7 Fixes For Error Code 505 In Google Play Store

Error Code 505 In Google Play Store

Error code 505 in Google Play Store generally indicates a compatibility issue between the app and the device. But at times this error also pops up when you try to install similar apps that require the same permissions.

The conflict between those apps over permission also results in error 505. So, today in this article, we are going to discuss a couple of solutions to fix error code 505 in Play Store.

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3 Methods On How To Transfer Files From Android to PC

transfer files from Android to PC

Well, Android phones nowadays come with large storage but still, sometimes there exists a chance of getting storage full or data loss due to phone crashes or whatsoever. So, if you are looking to back up or transfer some of your files to a PC then USB cable, Bluetooth, and SD card are some of the mediums how you can transfer files from Android to PC.

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[3 Ways] How To Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages Someone Sent You?

WhatsApp has recently added a new feature called “Delete for Everyone”. This feature helps users immediately delete the sent messages either to the wrong chat or when messages contain any mistakes. But the fact is that deleted message arises curiosity among receivers to know what’s on them. So, if you are one of the curious receivers and wanted to know how to read deleted WhatsApp messages someone sent you, check your Notification History or use WhatsApp chat backup.  

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[2023 Guide] 6 Fixes For Fitbit Versa Won’t Turn On!

fitbit versa won't turn on after shutdown

Fitbit Versa is one of the popular health trackers in today’s generation used worldwide by lots of users. But recently, users are reporting for Fitbit Versa not turning on problem. The problem is common and can be solved simply by restarting the device, charging your Fitbit Versa, cleaning the ports, etc. However, read this blog completely for more workable solutions to escape the problem.

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6 Ways to Transfer Apps Data from Android to Android

Transfer Apps Data from Android to Android

If you have recently changed your phone or want to transfer your Android app data to another Android device, use Android Transfer or Bluetooth to transfer data from Android to Android. Also, read this complete article to know various other ways to transfer apps data from android to android.

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Android Broken Screen Data Recovery: Recover Data from Broken Screen Android

broken screen android data recovery

If broke your phone and are concerned about the data in it, without any worries use our professional and reliable Android Data Recovery Tool to recover the data from broken screen Android. However, read this entire article to know more methods of Android broken screen data recovery.

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How to Bypass Android Lock Screen PIN/Pattern/Password (8 Ways)


It is really annoying situation when you can’t bypass lock screen Android phone after several attempts and access data saved within the device. In such instances, you must try Android Lock Screen Removal tool to bypass lock screen Android phone. Besides that, you can use the ‘Forgot Pattern’ feature, ADB command to delete password files, Google’s ‘Find My Device’, etc. to bypass password on Android.

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4 Methods To Recover Deleted Photos From Google Photos

recover deleted photos from google photos

If you have deleted your important snaps accidentally or intentionally and are now worried about how to recover them, there is nothing to worry about. As you can now easily recover deleted photos from Google Photos anytime you want.

Well, the deletion of your favorite snaps is a very annoying situation especially when it happened without backup. But, with Google Photos, you can easily prepare a backup of your photos anytime you want and can use it to recover them all in such cases of deletion.

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5 Tricks on How To Fix Blurry Pictures on Android

Fix Blurry Pictures & Videos On Android

Everyone enjoys taking photos and recording videos on their phone but what if the captured photos or videos are blurry? Well, this happens when you take snaps with a dusty camera lens, in low resolution, or with shaky hands. So, if facing the same issue and wondering how to fix blurry pictures on Android then restarting your device, force-stopping your camera app, and using 3rd party camera apps are some of the ways to fix this issue.

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5 Best Ways To Recover Deleted Facebook Messages On Android [2023]

How to Recover Deleted Messages From Facebook Messenger On Android

Losing your Facebook messages can really be annoying especially when those messages are important to you. Maybe you never wanted to lose those Messenger messages but unfortunately, some memories are deleted from your side. However, there is nothing to panic about because plenty of users are searching daily for ways to recover deleted Facebook messages on Android.

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