3 Methods to Unlock iPhone Passcode Without Computer

unlock iPhone passcode without computer

If you have forgotten your iPhone passcode and now wondering how to unlock it without computer then you must use Erase iPhone or Find My iPhone feature of your phone. However, there are other methods also using which you can unlock your iPhone passcode without a computer to access it again. So, read this article thoroughly to know the methods in detail.

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How To Make Blurry Image Clear in Mobile? – 7 Best Apps

How To Make Blurry Image Clear in Mobile?

Nowadays every person clicks thousands of pictures in a day to preserve their memories. But what if later while checking your gallery photos, you found some of them blurry? This is the most annoying thing to know. Well, if you are having the same problem, then you can use numerous photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop, Pixlr, Lightroom, etc to clear blurred images. Also, go through this blog to know how to make blurry image clear in mobile.

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4 Tricks to Fix Android Package Installer Not Working

Android Package Installer Not Working

Android package installer on your device allows installation, uninstallation, or upgradation of the apps. But recently users are reporting that the Android package installer not working problem. So, if you are one of the users facing the same issue, try fixing it by clearing the package installer cache, rebooting your device, or reinstalling the package installer. However, go through this guide completely to know more workable fixes to resolve the issue.

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How to Auto Delete OTP After 24 Hours?

Auto Delete OTP After 24 Hours?

Today for any online banking transactions, purchases, or logging into your account, you receive OTPs (One Time Password) messages. However, in a single day, users perform an end number of such activities and receive lots of OTP messages which overloads their inboxes. So, if you are one of those users whose inbox is flooded with OTP messages and looking for how to auto-delete OTP after 24 hours, use Google Messages to auto-delete them.

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7 Fixes To Solve Snapchat Filters Keep On Loading

Snapchat filters keep on loading issue occurs when users try to take their snaps using filters and they fail to load. The situation is quite annoying as users won’t able to take their snaps at the moment using different filters. Such a situation can be handled with a stable and strong internet connection as the problem is mainly caused due to slow internet connectivity. However, read this article completely to know other workarounds that you can try to deal with such problems. 

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How to Fix Audio Delay In Video Android?

If you are facing an audio delay issue while playing videos on Android and wondering how to fix it, then you must read this article. Audio delay in video Android mainly occurs because of corrupt video or video player. So, downloading the video again or reinstalling the video player will help you escape the issue. However, for more workarounds keep reading the article.

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6 Ways to Unlock Android Phone Password Without Factory Reset

6 Methods to Unlock your Android Device Password Without Factory Reset

If forgot your phone’s lock pattern and wondering how to unlock Android phone password without factory reset, try using a backup pin or your Google account to unlock your device. Also, go through this article to find out the other methods to unlock your Android phone if forgot password.

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9 Fixes For iPhone Cannot Be Updated Error 4013

iPhone Cannot Be Updated Error 4013

The “iPhone cannot be updated error 4013” occurs when your iOS firmware update or restoring process gets interrupted. The error in itself seems like a big problem as users cannot access their iPhones without resolving this issue. But relatively the error can be resolved easily by force rebooting your device, updating your iTunes, or updating your iOS firmware. However, read this entire article to know the other workable solutions that will help you escape the error issue.

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7 Fixes to Snapchat Microphone Not Working!

Microphone on Snapchat not working

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media apps, especially among younger Gen Z users. In comparison to Instagram or Facebook, it is a more private social media platform. Many users use Snapchat as their default camera to click pictures or shorter videos to replace the normal camera app on their devices.

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3 Ways How to Check AirPods Battery on Android

how to check airpods battery on Android phone

Want to keep track of the battery life while using AirPods with an Android phone? Wondering if it’s even possible to check the battery levels of Apple AirPods in your Android phone? Don’t worry; it’s possible and way easier than you might think. 

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