.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • First, go to Settings on your phone and click on Apps
  • Now move down and select Chrome from the list
  • Click on it and you will see “Clear cache” option > click on it

  • After clearing the cache, you will see memory usage 0 MB

After this, as your browse cache is cleared so you can access it freely without any kind of fake popup warning message.

Solution 3: Switch Off Security Or Antivirus Application

Many Android phone users have installed security program or antivirus to be safe from any kind of malicious program.

But this application also block several website and can display security warning message. When it happens to you then simply disable the antivirus program for some time to solve the issue.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Go to Settings on your phone
  • Search for application and choose Application manager
  • Then look for Antivirus app.
  • Click on it and find Disable option > click on it and again go back to browser
  • Now reload the same page you are coming across error message

Hopefully, you will not see kind of security warning message on Android phone now

Solution 4: Force Stop Browser

Another possible way that can help you to fix the security warning message is by closing the browser using “Force Stop” option.

Here the steps you should follow:

  • First, go to Settings on your phone and click on Apps
  • Then move down and select the browser from list
  • Click on that browser icon and go to its Settings
  • There you will see “Force Stop” option

  • Click on it and you will get a popup message saying, force stop this app will misbehave. Simply click on OK

That’s it.

Solution 5: Update Your Browser

Till now I think you have come to know that browser is the main reason for such security warning message, so you should update your browser.

Because if you don’t do this for long time, then it’s obvious that you can come across security certificate warning message.

So here are the steps to update your browser:

  • Go to Play Store and click on three lines in left upper corner
  • Then click on My Apps and Games
  • There you will see the list of apps installed on your phone and beside them “Update” option
  • If the browser you are using have an Update option, then click on it and your app will be updated to latest version
  • Now go back to browser and try to access anything and see if the warning notification is popping up or not

Solution 6: Reset Your Android Device

The last resort that you can go through is doing factory reset. This is the most effective solutions to fix any kind of problem.

But the problem that it has is, it wipes away your stored files from phone. So before doing this method, backup all your data in safe place and then follow the steps below:

  • Go to Settings and then move down to click “Backup & Reset
  • Now you will get an option “Factory reset data
  • If you get any warning popup, press OK and your device will start the process of factory reset

After it is completed, your device will open as a new phone. And now you will not get any security warning message on Android.

Bonus Tip: Remove Any Virus From Android Phone To Avoid Security Warning Message

It can happen that some kind of virus or malware can cause fake security warning message on your phone. So you should clean Android phone and get rid of any security certificate warning popup.

Simply follow the below steps to know how to disable security certificate warning message:

  • First, go to Settings > click Apps and move to apps list. If any unwanted apps are available then uninstall it immediately
  • After that, go to Google Play Store and install Malwarebytes app. After installing, run a complete system scan on your device. If any kind of virus is detected then it will clean it.
  • Even you can also install CCleaner from play store and follow the instructions provided. Give the app required permission and run a scan. Choose “Start Cleaning” and then “Finish Cleaning” to wipe away all junk files on Android.
  • After doing these steps, now your Android phone will get clean of any kind of security warning messages or any fake warning messages.


Well, this blog completely describes on how to fix security certificate warning error on Android. Follow all the above steps discussed to fix the error you are coming across on Android phone.

These are all proven solutions that help to remove security warnings on Android and hopefully, after this you will not face the same issue again.