Android Contacts Recovery – 4 Ways To Recover Deleted/Lost Contacts

Contacts are very much important for everyone and when they are lost then it becomes a very annoying situation. If you have also lost or deleted contacts from Android phones and looking for some easy ways for contacts recovery then you have landed in the right place.

This blog will help you on how to recover deleted contacts from Android phone using Android Contacts Recovery. Apart from this, we will also see other possible recovery methods as well.

So let’s read this blog completely to get back missing contacts from Android phone easily…

Is it Possible to Retrieve Deleted or Lost Contacts from Android Devices?

When the contacts get deleted from the Android device it does not get erased permanently from the memory until you overwrite these contacts with adding any new data or contacts on your device, the space is marked as empty so that you can add new data and hence, the deleted contacts are not seen.

Therefore it is always advised to stop using the phone after losing your contacts and if you want to get back deleted phone numbers from Android then immediately apply Android Contacts Recovery Tool.

So, the answer is “Yes”, it is to retrieve deleted or lost contacts from Android devices with the help of Contact Recovery software for Android.

Best Software To Recover Deleted Contacts From Android Phone

Android Contacts Recovery is one of the best and most suggested software to recover lost or deleted contacts from Android phones and tablets. It easily gets back all your contacts and any other data from any situation before the phone data is overwritten by new information.

No matter whether the contacts are deleted accidentally, formatted, broken phone or damage, etc this software can find out lost contacts from the phone easily. The best part about this contacts recovery for Android is that it also retrieves lost contacts from Android SIM Card.

It can work on any Android phone and can retrieve missing contacts without any backup required. This is an amazing tool to use without any further problems.


Note: It is recommended to download and use the software on your PC or laptop. It is because recovery of phone data on the phone itself is risky as you may end up losing all your data because of data overriding.

So there is nothing to waste any time, simply Download Android Contacts Recovery and get back lost contacts from your Android phone.

Go to the user guide to know the complete steps on how to use Android recovery tool for contact recovery.

How To Recover Deleted Or Lost Contacts From Android Phones?

After knowing that you have a chance to restore your lost contacts from Android, now it’s time to know what are the manual ways that will help you to get back deleted contacts from Android.

So let us find out…

Method 1: Check Whether Your Contacts Are Deleted

This is one of the best ways to deal with lost contacts because you are not sure whether your contacts are permanently removed or not. So, why not check it once because many times, the contacts are not removed.

Just follow the below steps:

1: First unlock your phone and open “Contacts” app

2: Now click on the “Menu” button and after that, select Settings > Contacts to Display

3: Then choose “All Contacts

Here it is necessary to check whether your deleted contacts are recovered or not. If they are backed means those contacts were hidden and not deleted.

Method 2: Recover Lost Contacts From Gmail

If you have enabled the sync option on your phone then all your data will automatically be synced to your Google account. And this is the time when you need it.

The below steps are for you:

1: First, log in to your Google account by visiting Google Contacts

2: Now on the left panel, tap on the “More” option

3: Here choose “Undo changes” and window popups

4: Then the select time and tap on “Confirm

5: After that, click on “Google” or Accounts > Google

6: At last, click on “Restore contacts” and recover lost contacts on Android

Method 3: Use Contact Recovery App For Android

Well, there are several contact recovery app for Android available in Google Play Store that are very useful. And if you used some apps to back up your contacts then you can also restore them with ease.

But you should also know the apps that are helpful for you. Some of them are mentioned below:

Deleted Contact Restore – This is a useful app for deleted contacts recovery.

It also recovers contacts from factory reset Android phones. Apart from this, it can make easy restoration of lost contacts from the old phone that you have.

So if you have used this app then you can recover lost contacts.

Deleted Contacts Recovery – This is also a useful app to help you out in recovering deleted contacts from the phone. All your disappeared contacts are easily restored even after doing a factory reset.

Method 4: Rescue Deleted Numbers From Samsung Account

Many Samsung users also have faced the same problem and want their contacts back. For them, if their Samsung phone is synced with the Samsung account then it will be easy to retrieve the erased contacts.

Simply go to Apps > Settings > Backup and reset > Restore


Where To Save Contacts On The Phone?

You should notice that whenever you add new contacts on your phone then you are provided with options to save contacts on phone memory, Google account, or SIM card. Note- You will get the option of a Google account when you are already signed in to your Google on the phone. Follow the steps to save contacts on phone:

1. Go to the Contacts app and then click on Add Contacts.

2. Now on your Android phone, the default storage is if SIM card then clicks on SIM card. Then select the location where you want to save your contacts.

3. If already contacts are saved on SIM and you wish to move them to phone memory or Google account then you have to import contacts from the SIM card to the device.

4. Simply go to the Contacts app, click on More> Settings> Import/Export contacts > Import > Import contacts from SIM card > Save contacts to Google device / other account

Does Factory Reset Delete Phone Contacts?

Yes factory reset delete phone contacts. When factory rest is done on an Android phone it will erase entire data and settings like call logs, photos, contacts, text messages, apps, etc., and take your device to its initial state.
So always keep proper backup of your contacts before factory resetting your Android phone.

How Can I Restore Contacts In An Android Phone After A Factory Reset?

You can restore contacts in Android phone after factory reset from backups.

1. Open setting app on your Android phone.

2. Tap to Google.

3. Hit the Set up and restore option.

4. Tap to restore contacts.

5. If you are having several Google Accounts, then make a selection of the account from which you want to make contacts recovery.

6. If in case, you don’t want to copy contacts from SIM or phone storage then disable the Device storage or SIM card.

7. Hit the restore tab and wait till you get the message of Contacts restored.

8. In order to avoid duplicacy, your phone will only restore contacts that are not on your contact list.
All the restored contacts also get sync with the current Google Account and devices.

Is There A Way To Recover Deleted Contacts On Android Without Backup?

Yes you can recover deleted contacts on Android without backup by using Android contact recovery software.

This tool enables you to recover deleted contacts and other stuff from Android phones that were lost due to any of these scenarios. Like unintentional deletion, rooting errors, factory reset, OS errors, viruses attack, memory card issue etc.


Since the contacts are the main source for communication and if you lose those contacts then it becomes a very big headache for us. So, if you have lost or deleted your important phone numbers or contacts from Android devices then immediately apply Android Contacts Recovery Software. This works best when you do not have any backup of your contacts in any other location.

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