How To Recover Deleted Instagram Messages On Android [5 Ways]

Have you deleted Instagram direct messages accidentally or unintentionally? Concerned about how to recover deleted Instagram messages on Android phones?

Don’t worry, not only you but lots of Instagram users have faced this situation and they have the same question.

Well, Instagram is one of the most prevalent and widely used social sharing platforms. It is used by all age groups but sometimes, it also troubles users because some data gets deleted from it that is important to the user.

The Instagram app uses the Direct Message feature that is for both Android and iPhone users. But many of the users have reported that their DM is deleted and they want them back. If this is the situation with you as well then you have landed in right place.

Here in this blog, I will discuss how to recover deleted Instagram direct messages? And at the same time will also focus on what are the reasons for deletion.

Quick Answer:

If you want to perform the Instagram message recovery on Android, then use the Instagram message recovery tool, Instagram Download feature, ask the sender/receiver to resend messages, or use a connected FB account. To find out the step-by-step instructions, read this guide till the end.

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Reasons For Deletion Of Instagram Direct Messages

Well, as you know there are always a few reasons behind data deletion from Android phones so here also implies the same thing. A few reasons are:

  • Accidentally or unintentionally pressing the delete option
  • Previously infected files may damage the other files including Instagram DM
  • Due to virus infection
  • Doing a factory reset on an Android phone

Maybe there are other reasons also that can lead to the deletion of Instagram direct messages.

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Can You Recover Deleted Instagram Direct Messages?

Yes, you can get back deleted Instagram messages.

But remember that Instagram does not allow users to backup all their data or messages. So whenever any messages are deleted due to any reason, getting them back from Instagram is not possible. You can use online Instagram message recovery for it.

Does Instagram Keep Deleted Messages?

No, Instagram does not keep messages for you. Whatever messages you send or receive are transmitted through the network and do not store on their servers. It means that whether if Direct Messages on Instagram or comments, all are saved on the phone and nowhere.

If you talk about photos then they are stored as they are treated differently as those photos are used to make money for Instagram. You might know that this is the reason you are signing away copyright while you join its network.

How to Recover Deleted Instagram Messages on Android?

Do you want to recover deleted Instagram chats on Android? Don’t worry, now it’s time to go through the different ways that will help you to recover deleted Instagram direct messages.

So let’s go through them:

Way 1: Instagram Message Recovery Tool

This is the method that was developed by an Instagram employee to recover erased DM online. In this process, you have to first login to your Instagram account and then follow the below steps for how to recover Instagram chat on Android:

  • First, go to Instagram Message Recovery Tool online and enter username or profile URL
  • Now after successful logging into the account, click on “Recover Messages” to start the process
  • At last, finish the human verification to prove you are human and all your wiped away DM will be recovered

Recover Instagram Messages

Way 2: How To Recover DM Using Instagram Download Data Feature

If you have deleted the Instagram chat from Android, then it won’t longer available on your app. But it doesn’t mean it will be removed from the server too.

Your DMs will still be available on the server that you can get back by using the Download Data feature. If you don’t know how to use this feature, then follow these steps to get back lost Instagram messages:

  • Open your Instagram app.
  • Tap on the Profile icon and open the menu.
  • Go to the Settings.
  • Select the Security option from the list of options.

Instagram Security

  • Here, tap on the Download Data option given under the Data and history section.

Download data

  • Enter the email address you are using for Instagram.

recover deleted instagram messages

  • And then tap on the Request Download button.
  • Now, wait for Instagram to send the data file of your account. They usually send it within 48 hours.
  • You will get the file via email. So, once you receive the email with the download link, click on the link to download your account data.

recover deleted instagram messages android

After downloading the files, you need to use a file extractor app to extract the files and view deleted Instagram DMs. For this, follow these steps:

  • If you don’t have a file extractor app on your phone, then install one.
  • Launch the app and extract the downloaded zipped file.
  • After extracting, locate the Instagram data folder and open the Messages file.
  • Now, you can see the deleted Instagram messages on Android.

Way 3: Get Back Your Instagram DM From User You Have Sent

This is also an important option that helps you to recover DM on Instagram.  When any chats or messages are deleted then they are only gone from your side but not from that person whom you have sent.

That means you can take help from others and request them to send those messages to you again. This is the easiest way to get back deleted Instagram direct messages only when they have not deleted those messages from their account.

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Way 4: How To Restore Deleted Instagram Messages From Connected Facebook Account

If the above methods didn’t work to recover deleted Instagram DM then you can get back those messages from Facebook if you have connected it. Yes, if Facebook and Instagram are connected with each other then your DM can be accessed via Facebook’s inbox and can manage easily.

Follow the below steps as mentioned for Instagram dm recovery:

  • First, go to Facebook and log in with your user name and password and after that, check Facebook inbox

Recover Instagram DMs from Facebook

  • Now on the left menu bar, click on Instagram Direct icon and you will get all the DM of Instagram here

Way 5: Best Way To Recover Deleted Instagram Direct Messages On Android

When all the above methods fail to recover deleted Instagram Direct Messages on Android then don’t lose hope, because you still have a chance to restore those DM messages. Android Data Recovery is one of the best and most recommended third-party software that works effectively to deal with data loss situations.

Using this recovery tool, you can easily retrieve deleted Instagram chats on Android. Not only is this but the powerful tool used to recover every Android data easily. The data includes contacts, photos, videos, text messages, audio files, call logs, WhatsApp chats, and many more. There is no technical knowledge required to use this tool and you can easily recover Instagram direct messages.

Therefore without any worry, simply Download Android Data Recovery and Instagram chat recovery on Android.


Note: It is recommended to download and use the software on your PC or laptop. It is because recovery of phone data on the phone itself is risky as you may end up losing all your data because of data overriding.

Steps to Follow for How To Retrieve Deleted Instagram Messages From Android Phone

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Instagram Message Recovery on Android: Frequently Asked Questions

1: How can I recover the deleted Instagram photos on Android?

There are multiple ways to recover the deleted Instagram pictures on Android. Following are the ways to get back your Instagram photos:

  • Use Instagram Recovery Tool
  • Recover photos from Instagram using its Archive feature
  • Check the phone's Gallery
  • Recover Instagram photos from File Manager
  • Recover Instagram photos from Google Photos

2: Does Instagram keeps deleted messages?

Unfortunately, No. Instagram doesn't keep deleted messages. However, you still have a pretty good chance to get them back. Simply, follow the methods mentioned in this article to recover Instagram direct messages on Android.

3: How to permanently delete the Instagram messages/chat history on Android?

Follow these steps to delete the Instagram messages permanently on your Android phone:

  • Open the Instagram app.
  • Tap on the Inbox Nixon at the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Select the messages/conversation you want to delete and drag them to the left.
  • Tap on Delete.

4: Does deleting or uninstalling the Instagram app deleted the messages?

No, deleting/uninstalling the Instagram app doesn't remove the messages or your conversations. Your Instagram direct messages with people will be safe until you delete them.

5: Do Instagram messages will disappear after blocking someone?

If you have blocked someone on Instagram and wondering whether the chatting with that person will get delete or not, then the answer is no. Even though you have blocked someone, you can still read the old messages and they will be there for always until you delete them.

6: What is Instagram Vanish mode?

The Vanish mode is a new feature in Instagram that lets you disappear the sent message once it has been read by the receiver.

7: How can I see someone’s archive on Instagram?

It is not possible to see someone’s archived posts on Instagram. However, you can see your archived posts. For this, go to your post > tap on the three vertical dots at the top-right corner > select the Archive option from the menu. Now, you can see your archived posts.

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Well, I hope whatever ways discussed in this blog will surely help you to recover deleted Instagram messages on Android. You have 5 different methods so that if anyone fails, you can use the other one. However, the best way to recover chat is using the Instagram Message recovery tool.

However, if you have lost any other data on Instagram, then try the Android Data Recovery tool mentioned in the 5th Insta recovery solution.

Now, if you liked this guide, then share it with the ones who are in the same situation. Also, stay connected with us on Facebook and Twitter for more useful guides.

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