How To Fix Ghost Touch Issue On Android [10 Methods]

Did you come across the problem of “ghost touch” in your Android phone? Tried to get rid of the ghost touch issue on Android but unfortunately, you failed to do so?

If yes then I would like to tell you that now there is nothing to worry about as the good news is that there is a solution for it. First, know that you are not the one coming across this kind of issue but many other Android phone users have experienced it.

If you are unaware of the ghost touch problem then it simply means that your phone screen will not respond while you tap on it. This is like the behavior of your phone is haunted but actually, it has different reasons.

But you don’t have to worry, simply go through this blog and know about “ghost touch” and how to fix ghost touch on Android.

What Is Ghost Touch Issue On Android?

What is ghost touch on Android? If you want to know about it completely then you should understand it through an example given below.

Just assume that you have kept your phone in your pocket and suddenly you hear some random taps. This sound occurs because your phone might have switched on for some reason and this is where ghost touch has kicked it.

You will feel some random taps on your phone that you are not doing manually. Generally, this kind of situation occurs when you have gone outdoor and you increase brightness for better visibility but unfortunately, the screen goes unstable.  This is called a ghost touch and it’s really irritating during phone usage.

In fact, it also occurs when your phone is charging and in between, you are using it. Some part of your phone screen becomes unresponsive and you cannot touch it.

Causes Behind Ghost Touch Issue On Android

There are always some reasons for the error you are coming across. Some users assume that the software glitch is the fault but actually, it’s not true. The issue occurs due to the display positioned in chasis of the phone.

Even some kind of dirt or particles of water that go under the screen protector can also be another reason for the ghost touch problem on Android. However, if you know how to disassemble a phone with some tools then you can fix the error.

How To Fix “Ghost Touch” Issue On Android Phones?

Well, now it’s time to go through the fixes for Android ghost touch issue and see which one works to solve it. Sometimes, the error gets fixed easily but when the case is severe then you have to look for better solutions.

So let’s move to the solutions:

Fix 1: Best Way To Fix Ghost Touch On Android Phone

Apart from all the above-mentioned manual solutions, you also have an alternate method to fix the issue. Android Repair Tool is one of the suggested tools to solve ghost touch errors on Android phones.

This is easy to use and the error from the phone gets resolved on its own. It not only solves ghost touch but also has the ability to fix other Android errors as well.

Therefore, you should try it once as it supports every Android phone and the error is solved without following the manual methods.


Note: It is recommended to download and use the software on your PC or laptop only.

Fix 2: Restart Your Android Phone

Sometimes, Android phone ghost touch issues happen due to a small glitch on the phone touchscreen sensor which can be easily fixed by restarting the phone.

So, restart your phone to fix the Android phone touchscreen sensor. After restarting the phone, see if the issue has been fixed or not. If not, then move to the next solution.

Fix 3: Remove Phone Cover and Screen Protector

Almost all phone users use the phone cover and screen protector to protect the phone and screen from dust and damage. Even they are useful, sometimes it causes screen issues and the ghost touch on Android is one of them.

So, if the water drops or dust entered between the phone screen and screen protector, then it may result in this problem. To fix this issue, you can remove the phone cover and screen protector.

After doing this check if it fixed the issue or not.

Fix 4: Clean Screen Of Phone to Fix Ghost Touch Issue on Android

You can come across a ghost touch issue on your Android phone when some dirt gets stuck on the screen protector. It is a common problem and a simple solution, in this case, is, you have to remove the protector, clean it properly and then again put it as before.

But here, you should be careful so that you don’t damage the interior of the phone as it is shocking sensible. In this situation, you have to be patient to get things done properly.

Fix 5: Check Your Charger

It may happen that your phone’s charger has some issue and it fails to provide a proper power supply. In this situation, you have to replace your phone’s charger. If you continue to use it then the display may get damaged or the device itself.

Therefore, you should replace the charger with a new one or a charging cable. Also, check the USB port in between so that if the charger is not the issue then the USB port can cause trouble.

Fix 6: Don’t Use Phone Continuously

If you are still getting the ghost touch problem on your Android phone, then it might be happening due to the overheating of your phone. So, to keep your Android phone at the normal temperature, you must avoid using it continuously.

Always take breaks between using your phone, especially when the mobile gets hot. Also, avoid using the phone at high temperatures and under direct sunlight.

Fix 7: Replace Phone Screen

As I have already mentioned the ghost touch on Android could be the result of a problem with the phone screen. Sometimes, the phone screen gets weak, water gets inside the screen, which may cause a ghost touch issue.

If there is any such issue with your phone screen and it couldn’t fix the ghost touch problem, then it might be time to replace the screen. Simply, take your phone to the competent engineer and ask to replace the screen.

Fix 8: Go To Service Center

Another possible way to get rid of the “ghost touch” issue is by taking your device to the service center. Remember, you are not the one to experience the problem but there are also solutions to get rid of it.

So the best way to get rid of this worse situation is simply to go to the service center and allow the experts to analyze the problem.

Fix 9: Return Your Android Phone

This solution is suggested when you see such kind of issue after you buy a new phone. You should return your device to the manufacturer and simply get a new one. But remember that it can also take a few days or weeks when you bought it online.

If you have taken it from a local store then it’s easy to go straight and exchange it with a new one. But when your phone is old and you want to replace it then you have to pay money for it.

Fix 10: Factory Reset

Even many users have reported that doing a factory reset can help to get rid of ghost touch issues on Android phones. If you are experiencing such an issue then you must try to reset your device. It might help you but make sure to backup all your stuff before reset.

Once the backup is done, follow the below steps to factory reset your phone:

  • First, go to Settings on your Android phone
  • After that, go to Backup & Reset > Factory data reset > Reset phone > Erase everything.

That’s it, now your phone will become as new and everything will be deleted. Hopefully, now the issue of ghost touch will be resolved.

Ghost Touch Problem on Android Phone: FAQs

1: Can Android phone ghost touch issue get fixed on its own?

Sometimes, yes. The ghost touch problem can be fixed by itself. However, in some cases, avoiding this issue can get worse with time. Hence, it is suggested not to avoid this problem or let it fix itself. You can follow any of the above-discussed solutions to fix this problem.

2: Can water damage cause the ghost touch problem on your phone?

In most of the cases, it happens due to the hardware problem of the phone. However, there are some instances where the ghost touch problem started appearing after the water damage of the phone or if the water drops enter the screen. If the damage is severe, then you must replace the phone screen to fix the issue.

3: Why does my Android phone keep clicking random things?

If your phone screen behaving weird and clicking on the random things, then it might be happening due to the defective screen, loose components, bad grounding, and bad charger. However, there could be several other reasons behind this issue.

4: How can I fix unresponsive touch screen on an Android phone?

You can fix the unresponsive touch screen on the Android phone by following these methods:

  • Restart your phone
  • Remove SIM card and SD card
  • Boot your phone in the safe mode
  • Remove screen protector
  • Replace the touchscreen
  • Factory reset your phone


Well, the ghost touch issue on Android is not a new thing for users but still many of them are unaware of it. It happens many times to users but the good news is that there are ways to solve it. In this blog, I have discussed several ways to solve ghost touch errors on Android.

Apart from manual methods, you should try Android Repair Tool to fix the issue automatically. This is a professional tool to solve any kind of Android issue.