How to Recover Deleted APK Files From Android Phones

For the users to get recovery from such file loss issues, they should use Android Data Recovery Tool. This recovery tool is especially designed and also developed in order to recover lost or deleted data from Android devices like mobile phones and tablets

Restore Deleted or Lost Android APK Files

There may be situations where you will end up losing your APK file from your Android Smartphone. But now, no need to worry you can easily recover your lost, deleted formatted APK files from your Android devices by using the powerful Android Data Recovery Tool.

This tool has the ability to recover each and every APK file from your android device.

  • Recover lost or deleted Android application package files (.apk) from your Smartphone’s
  • Retrieve data from your Android devices by thoroughly scanning your internal and external memory
  • Offers preview of recovered photos, videos and music files
  • Fast and effective data recovery tool for all Android OS.

Have you removed some .APK files from your Android device in order to make some space without knowing that some unexpected things can happen to your device? If yes then this can put you in trouble because your applications might not work or become unusable.

Deleting .apk files means that whatever applications that was inbuilt or downloaded will become inaccessible. This is one of the frustrating situations that can stop you from accessing any application.

Now what to do and how to get rid of the problem? Don’t worry, simply read the below blog.

If you are an Android user then you can better know .apk files resides in internal memory of Android device and all these are the supporting files that helps the Android device to run smoothly.

APK stands for Android Application Package. It is a file format generally present in all type of Android devices and hence used to install third party application software on Android OS.

Also, this APK is a type of package of files similar to JAR or ZIP archive which holds certain varieties of files like manifest file, application’s code (.dex files), assets, and also certain resources.

These application files are being saved with .apk file extension.

As you know that the .apk files are stored on internal memory so it takes some memory space. In order to accomplish the usage of required application on android phones, every android device holds certain APK files.

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However, it is seen that, many of the Android users frequently faces uncertainties while they are using applications on the device and this result in the loss of .apk file.

Users delete the .apk file to make space on phone and hence they come across unwanted situation.

Now the question arises that what are the main causes for the loss of data’s or APK files from android devices and how to recover the lost .apk file from Android?

Practical Scenario:

One of the android users shares his problem: “I lost a few of APK files from my Android phone and I can’t be able to find it anywhere. It contains many important data’s related to my official work. Is it achievable for me to get recovery of my APK files from an Android OS based Smartphone?”

From- Jenifer, USA

Before answering this typical question, one go in depth to know the reason behind this problem.

Reasons for the loss of APK files from Android phones:

Formatting Storage device on Android phone: Sometimes, when APK files instead of storing it on internal memory devices, its being stored on externally attached memory device. And the formatting of the card would easily erase all files including APK files that are being saved on it.

Deleting Unintentionally: Also,many times, unintentionally user deletes the APK files, and this deletion of files is the main reason that causes loss of APK files on Android device.

Improper Downloading: Sometimes, due to improper downloading techniques, results in the loss of APK files.

Restoring Android device to its factory settings: Sometimes. in order to restore android devices to its factory settings, might result in the loss of these files.

Corruption of memory card: It is been seen that, due corruption of memory card, loss of APK file occurs.

Effects: Due to above mentioned reasons, APK files are been lost. Hence there are many effects for the loss of apk file. These are mentioned below:

  • Many a time, due to virus injection in the phone’s memory or the SD card can lead to deletion of APK files from the phone and the deletion results in the loss of important data’s.
  • Sometimes, removing the SD card in an abrupt fashion could also lead to APK files deletion from the phone. This would easily result in the loss of crucial data.
  • Uploading APK files on Android Phones, sometimes may also ended wilt the loss of existing APK files.

Many a times, the loss of APK files from Smartphones make users worried and sometimes they doesn’t know how to comeback from such typical issue or get recovery from such loss.

In order to get back the lost files, user needs to restore it from the Android devices with the help of third party recovery tool.

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How to Recover lost APK files from Android phones:

For those users who want to get recovery from such file loss issues, they should use Android Data Recovery Tool. This recovery tool is especially designed and also developed in order to recover lost or deleted data from Android devices like mobile phones and tablets.

This is quite a prevailing and refined tool strongly scans both internal and external phone memories of the device to recognize the deleted and lost Android data including the Android application package file such as (APK) file.

Therefore helps in recovery or restoring in a safe and protected location which could be reused easily. Also it supports all Android devices and is well-matched with almost all versions of Android.


Note: It is recommended to download and use the software on your PC or laptop. It is because recovery of phone data on the phone itself is risky as you may end up losing all your data because of data overriding.

Steps to Recover APK files from Android:

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Important tips to avoid APK file lose from Android phones

  • Don’t save the .apk file on Obb/directory
  • Never delete .apk file in order to create more space because this is important to run your device smoothly. Thinking to get space on your device is not a good idea because you have to suffer a lot.
  • Always create a backup of all your data in safe place
  • Don’t forget to scan your device with anti-virus program on regular intervals
  • Stop using your device immediately after you lose APK file just to avoid overwriting of data and increasing the chance of recovery
  • Once you come to know that your device .apk file has been deleted, recover it immediately by doing apk file recovery to access the particular application.


APK files are important for your Android device to function properly. If any .apk files are deleted then user can face problem in accessing the device or cannot use the particular application.

However, you should always avoid erasing apk files. And if accidentally deleted then also no need to worry as you can get back with the use of recovery software.

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