LG G3 recovery

Best way to Recover Inaccessible Media Files from LG G3

Android Data Recovery software is one of the reliable software for android which is designed to recover inaccessible media files from LG G3. It can retrieve lost data from any android device, no matter how the data is lost. It has the strong scanning algorithm which completely scans the entire memory device and rescue lost or inaccessible data from android device.

  • Easily recover inaccessible media files from LG G3
  • Quickly detects, scans and recover lost data
  • Rescue all data like photos,. videos, SMS, whatsapp chat history, notes, reminders etc

Get back Inaccessible Media Files from LG G3

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The performance of LG G3 become very popular within very short days, this phone is very trendy and full with latest option. It is designed with latest technology the outer design of this device is very handy. It is the LG’s best product, combination of perfect hardware and latest android OS makes it very suitable android phone.

But in data loss situation no matter what functionality is given, data loss situation can occurs on any device no matter what brand it is and what are the hardware used by it. This situation may occur due to any one of the problem i.e. internal or external. In the internal errors the cause of error is related to any internal problem and in external error data loss occurs due to the external factor.

In LG G3 inaccessibility of data may occurs due to various reasons some of them are given bellow read them carefully, it will help you to protect your important data from corruption.

Accidently deletion of data– It occurs when data gets deleted by the user side or unintentionally. Take an example that you are browsing the phone gallery and by mistake “Delete All” button gets pressed.

Virus Infection- It is an external factor of LG G3 data loss, it happens when user connect their phone or its memory card to a virus infected computer. After this type of infection you will get unable to access your store files or when you try to open it then it display error message.

Using phone in low battery situation– This is an internal factor of file inaccessibility, when phone is used in a low battery situation then it gets unable to do some internal task and here data loss occur. When you captured images in low battery then sometime device get unable to store the media file due to lack of power.

Other Reason of Data Inaccessibility in LG G3

  • Due to Computer malware attack Data like photos, sms, contacts and more gets inaccessibility.
  • Because of improper formatting of the memory card can result loss of images.
  • Resetting the LG G3 to factory setting without taking backup of your device.
  • Power failure while executing any task may affect the device data.
  • Unexpected removal of storage media from phone may lead to corruption.

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How to Restore Data from LG G3:

If you have backup of your phone data then you can easily do this task by simply restoring it. Otherwise you can also use a professional data recovery tool for LG G3, this tool allows you to recover android data without need of backup file. It is one of the famous data recovery solution because it able to recover data from any android smart phone such as Samsung S5, Motorola Smartphone and more. It is also very easy to use so apply it and access your inaccessible data.

To Recover the Data lost from LG G3 you need to

Step.1: Firstly double click on the program icon on the computer then install and run it and then connect your LG G3 to the computer.


Step.2: Then Enable the USB debugging by Entering the “Settings” option < then Click “About Phone” < Tap “Build number” for several times until you get a note that “You are under developer mode” < Back to “Settings” < Click “Developer options” < Check “USB debugging” in your LG G3.


 Step.3: After this scan your phone for lost text, photos and contacts.


Click on the “Allow” button on your Phone home screen to start the scaning process


Step.4: After all these click on Preview button and recover deleted messages, photos or contacts.


Restore Inaccessible Media file from LG G3