12 Ways To Fix iPhone/iPad Touch Screen Not Working

The iPhone/iPad touch screen not working’ is one of the common and most challenging problems being encountered by Apple device users. If you are also going through the iPad/iPhone screen unresponsive to touch issue then keep on reading this post.

In this article, we are going to specify 12 tried & tested methods to get rid of this problem.

To fix iPhone/iPad touch screen not working, you need to remove your phone’s screen protector and clean the screen. Besides, you can try other solutions as well like reboot your device, remove the suspicious apps, and perform a factory reset.

What Causes Unresponsive Touch Screen on iPhone/iPad?

Before fixing the screen not working on iPhone error, it’s very essential to know the exact reason that can lead to this issue.

Thus, below we have listed the major factors that can cause touch screen not working problem:

  1. Touching device through wet hands
  2. Dust/debris on the phone’s screen
  3. Major changes in the temperature
  4. Due to hardware/software issue
  5. Obstruction from an iPhone/iPad screen protector or case
  6. Not using the original charger or cable
  7. An outdated OS
  8. Due to suspicious media files or apps.

As you have identified the common causes, now you must be anxious to know how I fix an unresponsive touch screen iPhone/iPad.

Just scroll down this webpage and get the best solutions to troubleshoot this issue with ease.

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How To Fix iPhone/iPad Touch Screen Not Working Issue?

In order to solve how to fix unresponsive iPhone screen, check out the below techniques carefully:

Method 1: Remove Dirt & Dust From Device Screen

Remove Dirt & Dust From Device Screen

Most of the time, it happens that due to dust particles your phone’s touch screen might not work properly. In such a situation, you need to remove dirt from the screen by using a clean and soft cloth.

But do remember one thing – you ought to clean both hands before pressing or touching your iPhone/iPad’s screen.

If this trick won’t help you to deal with the problem, try further solutions.

Method 2: Remove A Screen Protector & Case From Screen

Remove A Screen Protector

There are several smartphone users who are using the screen protector and case in order to protect their devices from damage.

So, here we would also like to suggest you to remove a case/screen protector from your phone’s screen. After doing so, check whether an unresponsive iPhone screen issue is solved or not. If not, try the next method.

Method 3: Force Restart to Fix iPhone Touch Screen Not Working Issue

This method seems simple, but it can even be useful for you to repair screen not working on iPhone problems.

Rebooting the device is the foremost trick that Android/iPhone users are often doing when they face any issue with their phone.

So, here you can also restart your device to troubleshoot the iPad glitches. To do so, follow the below easy steps:

Step 1: Press & hold a sleep/wake key for some time until a slider seems.

Step 2: Slide a “Slide to the power off”.

Step 3: Once your device is turned off, you need to wait for 30 seconds.

Step 4: Again turn it ON by long-pressing & holding a sleep/wake key till you get an Apple logo.

Force Restart

Method 4: Delete The Suspicious Media Files

Have you noticed that after downloading any photos, videos, or attachments on your iPad, the device’s screen abruptly becomes frozen? If it is so, then that media file is the culprit behind iPhone/iPad touch screen not working issue.

Just locate that suspicious stuff and delete it immediately to sort out the problem.

Method 5: Adjust The 3D Touch Sensitivity On iPhone

Occasionally, 3D Touch sensitivity is an advanced feature that users are often using to activate the 3D Touch on their phone.

But sometimes, it can also lead to an unresponsive iPhone touchscreen. Thus, to fix this problem, try these steps:

Step 1: Navigate to the “Settings” >> Tap on a General.

Adjust The 3D Touch Sensitivity

Step 2: Click on the Accessibility >> 3D Touch.


Step 3: Scroll down & again click on the 3D Touch.

Step 4: Here, you can toggle the 3D Touch option On/Off, else scroll down & adjust a sensitivity to Medium, Light, or Firm.

Method 6: Update an iPhone/iPad to The Latest Version

If your device’s OS is outdated, then you need to update it to a recent iOS version and fix iPhone/iPad touch screen not working problem.

Here is how you can easily update your smartphone to the recent iOS version:

  • At first, open the Settings >> go to the General
  • Next, tap on the Software Update.
  • Now, your device will check for the newest update. If there’s any recent update available, just tap on an update to download & install the available update.

fix iPhone/iPad touch screen not working

Method 7: Uninstall Suspicious Applications To Fix iPhone/iPad Touch Screen Not Working

When we install any third-party app from the Apple store on our iPhone or iPad device then we can face unresponsive iPad touchscreen issues.

Therefore, if you’ve noticed that after installing any new applications on a device, your phone’s screen is freezing then uninstall it immediately.

In order to uninstall or delete apps from iPhone or iPad, go to your mobile’s Home screen >> touch & hold the application icon that you need to uninstall. Then click on Uninstall or Delete option to confirm the process.

Method 8: Free-Up the Space on your iPad/ iPhone

Well, if your iPad/ iPhone has zero storage space, then you might come across an unresponsive touch screen issue.

Hence, make sure that your phone has adequate storage space simply by trying the beneath instructions.

Step 1: From a Home screen, click on the Settings >> Choose General.

Step 2: Tap on the Storage and iCloud Usage.

Step 3: At this time, tap on the Manage Storage option.

Storage and iCloud Usage

Now, you’ll get complete details of a current storage status with an available space on your iPhone.

However, if there’s no extra space, just delete some unnecessary apps, pictures, videos, and other media files to free up some space on your iPhone.

Method 9: Diagnose The Third-Party Applications In A Safe Mode

At times, one specific application can cause the iPad/iPhone touch screen not working properly.

In such a situation, simply uninstall the faulty app in a safe mode and deal with the issue. For this, try the beneath easy steps:

  • Firstly, press & hold down a Power Home buttons together until a screen goes black.
  • Then, release a Home button however keep on holding down a Power
  • In the third step, you need to hold a Volume Up once an Apple logo seems.

Diagnose The Third-Party Applications

  • If you get no extra tweaks in the Settings then you’re already in a Safe Mode.
  • Lastly, all the third-party applications & services are disabled.

Method 10: Reset All the Settings

We are always recommending resetting the device whenever iPhone/iPad users getting any issues. Doing so helps to resolve different errors and bugs effectively.

Hence if you are facing an unresponsive touch screen iPhone, attempt to reset all the settings by following the below instructions:

  • Go to the Settings application >> tap on the General Settings.
  • In the second step, find & tap on a Reset
  • After this, choose an option “Reset All the Settings” then you’ll be requested to enter/put your passcode.
  • Simply enter passcode >> tap Ok & your iPad/iPhone will immediately reset all the settings on the device.

Reset All the Settings

Method 11: Perform A Factory Reset

Last but not the least if none of the above methods helped you to get rid of the issue, doing a factory reset is the last resort which you can do by yourself.

Doing a factory reset on phone is the wise approach that users are often doing to restore their smartphone back to its innovative settings.

Note: Before trying this method, don’t forget to take a backup of your crucial files stored in the iPad/iPhone.

Here is how you can do easily perform a factory reset on your device:

Step 1: First of all, go to a Settings app then General

Step 2: Tap on a Reset >> ‘Erase all the Content & settings’.

Step 3: Now, enter a Passcode & Apple ID in order to proceed.

Erase all the Content & settings

The process is finished…!

Method 12: Contact Apple Support To Solve iPhone/iPad Touch Screen Not Working

Even after performing a factory reset, if your iPhone 11 screen not responding to touch, then there must be a hardware problem.

In such a case, contacting an Apple Support will be the last and handy resort. They will hear your issue and will definitely solve it as soon as they can.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Does My iPhone Touch Screen Not Work When Charging?

Your iPhone touch screen not working while charging because the charger or charger cable you’re using is not original. In such a situation, you need to get the original charger or cable to get rid of this issue.

How Do I Fix An Unresponsive iPhone Touch Screen?

In order to fix an unresponsive iPhone touchscreen, you must try the below troubleshooting ways:

  • Clean your iPhone’s screen by using the microfiber cloth
  • Remove a screen protector and click the screen
  • Reboot your device
  • Delete the unnecessary apps from your iPhone that you’ve recently installed.
  • Reset a device.
  • Perform a factory reset
  • Contact Apple support.

How Do I Get My iPad To Unfreeze?

To get your iPad unfreeze, you need to clean your iPad’s screen after removing the screen protector. Even after doing so if your device still freezing then attempt to restart your iPad and check if the issue is solved.

Why Is My iPhone 12 Screen Not Responding To My Touch?

There can be numerous reasons that can make your phone’s touchscreen completely unresponsive. Though, you might face unresponsiveness due to one of such reasons like moisture, debris, viruses, and app glitches.

How Do I Reset The Touchscreen On My iPad/Phone?

For resetting the iPhone/iPad, you need to go to the Settings >> tap General. Then, choose the Reset >> Erase All the Content & Settings option.

Final Verdict

Well, it is really difficult to figure out the exact reason behind iPhone/iPad touch screen not working, whether it’s a hardware/software problem.

No matter whatever the factor behind the iPhone screen unresponsive to touch is, you can easily fix the problem by trying the solutions mentioned in this post.

All the methods specified here are very effective so you can try any of these fixes and get rid of screen not working on iPhone/iPad without any trouble.

I hope, you liked my post…!