Fix PUBG Mobile Error Codes On Android [154140716, 554762241 & More]

PUBG Mobile has gained popularity all around the world since its launch. But, recently PUBG users are reporting that they are getting different error codes while playing games or at launch. So, if you are one of those users troubled with PUBG Mobile error codes, restart your game app, update it, clear the app cache, etc to escape PUBG Mobile error codes on Android. However, read this article completely to know the different PUBG Mobile error codes and how to fix them.

In this article, we have covered each error code in detail along with their solutions for resolving it. Well, facing error codes on the game is the most frustrating thing for players as it won’t let them access the game, proceed with the gameplay any further, stuck them on the loading screen, etc. Therefore, the error needs to be solved firsthand.

So, without any further discussions, let’s find out the various PUBG Mobile error messages on Android and their fixes.

PUBG Mobile Error Codes on Android

Below are some of the common PUBG Mobile error codes that most users encounter.

1: PUBG Mobile Error Code 556793874 on Android

This error message means your game is freezing while updating the app as this error code appears with the ‘Preparing Resources’ or ‘Checking Updates’ error messages.

The PUBG Mobile error 556793874 mostly appears when you try to load the game on the mobile or while playing the game.

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How to Fix PUBG Mobile Error Code 556793874 on Android?

1: Restart Your Game

This error appears when PUBG Mobile freezes on the Android phone. Hence, restarting the game can fix the issue. So, close the PUBG Mobile app on your phone and then relaunch the game.

2: Disable AdBlocker on Your Phone

If you have AdBlocker for the Android phone, then it may hinder the PUBG performance. Not just the game apps, but AdBlockers can affect other apps too. 

So, to fix the PUBG Mobile error codes on Android, disable the AdBlocker app. To disable it, follow these steps:

  • Long press the AdBlocker app.
  • Tap on the App Info.
  • Then, click on the Force Stop button.
  • Now, check if the error code 556793874 of PUBG Mobile Android has been resolved or not.

3: Update PUBG Mobile to the Latest Version

I found many users getting this error code due to running the outdated version of the PUBG Mobile. So, if you are also using the outdated version, update the game to fix the PUBG Mobile error 556793874 on Android.

Follow these steps to update PUBG Mobile on Android:

  • Open Google Play Store on your phone.
  •  Tap on the profile icon at the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Select Manage apps and device.

Manage apps and device

  • Tap on the Updates available.
  • Check if PUBG Mobile is showing in the list. If it is in the list, tap on the Update button given next to the PUBG Mobile.
  • Wait for the app to be updated completely, and then try to play the game.

4: Clear PUBG Mobile Cache & Data

The corrupted or overloaded cached files often cause performance issues in the app. So, if the PUBG Mobile cached data is also overloaded or corrupted, you may run into this issue.

To avoid or fix this PUBG Mobile error code on the Android phone, you must clear the cache and data of the game. For this, you need to do the following:

  • Open Settings on your Android phone.
  • Go to the Apps/App Manager.

App Manager

  • Find PUBG Mobile in the list and tap on it.
  • Go to the Storage option.
  • Tap on the Clear Data and Clear Cache buttons.

5: Download any VPN

Sometimes, PUBG Mobile error codes on Android also happen due to your geolocation. If the new update of the game is not launched in your region or the server is down specifically in your geolocation, then also you can face this error.

In this case, using a good VPN for Android can help in fixing the error code. The VPN will mask your IP address and will provide you with a new IP address according to the location of your choice. 

If you will ask for a suggestion, then I will highly recommend you use ExpressVPN. It is the best VPN Android available for Android. And, the best part of this VPN is, it won’t affect the internet speed at all.

6: Reinstall PUBG Mobile on Your Android Phone

If none of the fixes helped you in resolving the PUBG Mobile error 556793874 on the phone, then you can do nothing but reinstall the game.

To reinstall the game, long-press the PUBG Mobile app > select the Uninstall option and tap on the Uninstall button. After uninstalling the game, reinstall the PUBG Mobile app on your Android phone.

2: PUBG Mobile Error Codes on Android – 556793879, 555024384, 70254639, 70254604

The PUBG Mobile error code 556793879 on Android comes with this error message on the device:

Unknown error: Please restart your device and try again. Error code: 556793879 (Tap cancel to exit the game).

PUBG Mobile error codes

The same error message may appear with any of the following error codes:

  • 556793879
  • 555024384
  • 70254639
  • 70254604

These error codes appear when the player uses adblockers on the Android phone, due to the old cache files, antivirus apps, internet issues, or any other reason. 

How to Fix Android PUBG Mobile Error Codes 556793879, 555024384, 70254639, 70254604?

1: Delete Cache and Data

2: Disable AdBlocker

3: Reinstall the Game

4: Logout and Login to the Game

As this PUBG Mobile error code on Android could be the result of an internet problem, logging out and logging in again to the PUBG Mobile can help you to get rid of this problem.

So, try to log out from your PUBG Mobile account on the app, and then after some time log in to the account.

5: Disable GFX Tools

If you have installed the GFX tools for your PUBG Mobile app, it might also affect the performance of the game. GFX tools come with multiple graphics options and if you have messed up any of the settings, it will affect the game overall. 

So, it is better to deactivate the GFX tools to fix the PUG Mobile error code 556793879 on Android.

6: Turn Off Antivirus

Sometimes, antivirus apps create conflict with other installed apps on Android. So, if you have installed any antivirus app and then this error started appearing then it means the antivirus application is the real reason behind this issue.

Even though the antivirus apps for Android are very useful in blocking the vulnerabilities and malware on the phone, but sometimes it doesn’t allow other applications to work properly.

So, in this case, I would suggest you turn off the antivirus app and then try to launch the game and see if it fixed the PUBG Mobile error code.

3: PUBG Mobile Error Code 154140716, 554762241, 554827782, 154140714, 154140715

The PUBG Mobile error code 154140716 comes with this error message:

Unable to connect to server: Please try a different network or grant WiFi access to the game in your settings. Error Code: 154140716

PUBG Mobile error messages on Android

This error message not only comes with the error code 154140716, but it can also appear with these codes too:

  • 554762241
  • 554827782
  • 154140714
  • 154140715

As clearly shown in the error message, these error codes appear due to an internet connection or server issue. Apart from this, it can also happen due to the antivirus and your geolocation.

How to Fix PUBG Mobile Error Code 154140716, 554762241, 554827782, 154140714, 154140715 on Android?

Solution 1: Check Your VPN Connection

If you’re using another version of the game, then check your VPN connection if it is working properly or not.

  • Open your phone Settings.
  • Go to the Network.
  • Tap on the VPN.

Now, check if your VPN is working or not.

Solution 2: Move to Another VPN Service

Not all VPN services are good. There are so many VPN apps for Android that claims to be the best but fail to serve what they claim. So, if you are stuck with a bad VPN service, then move to the better one. 

Solution 3: Clear Cache and Data of PUBG Mobile

Solution 4: Restart the Game

4: Android PUBG Error Code 554827799

Update download failed. Please make sure you have a stable internet connection. Error code: 554827799

Fix PUBG Mobile Error Codes

As this error message says, this error code appears when you are using an unstable internet connection. Using a slow internet connection may restrict you from playing the game and can throw this error code.

Users get the PUBG Mobile error code 554827799 while installing the game first tie on the device or updating the game.

How to Fix PUBG Mobile Error Code 554827799?

You can fix the PUBG Mobile error code 554827799 by fixing the internet connection issue. So, check your internet connection, and if is working slow, move to a better and stable internet connection. 

This error can also appear due to the server issue. So, check if there is any server issue going on with the PUBG Mobile. If there is a server issue, you can do nothing but wait for the issue to be resolved by the developer team.

5: PUBG Mobile Error Code 554827783, 55487832, 154140712

These PUBG Mobile error codes on Android appear due to the internet connection issue. Here is the complete error message:

Internet error. Please check your network and try again. Error Code: 154140712

PUBG Mobile Error Codes on Android 556793879

Again this error gets triggered due to the unstable internet connection that doesn’t let you connect to the server.

How to Fix PUBG Mobile Error Code 554827783, 55487832, 154140712?

In order to fix these error codes on PUBG Mobile, you need to perform the following methods:

  • Check Your Internet Connection
  • Turn Off VPN

6: PUBG Mobile Error Codes on Android: 555745297

Installation failed. Please try again or check the remaining storage space of your device. Error Code: 555745297

PUBG Mobile Error Code 154140716

You can clearly guess the actual reason for getting this PUBG Mobile error code on Android which is low storage space. Due to the lack of storage space, you cannot install the game and run into this error code. 

Fix PUBG Mobile Error Code 555745297

To fix the PUBG Mobile 555745297 error code on Android, you need to clear the storage space. Before clearing the space, check which files are consuming more storage space.

  • Go to the Settings.
  • Tap on the About Phone.

About Phone

  • Go to the Storage option.
  • Now, you will get an option to free up the space.
  • To clean the space manually, you can delete unnecessary files.
  • After clearing up the storage space, reinstall the game and check if the error has been removed or not.

7: PUBG Mobile Error Code 1 on Android

Error code 1 on PUBG Mobile occurs when the user tries to download the map on the game. Due to this error players fail to open the map and play on it.

Like any other PUBG Mobile error code on Android, it can also be fixed easily. We already have a dedicated article on this particular error code. To fix this error, read this detailed guide: Fix Error Code 1 PUBG Mobile on Android


So, this is all about PUBG Mobile error codes on Android. Even though PUBG Mobile is a successful game, it is not untouched by issues as the above-listed errors bother players from time to time.

Thankfully, all of these PUBG Mobile errors are fixable and with the help of this detailed guide, you can resolve them easily. So, follow the guide and get rid of the error.

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