5 Tricks to Get New Emojis on Your Android Phone

Emojis can make any conversation interesting as they express one’s emotions and expressions without needing words or sentences. With emojis, the digital conversation becomes more advanced & enhanced.

Moreover, there are thousands of emojis available until now. However, emojis get updated or new emojis are added at regular intervals. Hereby no one wants to be left behind to get new emojis.

But here comes a question how to get new emojis on Android? Well in this article you will get to know the ways to add new emojis on your Android phone to give your conversation a more fun element. So let’s get started with the ways.

How to Get New Emojis on Android?

Tricks to add new emojis on Android

Method 1: Update Your Android OS

With every new version release, Android comes with a few new emojis. Therefore if you are using the old version then the best way to get new emojis on Android is by updating your outdated Android version to the latest one.

So you need to check your Android version first. Here are the steps to check the version of your Android phone:

  • Go to the Settings on your device.


  • Next select About phone.

About phone

  • Then check the software version here. If found an old version then proceed to check for any available updated version.
  • Under the Settings section go to the Software Update option and check if any update is available there, If found download the updated version and install it without any interruption.

how to get all new emojis on Android

  • Once done with the installation, open any messenger app and check for the new emojis.

Note: [Above guided methods might differ slightly according to the device type.]

Method 2: Download Different Keyboard

Another way to add new emojis to your Android phone is by installing a new keyboard. There are now various different third-party keyboards available for your comfort and fun. Third-party keyboards come with additional facilities like an icon dictionary that let you know the meaning of the emoji as well.

So try answering your question about how to get all new emojis on android by installing a third-party keyboard, follow the steps below:

how to get all new emojis on Android

  • Search for the Keyboard app you want to install in the search box.
  • Now from the list that appeared, select the app you want.
  • Hit the Install option to download.
  • Wait for the keyboard app to download & install.
  • Once installed check for the new emojis on the newly-downloaded keyboard.

Below are a few best third-party keyboard apps that you can check out:

Method 3: Make Use of Emoji Kitchen

Google’s virtual keyboard, Gboard is the app which comes with all sorts of interesting features that one wants for the keyboard. Most Android phones come with Gboard pre-installed as the default keyboard. Well if not then it can easily be downloaded to any Android device from Play Store.

Here’s how you can get new emojis on android with Gboard:

  • Go to the messenger app.
  • Select a contact to start a conversation with.
  • Next click on the Text box to start typing.

get more emojs on Android

  • After that click the emoji icon and choose the emoji you like to get your emoji kitchen activated.
  • Now here you will find the possible emoji combinations related to the particular selected emoji at the keyboard top.

  • Swipe through the emojis and select the one you prefer to send.

Method 4: Using Font Editor

It has been found that Apple’s iOS has better emoji stickers as compared to Google’s Android. Well, Android users can easily get iOS emojis on their device simply with zFont 3. The app works only on the selected manufacturer’s device.  Although, the app is easily available on Play Store but contains lots of screen ads which are not considered to be user friendly.

However to add new emojis with zFont follow the guided steps below:

  • Download zFont from Play Store.
  • Once done with the installation, open the zFont.
  • Next, you will get a notification asking your permission to get access to photos, media and other needed files on your device.
  • Click on Allow to grant permission.
  • After that on the home screen, click the Emoji Here download any emoji files that are used by various online platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Windows etc.
  • Next, choose the latest version of iOS and go for downloading it. Once the download is completed, you will get to view the preview of newly added emojis.
  • Now click on Set.
  • Then select the manufacturer of your device and go for the latest installation method.
  • At last, open your device’s settings, and click on Theme manager.
  • Here apply the version you recently downloaded and wait for the changes to be applied.

Method 5: Add By Making Your Own Custom Emoji

To add your personal touch to emojis, you can go for customising the emoji according to your personality and taste. You can download emoji maker apps from Play Store. There are dozens of apps available for emoji customization. Some of the popular emoji maker apps are Memoji, Bitmoji, etc.

Follow the steps to get more emojis on Android with Bitmoji:

  • Download the Bitmoji app from Play Store.
  • Next, open the app and sign-up using your e-mail. If already have an account simply sign in.
  • Now choose the Gender for your avatar. You can also take your own selfie and allow the app to prepare your avatar.
  • Once done with avatar preparation, click on save to keep the done modification.
  • After that, choose the keyboard at the bottom right corner of the homepage.
  • Next, click the Enable Settings option in the succeeding menu.

Also, you can switch your device keyboard to Bitmoji with the below steps:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Then choose Manage keyboard.
  • Lastly, select Bitmoji from the popped-up list.

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How do I update emoji on my Android phone?

You have to update your device to the latest version to update the in-built emoji on your phone. Moreover, to access a new set of emojis, you can download a sticker pack from the Play store, and also check for available updates to your pack there.

Why can't I see some emojis on my Android?

If you are not able to see some emojis on your Android phone then the reason could be your device. You can’t see the emojis that your device doesn’t support. However, you can still get them using a third-party social messaging app such as Facebook or WhatsApp. Moreover, you can only emojis inside these apps; but won’t be able to see them in any incoming messages.

How can I update my keyboard?

Follow the below steps to update your keyboard:

  • Go to Google Play Store
  • Then select manage Apps and look for Gboard
  • Click on Gboard>Update
  • Wait until the update process is completed.

Well adding new emojis to your Android phone has always been fun. Using new emojis during chats makes your conversation more interesting and exciting. As hundreds of new emojis have been introduced every 2-3 days of intervals, thereby raising the question of how to get new emojis on Android among users worldwide.

To Sum Up

Hereby in this blog, we have tried to cover some possible ways that you can use to add new set of emojis on your Android device. I hope the answer to your question gets well answered through this blog thereby letting you enjoy new and updated emojis.

In case you got any doubts or queries related to this particular article, you can freely comment to us on Twitter or Facebook.