9 Useful Ways To Fix “Unfortunately, Camera Has Stopped” On Android

Camera is the most important part of a smartphone and so, it gets the first priority nowadays. People capture beautiful moments with friends or families and most trending nowadays is the selfie moment.

But what would you do when your phone’s camera stops working?

Lots of people have reported this issue and they want some solution to fix it. The message that they were coming across is “Unfortunately, Camera has stopped”.

If you are also facing the same issue and looking at how to fix it then don’t worry, simply read this blog. Here, I am going to show you some possible ways to fix “Unfortunately, Camera has stopped” error on Android.

Reasons Behind “Camera Stopped Working” Error

Well, there can be several reasons out there for the error message you have come across. It may be a hardware or a software issue. According to many users, when they use flashlights for the camera, then they come across “Camera has stopped” or “Camera crashing” error.

There can be other reasons too like:

  • Low storage space
  • Some kind of malware or virus attack
  • Android OS not updated
  • Due to some third-party apps

So after reviewing the reasons behind the error, now its time to go through the solutions for “Unfortunately, Camera has stopped” error message.

Solution 1: Restart Your Android Phone

Whenever you come across any kind of problem or error on your phone then restarting can help you to deal with it. Restarting the Android phone has the power to fix several small glitches. When your camera stop working then without looking for other solutions, simply restart your device.

But after restarting, if you get the same error then you should look for other solutions. As the problem will not be resolved by simply restarting the phone.

Solution 2: Restart Camera App

The error “Unfortunately, Camera has stopped” can occur when you are using the camera for a long time. If this is so then simply exit from the camera app and wait for a few seconds. After that, again launch the app and check if the issue continues or not.

You should also clear the app if it’s opened in multitasking. Though this is not a permanent solution but you should give a try.

Solution 3: Clear Cache Of Camera App

Even clearing the cache of the camera app can be useful to fix Camera stopped working. It happens that some cache files are corrupted and this stops the camera app to work properly.

So you should clear the cache of the camera app and don’t worry, no data will be deleted.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • First, go to Settings on your phone
  • Then, go to App > click on Application Manager
  • Now, move to the “All” tab section
  • From here, locate the camera app and tap on it
  • At last, tap on “Clear Cache” option

Solution 4: Clear Gallery App Cache And Data

It becomes important to clear the cache and data files of the Gallery app because your camera is linked to it. Clearing the data and cache files will help you to fix the error message.

Here is how to do it:

  • First, go to Settings > Application Setting or Apps
  • Then go to All > look for Gallery > Clear Cache and Data
  • After clearing everything, you have to press “Force Stop
  • Once done, restart your phone and open the camera app now

The reason behind this error is lots of photos get stored in the Gallery app. Once you clear the cache and data, move your pictures to another location.

Solution 5: Update Android OS

If your phone is not updated to the latest OS then also you can come across such an error message. So you should make sure that your phone is running on the latest OS. And updating Android OS fixes several bugs as well.

Here are the steps to update Android OS:

  • First, go to Settings and click on About Device
  • Then click on Software update or System update
  • Here tap on Check for Updates. After that, your phone will check for update and if available, you will get a prompt to install it

Solution 6: Clear Data Files From Camera

Clearing data files can be harmful as it contains personal settings of the app. But this is useful as well and before you clear the data files of the camera, you should note them if they are important. After that, follow the below steps to clear camera data files:

  • First, go to Settings > then Application Manager
  • Now go back to “All Tab” and click on Camera
  • Here, click on “Clear Data” to delete files that are linked to the camera app

Here, you don’t have to worry about your photos or videos as they will not be deleted. After the data files are deleted, click on the camera and see if its working or not.

Solution 7: Use Safe Mode To Open Camera App

The error “Unfortunately, Camera has stopped” can also be due to third party apps installed on your phone. To find out this, you should start your camera in Safe Mode as this will disable all third-party applications.

If your camera starts smoothly in safe mode then make sure the error is due to any third-party apps.

Here is how to use a camera in safe mode:

  • First, press and hold Power button unless you see a notification to turn off your phone
  • Now tap and hold Power off option unless you get a message to restart the device in safe mode
  • And then, tap on OK to open the camera

Here if the camera works properly then the culprit was the third party app installed on your phone. Simply uninstall it and then see if the error resolves.

Solution 8: Use Any Third-Party Camera App

If your phone’s camera is not working or showing error then you can take the help of any third-party camera app. There are lots of them available in the Google Play Store. You can install the app from the play store and use it as normal.

But remember, this is just an alternative one that doesn’t fix the problem of your phone’s camera app. To click pictures without error, you can use a third-party camera app.

Solution 9: Do Factory Reset

When nothing works for you then the last option left is to do a factory reset. This will delete every data from the phone including settings and apps. But if you have some important data and don’t want to lose them, then kindly backup all those before you proceed further with the steps.

Many backup ways can allow you to backup your stuffs safely. After that, move ahead to do a factory reset:

  • First, go to Settings on your phone
  • Then click on Backup and Reset option
  • Just next to backup, check the box so that your data can back up to Google account
  • Now, click on Factory Reset to reset the device to factory settings
  • And at last, click on Reset phone

Alternative Way To Fix “Unfortunately, Camera Has Stopped” On Android

Apart from all the above methods mentioned, yet another alternative way to fix the issue is by using Android Repair. This professional software helps to fix any kind of error on Android phones. It can fix “Camera has stopped” on Android phones easily along with other errors.

This is a reliable tool that has the ability to fix several Android issues like Android setting has stopped, app crashing issue, apps are unresponsive, Android BSOD error, and many more. So with its one-click, you can effectively fix several Android issues.


Note: It is recommended to download and use the software on your PC or laptop only.


So all these methods discussed in this blog will help you to fix “Unfortunately, Camera has stopped” on Android. The issue can occur to anyone at any time, so I hope that following these solutions will solve the error on phone. Apart from the manual solution, you can also use Android Repair to fix the issue in one click.