How To Recover Lost Android Data Without Any Backup

Restore deleted data on an Android phone without backup

Here you have a wonderful and easy trick to retrieve your deleted or lost data including Photos/SMS/Contacts/Videos/Audios. This process just needs Android Data Recovery that let you recover data from any sort of data after accidental deletion, screen broken, operating system corruption and many more.

  • Recovers all the lost / deleted audio, video, image, text messages and contacts including .apk files without backup
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Everyone got some important data on their phones and this is same with Android Users. We love to store some beautiful moments of ours. We store video, music, and your memorable pictures.

But in few cases you can lose your precious and important data such as videos, music, pictures, document files, messages, contacts and other stuff from your respective phone.

But do ever wonder what if your all data gets lost? What you are wanna do? While I was searching for some latest android handset in the greatest search engine Google, I found a forum that really stopped me to help him out.

Help! I just forgot to backup the files before flashing my Android phone. Now my whole data has been deleted, including my important phone numbers, precious pictures, videos and music, and some other personal messages of my loved ones. These files were very important to me can anyone help me to recover them?” —-Alva

On the same forum I found another man who was suffering with the same issue.

I lent my Android Smartphone to my friend but mistakenly deleted some of the media files. Can I recover lost photos and videos from it? “—- Anderson

It is possible to lose data anytime from Android device

Android phone comes in various work like clicking pictures, storing contacts, several types of data and many others. It means that Android device has a user-friendly interface. Users store a lots of data on it for future purpose but tell me one thing, do you think that keeping any data on phone or SD card is safe?

After all, your device is not secure that it will not get damage due to any attacks. Even the advanced phones are not far from malicious virus attacks and so it means that your data is not secure on your phone.

Just only imagine that your important data is lost or some photos and videos are deleted and see how you feel it? Nobody wants to face such situation but pressing accidentally the delete button can remove your all data.

This can be the most irritating situation and you can get disappoint as some important pictures might get erased and you don’t know how to get those.

If you don’t know what to do and how to restore those lost data then keep calm but don’t try to do anything that are not supposed to do like resetting your device or restarting it.

Recover lost photos and other data with or without backup

Recover Lost Android Data Without Backup

When you lose your precious data then obviously to restore the, the very first thing is to find a backup if available. In fact, several ways allow users to store their data to handle the data loss situation like cloud storage, Google Drive, several apps from Play store, Smartphone’s own cloud storage and many more.

Now if your photos are lost then see how you can get them back with some other data as well:

  • For photos, sync to Google photos
  • Even you can transfer all the files to your PC
  • Either saves them to Google drive and Dropbox
  • Can upload to any social sharing sites like Facebook, Instagram etc

All these can surely help you to get back your lost data from Android phone only when you have created a backup. But if you have not any backup then you should move to next method to retrieve lost data from Android phone.

Does the recovery process always work?

Many users think whether the data deleted will be restored or not from Android phone? I would like to say that when the data gets deleted from any Android device, then those data are not deleted permanently.

It means that the data deleted can be retrieved only if you have not stored any other data or the deleted data is not overwritten.

If the lost data is overwritten to any other new data then it means that those lost data are gone forever. So if you want to get back your important files from Android phone then stop accessing your phone immediately and make the recovery a success.

Best Way to recover lost data without backup

It is always advised to have recent and proper backup file. But still many of them fails to do it. We fail to understand just one simple thing.

Well no need to worry just calm down you got a powerful recovery tool that can help you to recover the lost or deleted data from your android Smartphone.

Luckily you got a Android Data Recovery Software in order to recover the lost contacts, messages, video, photos, audio and documents.

Moreover this program let you recover various deleted files from your Android phone. If you accidentally lost your data from Android phone then this recovery software is the best option for you.

And the most important thing before recovering the lost or deleted data is that you stop adding any new data to your Android phone to make the recovery process successful.

How To Recover Lost Android Data Without Any Backup

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Data loss is a common situation that many users face in their life and this is one of the embarrassing moment. However if you don’t have a habit of making a backup then the situation can become even worse.

So, always try to make a backup of your data and if you face any kind of data loss situation, then you can follow this blog to restore them

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