[2 Ways]- How To Recover Deleted Files From Android Clean Master App

Did you installed Clean Master app to clean all junk files from Android phone/tablet?

During this process, have you lost your important data like photos or other essential files from Android phone?

If yes then take it easy.

The situation is with several other users and they are too frustrated about this kind of data loss. It’s really irritating because you have installed the app for cleaning all unwanted files from phone but it has also cleaned all important files at the same time.

Now it’s a serious question from users side, how to recover deleted files from Clean Master app?

But don’t worry, I have the solution for it. Whatever data you have lost or accidentally wiped away will be recovered. Here in this blog, I will give you solutions to recover deleted photos from clean master and other files as well.

Practical scenario

How do I get back photos removed by Clean Master App?

I downloaded the Clean Master app to my phone and it deleted about 60% of my photos. Is there a way to recover them?

Source: https://forums.androidcentral.com/ask-question/520395-how-do-i-get-back-photos-removed-clean-master-app.html

About Android Clean Master App

Clean Master app is one of the popular app that was developed by Cheetah Mobile team to clean and optimize Android phone. This utility can improve your Android device performance, increase your phones performance, saves battery life and boost your system & memory. It even include Backup & Restore feature which allow you backup your application and restore them when needed.

Recover Clean Master Deleted Files

Clean Master have an amazing Cleaner features such as cleans Cache, Log File, Thumbnail Cache, Empty Folder, Clipboard, Browser History, Market History, Email history and Map history. It removes the lingering junk and clear space so that your phone gives you better performance.

  • It has over 680 million global downloads
  • Let you clean over 1 billion MB junk files every day
  • Allow you to Free up over 5 billion MB of RAM every day for better experience.

Clean Master is considered to be the 5th most popular app in the world of Android. Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are the one who rank before Clean Master and have more downloads.

No matter how much popular the app is but some mistakes are always done and users had to face the situation. According to users, this app has clean several important data from Android phone.

So how to get those deleted files from this app, let us read further.

Method 1: Get Back Deleted Data From Clean Master App Using “Recently Deleted” Folder

If you are a consistent user of this app then you might know about clean master recycle bin folder named as “Recently Deleted”. Here you can see if the deleted photos or videos are saved. If yes then you can recover deleted photos from Clean Master app.

You need to follow the below steps:

  • First, open Clean Master app
  • Then you need to go to Tools

  • Now click on Photo Cleaner > Recently Deleted folder

If all your deleted files are available in this folder then you can easily restore them from there without any worry.

Method 2: How To Recover Deleted Files From Clean Master App Using Clean Master File Recovery

When you fail to get back your missing files from Android Clean Master app using recently Deleted folder then you should not worry. You still have a chance to get back your erased data.

Clean Master File Recovery is one of the best and most recommended solutions to recover deleted files from Clean Master app. This is a professional tool that helps you to get back all lost or deleted data from this app. No matter for whatever reasons your files are wiped away, but using this tool will easily retrieve deleted photos and other files from Android phone.

Clean Master File Recovery is easy to use program without any technical knowledge required. Therefore without any worry, simply Download Clean Master File Recovery and get back deleted files from Clean Master app.


Note: It is recommended to download and use the software on your PC or laptop. It is because recovery of phone data on the phone itself is risky as you may end up losing all your data because of data overriding.

Steps To Recover Deleted Files From Clean Master App

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Bonus Tip: Some Important Things To Remember While Using Clean Master App

Here I am going to suggest you few important things that you have to remember during the use of Clean Master app. They are:

  • While cleaning the files, make sure you check only the correct box
  • Don’t forget to do a backup of all your essential files before deleting
  • Carefully handle the app if you don’t know any of its features


Well, everyone uses some or the other app to clean all junk or unwanted files from Android phone. This is also a good habit as well but at the same time, its risky too. Some apps like Clean Master may delete some important data from phone.

To get them back, you have to look here and there but now you don’t have to worry as in this blog, I have explained different ways to recover deleted files from Clean Master app on Android.

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