[10 Fixes] Huawei P40 Lite Touch Screen Not Working

Does your Huawei P40 lite touch screen not working and thus you are unable to use it?

Well, you can resolve the Huawei touch screen not working problem by applying some basic fixes like rebooting the device, removing your screen protector, booting your device to safe mode, removing memory card & SIM card.

These are the basic fixes to resolve the issue. If these didn’t work out for you, then go ahead with the other solutions I have shared in this article.

But before diving straight into the solutions, I would like you to go through the causes of this issue as it will help you to resolve the Huawei P40 Lite unresponsive touch screen problem easily and quickly. So here you go…

Why My Huawei P40 Lite Touch Screen Is Not Working?

This Huawei P40 Lite Touch Screen not responding problem may occur in several circumstances:

  • Touch screen that no longer responds at all
  • Broken screen
  • Non-functional screen pixels
  • Touchscreen that only works at times
  • Android touch screen not responsive
  • Water damaged touch screen phone
  • Touch screen that experiences latencies
  • Touch screen not working after update

Best Recommended Software To Fix Huawei P40 Lite Touch Screen Not Working Problem

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Note: It is recommended to download and use the software on your PC or laptop only.

How To Fix Huawei P40 Lite Touch Screen Not Working?

Let’s have a look over the solutions that you can try to fix the Huawei P40 Lite touch screen not working problem.

1: Reboot The Device to Fix Huawei Unresponsive Touch Screen

Simply restart your phone to fix screen-related issues. If the phone has a removable battery, then remove the battery and then insert it again. After that turn on your phone and check whether its touch is working fine this time or not.

2: Clean Phone And Dry Your Hands

If your Android phone’s screen is dirty, then this will also raise issues like Huawei P40 Lite touch screen not working.

So for this, you need to clean your phone’s screen and your hands also. Now check whether the touch of your phone’s screen is working fine or not.

3: Remove Your Screen Protector

Even some screen protectors are also highly responsible for unresponsive touch screen Android phones.

So if you have recently changed the Huawei P40 Lite screen guard and started rendering these types of screen problems then it’s better to remove it off.

Now check whether the touch screen of your phone has started responding to your command or not.

4: Check For The Physical Damage

You have to check your Android phone screen whether it is physically damaged or not. Somehow it got cracked or damaged and due to this Huawei P40 Lite screen is not working properly.

If it is damaged then take your phone to the service center to replace its screen.

5: Use OTG Mouse And Adapter

When your Huawei P40 Lite touch is not working then the possible solution is to use a USB mouse for controlling the Android screen.

For this, you just need an OTG adapter to convert your Android phone into the USB host. After that, you can easily use your phone through the USB mouse.

Mostly this solution is opted to access Huawei P40 Lite broken touch screen phone.

  • Buy one OTG cable and connect it with your phone to check whether the device supports the OTG adapter or not. As in many cases, I have seen that Android phone doesn’t support OTG adapter.
  • Now connect your adapter with the charging port. After that do navigations through the mouse on your phone.

After doing a successful connection, use the mouse to unlock your Android phone by assigning your password.

6: Remove SIM Card And Memory Card

Sometimes, the Huawei p40 lite touch screen not working also arises due to faulty Memory or SIM Card. So you need to check whether the memory or SIM card physical got damaged.

  • Switch off your Android mobile.
  • After that remove the memory card or SIM Card or both from your Android device.
  • Wait for few minutes before inserting your SIM and memory card into your Android device again.
  • At last, don’t forget to reboot your device.

7: Boot Your Device To Safe Mode

Another solution that you can try to fix Huawei p40 lite android touch screen not working issue is by running your Android phone in safe mode.

This will ultimately help you to know whether the unresponsive touchscreen issue is accused due to some recently installed apps.

Follow these steps to boot Huawei p40 lite android phone in Safe Mode:

  • Hold your power button unless and until the menu of “Power Options” starts appearing on your screen.
  • Now make a long press over the Power OFF button until you get the pop-up message of “Do you want to reboot into safe mode?”
  • Once your phone gets into the safe mode, all the 3rd part app which is installed on your phone will get disabled.
  • Simply make a tap over the “OK” button.

If your android phone starts working correctly after entering into the safe mode then it’s a clear sign that 3rd party app is the main culprit.

After knowing about that particular troublesome app, immediately uninstall it. Once again check whether the Huawei p40 lite touch screen not working properly issue is resolved or not.

8: Android Debug Bridge to Resolve Huawei P40 Lite Touchscreen Not Working

Android Debug Bridge is mainly used for sending commands to Android devices. By using this you can make developer-like changes to your Android phones.

Note: This solution will work only if ADB is already enabled before your phone’s touch screen stops responding or it got locked.

  • Navigate for the Android SDK package from the internet and then download it to your PC. Now extract its zip file.
  • From your Huawei device manufacturer’s website, you have to download the Android USB drivers.
  • Set up a connection between your phone and PC. After that open the command prompt.
  • In the opened command prompt window you have to enter the following command: C:/android/platform-tools, and “ADB device”. Now hit the enter button.
  • To unlock Android phone whose touch is not working you need to type the following commands: “ADB shell input text “your code” shell input key event 66”.

9: Factory Reset Android Device in Recovery Mode

If Huawei p40 lite phone screen goes unresponsive completely then you should try to factory reset the device in the recovery mode.

Note: this will wipe out all the data stored in the Android device. So it will be better if you keep the backup of your all data.

Well, the steps for entering into the recovery mode are different for each Android phone model.

After getting into the recovery mode:

  • Using the Volume Up/ Down button to choose the wipe data/factory reset You have to hit the Power button to make confirmation about the selected option.
  • Wait until the process successfully gets over.
  • After the completion, choose the “reboot system now” This will restart your device.
  • Now you will see that the touch screen problem has been fixed.

If in case you haven’t backed up your android phone data before factory reset then also you have the option for recovery.

Recover Data from Huawei Phone When Touch Screen Not Working

Have you ever wondered what if your phone touch screen is totally damaged or not working at all? Unfortunately, in this case, you won’t be able to access your data anymore unless you use powerful data recovery software.

So, if you want to recover data from the Android phone when the touchscreen is not responding at all, then you must give a shot to Android Data Recovery Tool. Trust me, there could be nothing better than using this tool when it comes to retrieving data from an Android phone.

Using this tool you can recover various kinds of data from Android phones, such as text messages, music, photos, lost contacts, videos, WhatsApp messages, etc. So, go ahead and use this tool before you lost the data on your phone forever.


Note: It is recommended to download and use the software on your PC or laptop. It is because recovery of phone data on the phone itself is risky as you may end up losing all your data because of data overriding.


How To Unlock Android Phone When Touch Screen Not Working?

To unlock Android phone when touch screen not working you have two options to try:

  • Android Debug Bridge (ADB): In this method, ADB makes a bridge between the PC and your phone after which you can unlock your device. It will work only when the USB debugging is enabled.
  • Using USB Mouse and OTG Adapter: If USB debugging is not enabled in your device then it’s the best option to go with. In this method, you need your device, USB mouse, and OTG adapter. If your device can easily get connected with a USB mouse then you can access it to unlock it.

Why My Touch Screen Is Not Working?

Following are the causes of unresponsive touch screen android issue:

  • Bad system cache
  • Touchscreen firmware issue
  • broken third party app
  • Incorrect or corrupted software settings
  • Poor coding issue (difficult to resolve and requires “patch”)
  • Hardware malfunction (broken sensor) Unknown software bug

Why Huawei P40 Lite Touch Screen Not Working After Update?

Upgrade and updates are thoroughly been tested before any software release. But sometimes even after the software release minor bugs or issues are common to encounter. That’s the reason why the Huawei P40 Lite touch screen not working after the update. So until the new software patch is released it’s better to revert back your android phone version to the old one.

Why Does My Touch Screen Not Work When Charging?

Connect your phone in some other locations having different power supply and then check for the issue. If still, the problem persists then maybe the USB cable is generating the issue. Use the USB cable and original adapter for your Android phone at the time of charging.

Note: Don’t use 3rd party adapter and USB cable. Another thing that you should try is connecting your phone with the stabilizer box to minimize electric fluctuations. This gives your phone a smooth power supply. You can also charge your phone using a laptop, power bank or PC. As they have a consistent power outage which ultimately fixes offs the touch screen problems. The charging process gets too slow with this method.

How Do I Fix An Android Unresponsive Touch Screen?

If you are experiencing the unresponsive touchscreen on Android phone, then here are the solution that will help you to get rid of this issue:

  • Reboot your phone
  • Remove screen protector
  • Boot your phone in safe mode
  • Factory reset your phone

Wrap Up:

 I am pretty much sure that by following the above-given fixes you can easily overcome the Android touch screen not working issue.

The recommended software solution is very effective to recover Huawei Android phone data even when its touch is not working.  

However, we highly recommend you all to use Android data recovery software for any type of data recovery situation.