How to Text Someone Who Blocked You? 3 Tricks to Revive Connection

Has someone blocked you and now trying to reach them through text? If Yes, here’s a complete guide to let you know how to text someone who blocked you.

Well, communicating with someone who has blocked can be a challenging and sensitive situation. However, with this article, we will guide you through some of the easy ways to reach the person who blacklisted you, aiming for a respectful and positive outcome.

How to Tell If Someone Has Blocked You on Android Phone?

Detecting whether someone has blocked you on Android can be tricky, as you don’t receive any explicit notifications for being blocked. However, if you call the person and it goes straight to voicemail every time, even after trying multiple times, this could be a sign of being blocked.

Also, you can enable text delivery reports on Android to know if your messages are being delivered to the person or not. To do so, Open the Messages app and go to Settings>Advanced>Toggle on the button for Get SMS delivery Reports.

Note: (The steps may vary depending on the phone brand, model, and version.)

Can I Text Someone Who Blocked Me?

Sending text to someone who blocked you can be a difficult task but it is not impossible. Although, it’s essential to respect the concerned person’s privacy. Attempting to contact them after being blocked can be seen as intrusive and disrespectful, so it’s generally not advisable.

However, if you still consider reaching them through text for a good reason, the next section has the possible methods covered to do so.

How to Text Someone Who Blocked You?

Method 1: Text the Person Using a Different Number

If your primary number is being blocked by someone and you want to reconnect with the person, try using another phone number.

Use a secondary SIM or phone number to text the person you are trying to reach and get a positive outcome.

Method 2: Text Using Anonymous Texting Services

Another way you can text someone who blocked you on Android is through This is a web-based texting service that lets you send anonymous texts online to both local and international phone numbers.

text someone who blocked you on Android

There are also other similar services available such as TextforFree or SendAnonymousSMS that you use to send free anonymous text messages.

Method 3: Use Apps to Text Someone Who Blocked You

There are several third-party apps to text someone who blocked on the internet. So, make use of one of the reliable apps and try contacting the person.

Here are some of the best apps:

Text Me: Second Phone Number

apps to text someone who blocked you

Text Me: Second Phone Number is the best app that you can use to text someone who blacklisted you. It provides users with 2nd phone number for making calls, sending messages, and receiving voicemails. It’s useful for maintaining privacy and managing personal and official communications separately.

TextPlus: Text Message + Call

apps to text someone who blocked you

TextPlus: Text Message + Call is another best apps to send texts to someone who blocked you on Android. It offers users a virtual phone number for maintaining privacy and managing personal and professional communications separately. The app allows you to send messages on Wi-Fi service, without needing cellular service. This can be handy in areas with poor reception.


apps to text someone who blocked you

CoverMe is an app that allows users to make calls and send text messages anonymously. Users don’t need a physical SIM card to use this app, instead, it works on Wi-Fi. The app has a user-friendly interface that makes it simple to use without the need for a learning curve. Using this app, you can also make international calls and send messages.

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How to Contact Someone Who Blocked You on WhatsApp?

If you want to contact someone who blocked you on WhatsApp, here are some ways that you can consider doing so:

  • Make a call: If you are blocked on WhatsApp and still want to contact the person out of concern or good reason, try making a call to contact them.
  • Send an Email: You can also try reaching the person who blocked you on WhatsApp through Email. Send a proper mail writing your concern, keeping the other person’s boundaries and decision.
  • Use other social platforms: If you are blocked on WhatsApp by someone, try contacting the person using other social media platforms. There are various other messaging apps or social media platforms available to connect.
  • Ask a mutual friend for help: If you have a mutual friend on WhatsApp, ask him/her to create a group and add that person to it. Then, text the person in the group and ask them to reconnect again.
  • Delete and reactivate WhatsApp account: To send a message to the person who blocked you on WhatsApp, you need to first delete your WhatsApp account. Once deleted, activate your account again and send a message to the person. This time you’ll be able to reach him/her on WhatsApp.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I get unblocked from WhatsApp?

There’s no official way to get unblocked from WhatsApp. However, you can try other messaging platforms to contact the person and request to unblock you on WhatsApp. You can also make a call to the person or delete your WhatsApp account and reactivate it to send the message on WhatsApp.

Can you see blocked messages or calls on Android?

Yes, even after blocking the person, you can read the blocked person’s text messages and calls. You just need to open the blocked list and tap on the blocked number and you’ll see all messages and calls.


So, these are the ways how to text someone who blocked you. But remember, respecting someone’s right to decide who they want to communicate with is important in maintaining healthy relationships and interactions.

I hope, we served you well and provided you with enough possible ways to let you reach the concerned person after being blocked.

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