11 Ways to Fix WhatsApp Backup Stuck on Android

Fix “WhatsApp Backup Stuck” On Android

WhatsApp backup stuck on Android due to various reasons like weak internet connection, outdated version of WhatsApp app, accumulated WhasApp app cache, insufficient storage space on the device, etc. However, the WhatsApp looking for backup stuck Android error can easily be solved by restarting your Android, updating the WhatsApp app, clearing the app cache, and checking the device’s storage space.

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14 Best Fixes To Gmail Notifications Not Working On Android

gmail notifications not working android

If facing problem getting Gmail notifications on your Android phone, it must be because of outdated Gmail app, disabled notification feature, or enabled Power saving mode. So, here by updating the app, enabling Gmail notifications feature, or turning off power saving mode, you can fix the Gmail notifications not working on Android issue. However, go through this complete article for more workable fixes.

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12 Methods To Fix “OK Google Not Working” On Android

OK Google stopped working

Google assistant also called “OK Google” is one of the latest technologies that perform several activities such as telling you daily news and weather report, launching music, and apps, and making calls for you. However, users are recently reporting for “OK Google not working” problem. Well, when such issues occur, try fixing them by rebooting your device, checking your microphone, updating all your Google-related apps, etc. Also, read the article for more workarounds.

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4 Tricks to Fix Android Package Installer Not Working

Android Package Installer Not Working

Android package installer on your device allows installation, uninstallation, or upgradation of the apps. But recently users are reporting that the Android package installer not working problem. So, if you are one of the users facing the same issue, try fixing it by clearing the package installer cache, rebooting your device, or reinstalling the package installer. However, go through this guide completely to know more workable fixes to resolve the issue.

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9 Tricks To Fix Android File Transfer Not Working Error

Fix Android File Transfer Not Working Error

If while transferring data from Android to PC, you come across the “Android File Transfer Not Working” error message, it might be because of a faulty connection. So, in such a situation, re-establishing the connection, using the official USB cable, enabling the USB-Debugging, etc will resolve the error issue. However, go through this entire article for more workable solutions to fix the problem.

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7 Fixes To Solve Snapchat Filters Keep On Loading

Snapchat filters keep on loading issue occurs when users try to take their snaps using filters and they fail to load. The situation is quite annoying as users won’t able to take their snaps at the moment using different filters. Such a situation can be handled with a stable and strong internet connection as the problem is mainly caused due to slow internet connectivity. However, read this article completely to know other workarounds that you can try to deal with such problems. 

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How to Fix Audio Delay In Video Android?

If you are facing an audio delay issue while playing videos on Android and wondering how to fix it, then you must read this article. Audio delay in video Android mainly occurs because of corrupt video or video player. So, downloading the video again or reinstalling the video player will help you escape the issue. However, for more workarounds keep reading the article.

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5 Fixes For “Downloading Do Not Turn Off Target”

downloading do not turn off target S9

The “Downloading do not turn off target” problem is mainly seen on Samsung and Nexus devices. Well, to understand and fix the problem you have to know about the Odin software. However, you can resolve this problem by escaping the downloading mode, wiping the cache partition, or performing a clean restart on your device. Also, read this entire article for more solutions in detail.

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5 Tricks on How To Fix Blurry Pictures on Android

Fix Blurry Pictures & Videos On Android

Everyone enjoys taking photos and recording videos on their phone but what if the captured photos or videos are blurry? Well, this happens when you take snaps with a dusty camera lens, in low resolution, or with shaky hands. So, if facing the same issue and wondering how to fix blurry pictures on Android then restarting your device, force-stopping your camera app, and using 3rd party camera apps are some of the ways to fix this issue.

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7 Fixes to Snapchat Microphone Not Working!

Microphone on Snapchat not working

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media apps, especially among younger Gen Z users. In comparison to Instagram or Facebook, it is a more private social media platform. Many users use Snapchat as their default camera to click pictures or shorter videos to replace the normal camera app on their devices.

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