3 Ways How to Check AirPods Battery on Android

Want to keep track of the battery life while using AirPods with an Android phone? Wondering if it’s even possible to check the battery levels of Apple AirPods in your Android phone? Don’t worry; it’s possible and way easier than you might think. 

Regardless of the Android phone or tablet you use, the process of checking the batteries is similar on all these devices. 

The article explains how to check AirPods battery on Android phones in a few simple steps. It also explains ways to boost AirPod’s battery life.

Can You Check AirPods Battery on Android?

While it is possible to connect Apple AirPods to non-Apple devices, including Android phones, no built-in way is available to check battery status. AirPods can easily be connected and used on Apple devices, including iPhones, MacBooks, iMacs, or iPads. 

Apple devices are built to be compatible with each other. They show you the battery status of both the AirPods and the case. You need to manually pair the AirPods to the non-Apple devices. To check battery status, you will need to install a third-party app on Android. 

Wondering where to get the app that can tell you the status of AirPods on Android? Well, navigate to Google Store, and you will find a lot of third-party apps that fulfill the purpose. After installing one such app, you can Easily check the battery levels of AirPods or other wireless devices on Android. 

Now let’s move on to how to check AirPods battery on Android using third-party applications.

How to Check AirPods Battery Levels?

To check AirPods battery levels on Android phones, first, you need to pair your AirPods to the phone. Next, use any of the following third-party apps to check the battery status.


A free app that allows you to check the battery status of AirPods on an Android phone in an easy way. Once AirBattery is installed and configured, opening the AirPods case will open a pop-up window on an Android phone that displays the battery levels. 

AirBattery app also has an in-ear detection feature that automatically pauses playback on Netflix, YouTube, or Spotify. So if you are someone who switches apps quite often, this function will be beneficial for you. 


With over a million downloads on Google Play, MaterialPods is one of the popular apps that you can use to Check AirPods battery on Android devices. The app is highly customizable and responsive and provides access to fancy animations. 

The app will ask you to grant a couple of admissions, including BlueTooth LE Scanning, drawing over other apps, and disabling battery optimization. Before you attempt to install and use the app, make sure your devices are paired properly. 


When looking for a no-hassle app for checking the battery levels of AirPods on non-Apple devices, install PodAir. Although the app is free, you will not feel annoyed due to intrusive ads on the interface, and this is quite impressive. 

Moreover, you don’t have to deal with distracting pop-up notifications. Due to its lighter size, the app doesn’t consume much storage space on your Android phone. So, PodAir can be the best pick if you have limited gigabytes available on the phone. 

So, these were some of the best apps that you can use to check AirPods battery status on your Android smartphone. Let’s learn some ways to improve the AirPods’ battery life. 

How to Improve AirPods Battery Life?

 How to Check AirPods Battery on Android

If the AirPods battery discharges quicker than usual, there are several tips that you can follow. 

Listen to Music at Lower Volume

Whether you use Apple AirPods or any other earphones, make sure that the volume is set to less than 50%. Resolving the battery problem, regardless of the device or peripheral you are using, is possible when you reduce resource consumption, and a lower volume helps with exactly that.

Disable ‘Hey Siri’

The 2nd generation AirPods supports Siri, so when this feature is enabled, your AirPods microphones are up for listening to the command. Since AirPod has supertiny batteries, disabling Siri can prevent quick battery drain or other functional issues

Keep the AirPods Lid Close

Do not open the lid of your AirPods unnecessarily, as it will drain the battery. Moreover, when not in use, make sure to put the AirPods back into the charging case. This will also prevent them from connecting to iPhones, MacBooks, iPad, or other Apple devices. 

Disable Active Noise Cancellation

Turning off the Transparency mode and Active Voice Cancellation will also increase the battery time significantly. Some of the features on your AirPods are impressive, but they consume battery life, so ensure to disable them. 

Use A Single AirPod

Using a single AirPod can make you feel incomplete while listening to a Podcast or a song, but this can save battery considerably. When you are in a long meeting or watching a movie, using a single AirPod can be more feasible rather than draining the battery.