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Easily recover deleted photos, contacts, SMS from Samsung galaxy tab:

It is quite apparent that while using your Android Device, the data stored in it may get deleted due to various reasons such as formatting the device, deleting them manually. And sometimes the file stored gets hidden due to some android apps. In such cases it can be easily recovered from your stored backup. If you do not have any backup, then in that case you can recover lost data with the help of Android Data Recovery Tool. Using this tool the originality of the data remains intact.

Features of this tool are as under:

  • Recover personal documents emails.
  • Rescue deleted, lost, or hidden data from all types of Android devices.
  • Retrieve lost contacts, text messages, call logs, whatsapp messages, photos, videos, audio files.
  • Get back erased data from the formatted memory card and so on. 

Easily recover deleted photos, contacts, sms from Samsung galaxy tab

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Samsung Galaxy Tablet users growing day by day as Galaxy tab is getting more popularity among many users. One of the reasons for this is because of its one of the finest cameras that provides its users which sharp and high quality photos. But sometimes due to careless means or accidentally your precious pictures and other data can get lost. If you have experienced such a disastrous situation and did not found any one to rectify this problem then you need not panic. You just need to do some curing methods to get back your deleted and lost precious data back from your tablet. It such a thing happens then you need to firstly stop using the tablet to protect the data from being overwritten.

The data such as Photos, contacts, sms that gets accidentally deleted or lost by clicking on delete all option or by formatting or while transferring. As Samsung Galaxy tab is an android based device it does not exhibits any Recycle Bin with which you can easily restore back your deleted files manually. But the deleted and lost data gets stored on a separate temporary folder that which is hidden. These folders gets overwritten by written any new content of the phone so as such it is always advised to stop using the android based Samsung Galaxy Tab after losing your precious contacts, photos and sms.

 After this you need to download the Samsung Galaxy Tab Data Recovery software. It is the best program that enables you to restore back your messages, contacts, pictures, video etc fast and efficiently.  It is a very useful and powerful program that recovers back your data in few clicks by scanning, preview and instant recovery.  It is an ideal tool for protecting their kids from negative information. This professional software can be easily used with its easy to use interface. It helps you to retrieve your lost photos, sms, contacts from deletion, factory setting, flashing ROM, rooting etc.  It automatically scans the device after getting connected with the computer and recovers all your photos, contacts and sent and received messages and exports them to HTML to PC for easy reading and printing.


How to recover back the lost and deleted contacts, photos and sms from Samsung Galaxy Tablets

Step 1:

Firstly you need to connect your Galaxy Tablet with the system through USB Data cable and enable USB debugging.  To enable USB debugging you need to follow the steps that are mentioned below:


1. For android 2.3 or its earlier version go to “Settings” ->then click on “Applications” -> Click on “Development” ->and check on “USB debugging”.

2. For android 3.0 or 4.1 version go to “Settings” ->click on “Developer options” -> and check on “USB debugging”.

3. For android 4.2 or the newer version go to “Settings” click on “About Phone” -> then click on “Build number”  for number of times until you receive a note “You are under developer mode” go back to “Settings” ->click on “Developer options” -> and check on “USB debugging”.


After the above step you need to connect your device to your system. After this follow the next step below:

Step 2:         

After this you need to scan the Android tablet and recover back all your deleted data.

After connecting the tablet to the computer you will find a window of Samsung Galaxy Tab Data Recovery software. Here on the software window you need to click upon the “Start” button to let the program to inspect the device before starting the scanning process.


After a few seconds you will find a window on which you need to click on “Allow” button of the device to start the SuperUser Request. This will start the scanning process.

 Step 3:

Then preview and recover back your deleted contacts, photos, sms from your Galaxy Tab.

You even get the previews of the data that are going to be recovered from where you can choose what you want to recover and what not by clicking on the recovery button and to save the recovered sms, contacts, photos to your desired location.


Samsung Galaxy Tab Data Recovery – Recover Photos, Contacts, SMS