10 Quick Ways To Fix Instagram “oops an error occurred”

Does your Instagram says “oops an error occurred” while accessing the app? If your answer is yes, then keep reading this blog.

Well talking about this error, this usually occurs when Instagram fails to establish a working connection with its servers. Although, you might encounter this error in different scenarios. It could occur while signing in to your account, launching the app, trying to comment or like, posting a story or post, etc.

However, whatever the scenario, this blog will help you get out of Instagram “ oops an error occurred“ in no time. Hereby, go through the blog thoroughly as it has covered every specific reason occurring such error in different scenarios along with their effective solutions.

What Causes Instagram “Oops An Error Occurred”?

  • Poor network connection- Slow or unstable network connection is the main culprit behind this error. As an unstable connection leads to the continuous disconnection that further ends up this error message pop up.
  • Server Downtime- Server outage or downtime is the second major reason causing this error problem. If the Instagram server is running through an outage or under maintenance then you may encounter this problem.
  • App bugs or glitches- Thirdly if the app contains any bug or glitch then it may end up showing you this error. The presence of bugs or glitches in the app may disturb the app’s functioning thereby resulting in various errors or issues, and the Instagram account “oops an error occurred” is one of them.
  • Using an unknown device to sign in- Another possible reason for this error occurrence on Instagram could be your login through an unknown device. Instagram detects the device from which the users sign in to their account. Therefore, using a different device for a second time login might trouble you by flashing this error.
  • Using a third-party or unauthorised application for sign-in- If you are signing into your account from unauthorised or third-party Instagram apps then that can give you hard time. As Instagram took it as a security violation thereby blocking your account by flashing this error message.
  • Corrupted Instagram app cookies- If you haven’t cleared your app cookies for a long time then it might overload the app thereby flashing this error. Also in some cases, app cookies might get corrupt with time which further results in occurring this error.
  • Outdated App- Another reason occurring this error is the outdated app. With time, the app starts causing several issues like crashing, freezing, stuttering, etc and Instagramoops an error occurred” on Android is one of them.
  • Corrupted Installation- If somehow while installing the app the process got interrupted or remains uncompleted then you may encounter this error issue.

So above are some possible specific reasons for this error. Now as you are aware of the culprits, you will be easily able to make an effective choice of solution among the various mentioned.

How To Fix The Instagram “Oops An Error Occurred”?

Solution 1: Check The Internet Connectivity

Poor internet connectivity might result in occurring such error on Instagram. Therefore, it is worth checking your device’s internet connection first. You can make use of the Speedtest app to check the speed of your internet connection.

Check the internet connectivity


If your network is frequently disconnecting because of slowness or instability then try switching your network connection. You can change it in the following ways:

  • If using mobile data, then fix your internet connection issue by turning flight mode or mobile data off and on.
  • In case, using Wi-Fi make sure your device is nearer to the router or any other internet provider device.

Solution 2: Check For Instagram App Servers

As it has already been discussed above that the server downtime may cause the error to arise. Hereby it is suggested to check the servers first before going for any technical troubleshooting. If found under maintenance or facing an outage then the only thing you can do here is to wait for it to recover.

Once recovered, open the app and check for the error if fixed or not. You can check for the Instagram server via Downdetector.

Solution 3: Restart The Device

If there is some temporary issue with your device then you may encounter such an error. Therefore try dealing with the situation by restarting your device. It will help your device to fix up temporary issues thereby further solving this error problem. To do so, follow the simple steps below:

  • Long hold the Power button.
  • Next, select the Restart option from the appeared menu to shut down your device.

Restart the device

  • Lastly, wait for the device to restart and then launch the app to check for error problem.

Solution 4: Restart the Instagram App

The third solution you can try is to restart the app. Restarting the app mostly fixes temporary issues with the app. Also, it gives the app a fresh start thereby boosting its performance. You just need to follow the below steps to do so:

  • Go to the Instagram app icon on your Android menu.

how do you fix Instagram oops an error occurred

  • Long press the icon, then select the option App info.
  • Then tap on Force stop.

app info

  • Lastly, go to the app icon again and tap to open it.

Note: [Steps may vary according to the device model]

Solution 5: Use the Same Device That Used Previously For Login

Sometimes using an unknown device to log in can trigger this error. As Instagram might find the action to be suspicious thereby temporarily blocking your account. Instagram keeps the track of the device model used for login therefore on finding a different signing device, it pops out an Instagram checkpoint required message that further results in triggering this error.

So here the situation can be handled simply by logging into your account with the same device that was previously used.

Solution 6: Re-login your Instagram account

The next solution you can try to get rid of such errors is by re-login your Instagram account. For this, you need to follow the below steps:

  • Click on the user Profile icon.

instagram says oops an error occurred

  • Next, click on the hamburger
  • After that, go for the Settings option from the appeared option menu.


  • Scroll downward and search for the “Log Out” option and click on it.

fix Instagram oops an error occurred

  • Lastly, re-login your Instagram account again and verify for the Instagram login “oops an error occurred” issue is fixed or not.

Solution 7: Open Instagram Using the Browser

If you are still encountering this error on Instagram even after applying the above fixes, then it might be due to an app bug or glitch. So here you can use a browser instead of an app to log in to your account to fix Instagram oops an error occurred. Below are the steps to do so:

  • Visit any browser and look out for the Instagram.com link.
  • Sign in to your account.

Sign in

Now, you are all set to access your Instagram account just the way you access the app without any error.

Solution 8: Clear out your App cookies

Sometimes too many app cookies or corrupted cookies may cause such an error to occur. Therefore it is necessary to clear your app cookies timely to avoid such error occurrence. Get rid of your app cookies with the quick below steps:

  • Go to your device Settings.
  • Next, click on Apps & notifications>All Apps.
  • Locate the Instagram app there and select it.
  • Then, go for the Storage & Cache option.
  • Finally, tap on the Clear Data & then on the Clear Cache option.

instagram says oops an error occurred

Solution 9: Try Changing the Instagram Account Password

If none of the above fixes resolved this error problem, then try changing the password of your account. As most of the users had resolved Instagram says “oops an error occurred” by changing their Instagram account password. So this solution is worth giving a try. Follow the steps below:

  • Launch the Instagram app.
  • Provide your username.
  • Select the “Forgot password” option.
  • Here, on the next screen appeared type your new password and retype it again to confirm.

Try Changing the Instagram Account Password

  • Next, you will receive a verification code via mail or SMS. Type the received code and you are all done with this error problem.

Solution 10: Update Your Instagram App

Mostly such error problems occurred due to outdated app versions. Hereby, it is always suggested to use the updated app to avoid getting such errors. You can update your outdated Instagram app to the latest available version just by visiting the Play Store. Timely updating the app not only provides you with the latest features but also enhances your app’s working efficiency.

Update Your Instagram App

Final Words

Well dealing with such an error is very much annoying as it won’t let the users access their account or enjoy scrolling through the videos or stories. Therefore, the situation needs an immediate resolution.

However, fixing this error is not a difficult task. Moreover, troubleshooting becomes easier when you have the right guide with yourself. Hereby, this blog has all the potential fixes covered for you to get you out of the Instagram “oops an error occurred”.

I hope, the solutions covered come out to be helpful thereby letting you access your Instagram account smoothly as before without any further error interruptions. In case of any doubts or queries related to this blog, you can freely comment to us on Facebook.