Unlocking the Secrets of HTC Phone Data Recovery

If you have lost data on your HTC phone and wondering how to get back it, stop scorching your head. Here we have a detailed guide on HTC phone data recovery to help you recover lost data.

HTC Phone Data Recovery

To retrieve deleted files from HTC phone, we recommend this tool:

This effective tool will recover lost, deleted, inaccessible data from any data loss situations in no time. Now recover your lost and deleted data in just 3 easy steps:

  1. Download this Data Recovery Tool (for PC only, for Mac) rated Excellent on Pcmag.com.
  2. Select the storage media you wish to recover data from and click on Scan.
  3. Preview the files before recovery and choose Recover option to restore deleted data from Android.

Can I Recover Deleted Data from a HTC Phone?

The answer to this is subjective to various factors. The factors include lost data type, adopted recovery method, how sooner the action is taken, and the availability of backup.

So, with all these factors considered, the recovery success is assumed. Now, let’s hop onto the next session to know the methods to restore HTC phone data.

HTC Phone Data Recovery: Get Access to Your Lost Data Again

Method 1: Recover Data Using Cloud Backup

Google Cloud is a widely used backup service that most Android users consider to secure their important phone data. This service helps users to restore the data easily when lost or deleted. It saves the data on a Google server that gives you the privilege to access the saved data from any device.

You can restore photos, videos, apps, call history, SMS & MMS, and device settings.

Follow the steps here:

  • Access the Filestore instances page of Google Cloud on your device.
  • Next, tap the Profile icon and choose the account from which you want to recover the data.
  • Then, go to the Backups/Restore tab on the left side.
  • On the Backup tab, highlight the recent backup file.
  • Now, click the More icon beside the backup file and select Restore.

recover deleted data from HTC phone

Method 2: Use Local PC Backup File to Restore Data

If you have backed up the Local backup file of your HTC phone data on a PC, recover the lost data from there.

Here are the necessary steps to follow:

  • Connect your HTC phone to your laptop or PC via a USB cable.
  • Then, on your phone, click the File Transfer option.
  • When your phone gets detected, go to the Backup folder on your PC.
  • Transfer the data from the backup folder to your phone.

recover deleted data from HTC phone

Method 3: Use Android Data Recovery Tool – 3rd Party Software

Remember the sooner you take action the more you have the chance to recover your data. But what if you don’t have a backup?

Well, don’t worry. Here comes the Android Data Recovery to your rescue. It helps you recover the deleted data from your phone without a backup.

The software successfully recovers photos, videos, files, documents, call logs, contacts, text messages, calendars, notes, and others.

Data types and phone models HTC data recovery supports:

Data Types Videos, photos, contacts, call logs, text messages, documents, notes, Whatsapp chats, music files, contacts,  etc
Phone Models HTC Wildfire R70, HTcC Desire 19c, HTC Wildfire X, HTC Desire 19+, HTC U19e, HTC Desire 12s, HTC Exodus 1, HTC U12 Life, HTC U12+, HTC Desire 12, HTC U11 EYEs, HTC U11 Life, HTC U11+, HTC U11, HTC One X10, HTC U Play, HTC U Ultra, HTC Desire 650, HTC 10 Evo, HTC Bolt, HTC Desire 10 Pro and many others

Get the software and follow the guide instructions to recover deleted data from HTC phone.


Note: It is recommended to download and use the software on your PC or laptop. It is because recovery of phone data on the phone itself is risky as you may end up losing all your data because of data overriding.

Method 4: Get Back Lost Data from External Storage Device

Most Android users use external devices such as pen drives or SD cards to restore their media files. So, if you have also saved your data to such external storage devices, use them to restore data.

For this, simply insert the SD card into the slot on your phone or attach the pen drive with an OTG cable adapter and transfer the data from it to your phone.

Method 5: Restore WhatsApp Chat Using In-App Chat Backup

Some apps such as WhatsApp come with their own chat backup feature to let users restore their important conversations when deleted or lost.

If saved your chats using this, get back your chats by following the below instructions:

  • Uninstall the WhatsApp from your HTC phone.
  • Then, visit the Play Store and install it again.
  • Now, set up your WhatsApp account using the same phone number and select the Restore option.

recover deleted data from HTC phone

That’s it!


Can I recover deleted photos from my HTC phone using Google Backup?

Yes, if you have synced your photos and video to your Google account, you can recover them from Google Photos. For this, open Google Photos>>go to Library>>Trash. Find the deleted/lost photos, select the ones you want to recover, and tap the Restore option.

Is rooting required for HTC data recovery?

While some recovery software requires rooted device, there are still some methods and software that doesn’t require rooting. In this article, we have covered some of the non-rooted recovery methods for HTC data recovery.

What should I do to recover data from physically damaged HTC phone?

Well, this depends on the damage caused to your phone. If the damage is minor, you can follow the methods above to recover data from it. But if the damage is major, it is suggested to consult the nearest service center or recovery professionals to repair and recover data from it.


HTC phone data recovery is manageable if you have correct recovery guidance and reliable software. Follow the guide instructions step-by-step and get back your data on your palm.

Also, remember to back up your phone data frequently next time to avoid future data loss situations.