7 Fixes to Snapchat Microphone Not Working!

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media apps, especially among younger Gen Z users. In comparison to Instagram or Facebook, it is a more private social media platform. Many users use Snapchat as their default camera to click pictures or shorter videos to replace the normal camera app on their devices.

The reason is simple and it is better. Recent reports have shown that Snapchat’s Microphone is not working or stopped working issue reported by many users. If you are facing similar issues, it can be because of a multitude of reasons, and in this article, we will try to figure out the problem and give troubleshooting tips for each of those.

How to Fix Snapchat Microphone Not Working?

Solution 1: Check the Microphone App Permission Settings

Sometimes the problem might not be in the app but in the phone settings. Check your phone settings to see if you have given access or permission for the Snapchat app to access your Microphone.

This goes for iOS and Android, where users have control over individual apps and permission to use certain features. Follow the steps below to check or change your permission settings on your phone.

For iPhone

  • On your iOS device, open the Settings app, then scroll down to the Snapchat app. Click on this to activate it.
  • Find the Microphone option on the Snapchat UI, and enable it.

microphone not working on Snapchat

For Android

  • Navigate to the Settings app. Select Apps or Apps and Notifications.
  • In order to tap Snapchat, scroll down. To provide your Snapchat app access to the Microphone, select Permissions and then touch Microphone.

microphone not working on Snapchat

For both iPhone and Android, you can also select Privacy from the Settings menu, select Microphone, and then confirm that the Snapchat app is allowed to access your Microphone.

You can try shooting a video on Snapchat, and if you are able to see your Microphone working, it’s good, or if it is still not resolved, you can try the solutions in the next sections.

Solution 2: Update the Snapchat Apps

Updating Snapchat is the simplest solution; this is the solution you can try for the first time. Updating the Snapchat app works for other Snapchat-related issues like Snapchat video call not working or Snapchat’s unable to load snaps issue. You can also reinstall the app or update the application if there is any update.

You can go to Play Store (Android) or Apple Store (iOS) to find Snapchat on the store. If you see there is a new update, you can update the application. Check for the microphone issue and if it is solved or not.

Microphone on Snapchat not working

You can uninstall the application and install it if there is no new update. Check in the app if the Microphone is working or not.

If it is not working, you can check for the troubleshooting methods listed below.

Solution 3: Turn Off Silent Mode on Your Phone

Check if you have turned on Silent mode on your phone. This especially applies to iOS more than Android as iPhones tend to turn off everything in the Silent mode.

Open the Control Center on your iPhone by sliding up from the home screen to turn off silent mode. The bell icon must be touched, and any red diagonal lines must be removed in order to switch off silent mode.

Users of Android devices should press the notification icon while holding down the volume up button until a bell without a line across it appears. On your smartphone, navigate to Settings > Sound and push all the sound sliders all the way up.

fix Snapchat microphone not working

See if this solves your problem. In most cases, it won’t, but it is still worth giving a try, especially if you are on iOS/iPhone. If not, the problem might not be in the phone settings but in the app settings.

Solution 4: Check Volume Settings

Sometimes, the volume settings might interfere with the microphone levels. Some reports have shown that users usually get their microphones working after they increase their master volume.

On your phone, open the microphone slider and slide it all the way up. Some Snapchat users claim that turning up their media volume to its utmost also fixes their microphone issues. Therefore, ensure that the media volume and the Microphone are at their highest settings.

Solution 5: Reinstall Snapchat

If you have checked all the settings and it is not still working after correcting all the settings, you can try reinstalling the app. In many cases, apps can get buggy or get corrupted. In such cases, the best thing to do is to reinstall the app on your phone.

You can find Snapchat in the shop by visiting the Play Store (for Android) or the Apple Store (for iOS). Update the application if you notice there has been a new update. The application can simply be uninstalled and reinstalled if there isn’t a fresh update.

fix Snapchat microphone not working

Check in the app if the Microphone is working or not.

Solution 6: Clean the Phone Microphone

Chances are there might be an issue with the Microphone itself. Microphones are prone to collect dust on the grills, which might interfere with the application’s sound input.

You can start by cleaning your phone’s Microphone. This can also cause very low volume in your recordings. If the volume is too low or muffled, there is a high chance that the problem is in the grime and dust buildup in the mic.

You can use a simple cotton swab or an air compressor to push the dirt out. Once you have done that, check for the mic levels by recording something. This will solve your issue in many cases, but if not, you can jump to the next solution.

Solution 7: Report the problem to Snapchat

Although this is rare, there might be chances that the problem is in the application itself. If none of the solutions above work, there is a high chance of conflict between Snapchat and your device.

Sometimes it might be caused by a unique bug plaguing your specific or similar devices. In such cases, you can only report the problem to Snapchat, and here’s how you can do it.

After you’ve tapped your profile icon, go to the app’s Settings section and hit the settings button in the top right corner. To report an issue, scroll down and press ‘I spotted a Bug’ or ‘Shake to report’

fix Snapchat microphone not working


Snapchat is a social media app that relies on clicking and sharing videos and photos. If your Microphone is not working, it can become quite frustrating, especially if you run some business through Snapchat.

In most cases, the problem may lie in the phone’s settings. You can apply all the troubleshooting methods in the article to solve the problem. If the problem is in the app itself, you must report it and wait for an official solution.