5 Effective Methods to Fix “Pandora Keeps Crashing” Issue on Android

Pandora is known as one of the popular music-streaming app widely used in Android as well as iOS devices. Its giving service to its users from several years and everything works fine.

The features of this app is excellent, in spite of that, there are several issues that people do face with this app while using it.

Few Samsung users have reported about the problem that while using Pandora music app, it crashes on its own and everything just stops. This is really annoying for everyone who uses this app.

So, here in this blog, I have come up with some troubleshooting ideas that will help you to fix Pandora keeps crashing issue on Android devices.

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About “Pandora keeps crashing” on Android

Well, this is very hard to believe that the most known music streaming app can put you in trouble as it crashes frequently. Recently one of the users of Samsung Galaxy S9 has reported about the issue where she stated, “Pandora app closes on its own while opening or at the starting time of streaming”.

In fact, there are several other users who have reported about this problem and they are unknown about the reason behind it. The users ask, “why does Pandora keeps closing on Android”?

Let us see what it occurs to Android users.

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Why does Pandora keeps closing on Android?

As I have already mentioned earlier that especially Samsung users are reporting about this issue on their devices. These years, there was nothing such problems on this app but suddenly, it was heard from users that they are getting issue on Pandora app while accessing it.

It was assumed that the app crashing issue was may be due to some apps that are not performing well on their devices or even a firmware problem.

You should know that whenever any app crashes then generally two things happen: first, immediately the app closes and second, if the app opens then it only works for few minutes.

Most probably, users can come across a messages saying, “Unfortunately, Pandora has stopped”.

In all these kind of situations, I have found that this issue is almost same as other issues of app crashing and so, this problem can also be fixed with ease.

Now its time to know the solutions that can help you to fix the above problem on your Android phone.

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How to fix Pandora keeps crashing issue on Android

As it is clear that the problem is, an app related so maybe it’s a minor glitch that can be solved by itself. This is because Samsung users are coming across such problem and the phone like Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ comes with so many advanced features that Pandora can work in such devices with ease.

If still the issue arises on your phone then follow the below fixes for the error you are getting on your phone

Solution 1: Reboot your phone

Whenever any kind of problem or error occurs on your Android phones, then simply rebooting the device is the one and only best solutions to get rid of the issue. It’s a safe process and rebooting your device not only does off and on your device but several other methods also meets the requirement.

Rebooting the device means your phone’s memory is totally refreshed, whatever apps were running on background gets closes etc.

But many times, simple rebooting does not fix the problem. At that time, Forced Reboot on your device is required. For that, press and hold Volume Down button with Power button for 10 seconds. Doing this will fix several errors coming on your phone, especially the crashes that was due to apps.

If you still face problem with the app then its better to move to next solution.

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Solution 2: Wipe cache partition

Apps related issues occur frequently on Android phones and clearing the cache partition can solve most of such issues. So to wipe cache partition, follow the steps below:

  • Switch off your device first
  • Now, press and hold Power + Volume Down button for 10 seconds or more
  • You device will be in bootloader mode and have to press Volume Down button two times to get recovery mode
  • After that, select Recovery Mode via Power key to put phone in recovery mode
  • Now here you have to use Volume Up + Down key to select “Wipe Cache Partition
  • Then press Power key to clear cache partition of your phone

Solution 3: Clear app cache and data

Following this method will help you to solve the error as it has helped several Pandora users. But the problem part is that the music that you have downloaded via this app may get deleted.

Well, follow the below steps to clear app data and cache

Step 1: From Home screen, go to Settings > Apps

Step 2: Click on App manager

Step 3: Choose Pandora

Step 4: Next, find and click on Storage

Step 5: Now under storage, click on Clear Cache and then Clear Data

Now go back to Pandora app and check whether the problem is resolved or not.

Solution 4: Uninstall and Reinstall Pandora app

I am sure the problem is solved but if you still getting the same issue then it’s the app problem that is continuously pinching you. In this situation, you should uninstall the app and remove the connections with other apps and firmware.

Now uninstalling the app can also remove the files you have downloaded but that’s not a big issue. To uninstall Pandora app, follow the steps:

  • From Home screen, go to Settings > Apps
  • Now click on App manager and then on Pandora
  • Here you have to click on Uninstall and press OK to confirm

Now reboot your phone, after that, again reinstall the app, and check whether problem is resolved or not.

NOTE– Reinstalling any app will always give you the latest version and it can also be the solutions for many problems especially when compatibility issue is the big one.

To reinstall the app, follow the steps below:

  • From Home screen, click on Google Play Store
  • There you have to type ‘Pandora’ in search box
  • Select the app and click on Install
  • Here you have to review the app permission and click on Accept


Solution 5: Perform factory reset of your phone

This is the last step for any kind of error to fix. But this is risky too because all your data can get erased. So don’t forget to backup all your essential files or folders in safe place and then proceed further to do factory reset.

  • First, switch off your device
  • Then press and hold Power + Volume Down button
  • Your device will now go to bootloader mode after which you have to press Volume Down button to enter recovery mode
  • Here you have select Wipe data/factory reset option using Volume Up/Down keys

  • Now use Power key to confirm the selection. Use the Volume buttons to navigate and select Yes-delete all user data
  • At last, use Power key to choose Reboot system now

Apart from these solutions, there are some other solutions as well that might help you to get rid of such unwanted error on your phone. They are:

  • Ensure Pandora app is installed on local memory of device instead of SD card.
  • Many phones have battery saver or task manager If these apps are installed then keep Pandora aside of all those. Better would be to switch off those apps completely
  • Always ensure your app is running on latest version
  • Lower audio quality in Pandora– Open Pandora to Station list and click on menu icon and then on Settings. Here, if you are a premium subscriber of Pandora then select Audio Quality & Download. And if you are not a premium subscriber then choose Advanced > uncheck Higher Quality Audio

How to get back lost data after factory reset on Android phone?

It’s a common situation that several Android users come across and they end up losing all data from phone. In spite of saying several times, some users don’t create a backup of their useful data and later on search for ways to recover them.

Well, there is no need to worry because the lost data can be recovered using a powerful recovery software like Android Data Recovery. This is one of the useful and reliable software that restores every wiped/lost data from any Android phones without backup. Its easy to use and does not need any technical skills to operate.


Note: It is recommended to download and use the software on your PC or laptop. It is because recovery of phone data on the phone itself is risky as you may end up losing all your data because of data overriding.


At last, I want to conclude that though there are several types of errors or issues on Android phones, but they can be fixed with proper solutions. The Pandora apps keep crashing issue has really trouble several users especially the users of Samsung Galaxy.

But in this blog, I have discussed 5 solutions that will surely work to get rid of the problem and hope, you will be relaxed now.

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