How to Recover Deleted Data From Asus Transformer Tablet!

Proficient way to recover data from Asus Transformer Tablet, without any backup:

While using Asus Transformer Tablet if by any means you have bi mistakenly deleted any data or you have performed factory reset, and thus you lose all the data stored in it.

But do not worry, you can recover them with the help of Android data Recovery Tool. If you do not have the backup of lost data, you can easily recover them using this application tool.

  • Rescue lost, deleted, or hidden data from all types of Android devices.
  • Restore emails, personal documents.
  • Get back erased data from any formatted memory card.
  • Retrieve lost text messages, contacts, call logs, photos, videos, whatsapp messages, audio files, and many more.

Asus is slowly gaining the popularity in the Android market because they have released some tablets with good features and specifications.

And from theses tablets one of the most popular among them is Asus Transformer tablet. This tablet has Ice cream Sandwich operating system.

This tablet is comparatively has new features and work fast as compared to its previous versions. With the new features users can complete various tasks within short duration of time.

However data loss situation often takes place in Asus Tablet. Let us consider one situation, suppose you have connected your Asus Transformer tablet to PC for copying files.

But before transferring files you have initiated the scan process, but after scanning you found that some images were missing. So, at such cases what can be done to get your pictures back?

Well, data can be restored in Asus Transformer tablet as well as from the memory card inserted in card slot.

Practical scenario

“Hey guys! Few days back I had connected my Asus Transformer Tablet to my PC for sharing files. Prior to transferring files, I just initiated the virus scan process on my tablet; upon completion of antivirus scan, I found out that some pictures from my Asus Transformer tablet were missing. I checked my system for those missing files, but they were not found there. What can be done to get data back erased pictures? Any suggestions to retrieve photos deleted from my Asus Transformer Tablet will be greatly helpful. Thanks a lot!”


Causes of data loss from Asus Transformer tablet

Similar to other Android devices, Asus Transformer tablet may also face some data loss situations. Some of them are:

  1. Improper ejection of Asus tabled from system while you were transferring file can cause data loss. Improper ejection can occur due to power cut.
  2. Using un-trusted or unknown application can also lead to loss of data from tablet.
  3. If you use Restore factory settings then it will wipes all of the files and folder from your device.
  4. Accidentally deletion of files may take place if you select “Delete All” by mistake.

So, above mentioned situations are some of the common reasons due to which one can lose data from Asus transformer tablet. But, if you kept a backup of your data then it can easily prevent you from many problems when you face any data loss issue.

However, if you are finding any difficulty in rescuing data from Asus Transformer Tablet, don’t get worried. You can use Android data recovery to recover data with hassle free.

How to get back lost data from Asus Transformer tablet

Well when you lost your data from Asus phone then you can get back those data from backup if you have ever created before losing those. Backup is very much important to handle such data loss situation that comes unexpected.

There are several ways where you can backup your important data like Google Drive that offers 15GB storage to save your files. Apart from this, even several Smartphone’s also offer their own Cloud storage to store data.

But when you don’t save data on these storage space and you lose your data then you need a powerful recovery software to restore lost files from Asus Transformer tablet.

Asus Transformer tablet recovery tool

In order to get back your data that is missing, lost, deleted or erased from Asus Transformer tablet, it is recommended to use Android data recovery tool.

With the use of this advanced technique, this android data retrieval tool can be performed without losing a single bit of file. This Android tablet data recovery can be use to recover data from others tablet too such as Samsung tablet, Lenovo tablet, Micromax tablet, Xperia tablet, etc.

It can recover data from any Android devices that are running on KitKat, Jelly Bean, Ice Cream Sandwich, Gingerbread, Froyo respectively.

So, try Android data recovery for free if you have lost any data from any android devices and get back your data such as contacts, images, text messages, apps, videos, audio, etc easily and quickly.

Steps to recover data form Asus Transformer tablet

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Well, data loss is one of the common situation that Android users can encounter anytime but one should be prepared to deal with such conditions. Asus Transformer tablet can also suffer from data loss situation and therefore it is recommended to create a backup of all your data in safe place.

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