How to Recover Data From Water Damaged Android Phone [Full Guide]

Dropped your Android device into a glass of water, swimming pool, or in a toilet? If yes then you are not alone in this field. There are many users who have faced the same situation and want to know how to recover data from water damaged Android phones.

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It’s an obvious thing that when anything drops on water, it completely goes off and the same thing happens with Android devices. It stops working when dropped into liquid.

What happens with Android users is that when the phone falls straight into the water then it feels like the entire world freezes. This can be overcome if you have waterproof smartphones.

Generally, Android devices are very much popular in the last few years that provide awesome and unique features. Because of such features, the smartphones give an edge over other phones.

But it’s not yet over now. Because of such reasons, nowadays smartphone makers are making waterproof smartphones so that users don’t have to face any type of data loss situation. This is true that most of the people don’t have waterproof smartphones now and it completely means that some other methods are required to face the situation.

Well, one thing every Android user should note is that taking precautions is one of the essential things which users can prevent their phones from water damage. But what to do when it is too late and your phone has already dive into the water?

Some of the essential things are mentioned here to know about water damage Android phones along with data recovery from water damaged phone solutions.


Parts That Get Damaged When Phone Drops In Water

It doesn’t matter whether you have a good smartphone or not but one thing is common that your phone don’t know how to swim when it falls in water. When Android devices get in contact with water then there are some important parts of the phone which get damaged. But many users don’t know what the parts that gets damaged are?

The phone contains single motherboard where RAM, CPU along with some other minute parts are important components of it. When android device gets wet then headphone jack, charging port, microphone pores are some of the top list parts through which water gets inside. Because of this, the motherboard and phone screen gets damaged. After that the costly device becomes a playing toy for children. Once gets water damage, getting back the similar feel and touch from the device becomes impossible. And if tried a lot to give life to the device then it costs almost the original price of phone.

What Are The Signs For Android Phones When It Gets Wet?

When your android device gets wet in water then it automatically cancels the warranty period from manufacturers. In fact because of such damage, many insurance claims are filed especially in the summer month like months of June and July.

Generally smartphones are prepared with LDIs (Liquid Damage Indicators) that change the color when the device gets wet. Some smartphones like Samsung Galaxy provide this feature where the battery consists of indicator sticker which is of white color with small x’s covered with red.

When this sticker gets wet then it turns purple or red or pink color. And this happens only when the battery gets wet with water or any liquid.

What To Do When Phone Comes In Contact With Water Or Any Liquid?

The Android device when drops on the water seem tragic has happened. This is because many essential things are stored in the device and the important thing, the device is not waterproof. But here some of the steps are mentioned that can help to fix the situation. Let us assume that your android device falls on water accidentally, then what to do?

  1. Immediately take it out of water

As soon as the device falls into water, pick it up instantly without any delay. This is because if the device stays much longer on water then the chance also decreases to fix it.

So react immediately and take out the device from any place where it has dropped, even if it has fallen in the toilet. After taking it out from water, switch the device if it is not done and keep it in a safe place. Then take out the battery from it and keep in safe place like in some paper towels.

  1. Remove all parts from Android phone

If you have already removed the battery then remove other removal parts like SIM cards, back panel, SD cards, stylus, etc, and place them in cotton paper or tissue paper. Then completely wipe the device with soft cloths and try to remove water from every parts of device.

Note– Don’t try to switch on your device after it has come in contact with water. This is highly recommended because when power is on, the water in the motherboard reacts with electric charge, hence short-circuit may happen.

Some Do’s and Don’ts when Android Phone gets water damage


  • React immediately and take out the device from the water
  • Switch off the device and remove the battery instantly, otherwise wet battery can cause shorting of other components as well
  • Remove every part of phone which can be removed like SD card, SIM cards, etc
  • You can also use alcohol to wash the device. But remember not to use drinking alcohol, use regular rubbing alcohol. Using alcohol can remove the dirt or minerals and this is safe to use as device absorbs it and can be cleaned within few minutes.
  • After doing every essential things, keep your device in a sealed pack of rice. This is recommended because rice can easily absorb the water that is left in the device. But be sure that everything covers with rice. It may take some time to dry completely.
  • Now check the device if it works fine
  • If it does not work fine then highly recommended to go to a service center or take help of professionals


  • First, don’t panic when such a situation happens
  • Don’t switch on the device after taking it out from the water as short-circuit may happen
  • If your phone has keys then don’t press them. This is because keys can contain water which can push water in the device.
  • Don’t keep your phone in sunlight to dry
  • Don’t try to heat up the device as excess heat is also harmful to the device
  • Never try to remove any internal parts of the phone such as motherboard
  • Don’t shake your device as this can also damage the phone as water can again get inside in the deeper areas.
  • Try to avoid hair dryers for this purpose

How to Recover Data From Water Damaged Android Phone?

Well, your Android device consists of lots of data among which many are important and is much needed. But what to do when your smartphone falls in water and it is not waterproof?

Now how to get back those data which were in the device? When your device is completely dried and you want your data back then it’s highly recommended to do a deep scan and then retrieve back the data.

At this time, Android Data Recovery Software will work to get back the data from water damage android device. This software entirely scans the device and helps to rescue each data from wet device such as Motorola, Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Huawei, Nexus, and Google Pixel etc.

This water damaged phone data recovery software can be used any time whenever you lose any data from Android device and it works excellently in all operating systems.

It does not bother how the data is lost but works perfectly to retrieve each and every data which includes messages, photos, videos, contacts, call history, documents, notes, songs along with many more other data from any android smartphones or tablets.


Note: It is recommended to download and use the software on your PC or laptop. It is because recovery of phone data on the phone itself is risky as you may end up losing all your data because of data overriding.

Steps to Recover Data From Water Damaged Android Phone

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How To Recover Data From Water Damaged Phone That Won’t Turn On (Using Google Drive)

Have you previously uploaded your Android data to Google Drive? If it is so, you can easily access your crucial uploaded data or retrieve data from water damaged phone via Google Drive anytime.

All you need to do is to follow the below steps for how to get data from water damaged phone:

  • Initially, on your computer or phone, go to
  • Next, log into it your Google account via the credentials that you were used to uploading your important pictures, videos, etc.
  • Tap on My Drive
  • At this time, you’ll see all your backed-up stuff or even manually added ones.
  • Choose the files that you need to bring back & click on a Download.

Recover Data From Water Damaged Android Phone

After completing these steps, you will surely find all your deleted data has been recovered.

What Are The Precautions To Take Care Of Your Phone?

  • The very first thing, try to avoid taking your device to wet places like swimming pools, toilets, glass of water or juice, and many other
  • Don’t drink any liquid when you are holding your device
  • Use phone covers or flip covers on your device. This decreases the chance of damage when dropped in any wet place
  • Even avoid giving your smartphone to children.

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

Water damage leading to battery issues
Ans- It actually happens when your android device gets into water, the issue in the battery is seen immediately. This is because minerals in water cause erosion and provides circuit paths for electricity that is not deigned in the phone’s operating system. So it is instructed to remove the battery immediately as soon as you take the device out from water.
Data recovery after water damage
Ans- Many ways are there which can help to come out of the situation of water damage. Try to put your device in air tight container of rice and leave for few days. This can help to switch on the device and can be easy to get back the data.
How long to leave the wet phone in rice to dry
Ans- First clean your device properly and then keep it in pack of rice for at least 24-36 hours. This process is very easy to do and no extra work is required. Rice absorbs water easily which can be a good way to dry your wet device.
Smartphone screen damaged due to water damage
Ans- This is a critical situation which happens when water gets inside the device. Only recommended to remove all removal parts from the device and keep the device in cotton paper or tissue paper after completely wiping. This can help your phone to dry and your phone may start working.
Dropped android phone on water and cannot connect to Wi-Fi
Ans- When android phone falls in water then the damage does not seems but a chip present on the board may get damaged. After drying the device, switch it on and tap the Wi-Fi button. If it’s showing the network then its fine. Otherwise have to take to Service Centre.

Final Words

The device can get damaged by water or some other way, and even the data will be lost and this process will continue because this is not the end.

When your device gets damaged by water then following the above-mentioned ways will surely help to come out how to recover data from water damaged Android phone situations.

It should be considered that smartphones are really sensitive devices and small damage can cause a huge loss and it may stop working. However, if you face such a situation then this complete guide will help you on how to recover data from water damaged Android phones. Don’t just fright and do all the essential things that is required to make your phone as it was before.


Note: It is recommended to download and use the software on your PC or laptop. It is because recovery of phone data on the phone itself is risky as you may end up losing all your data because of data overriding.