Snapchat Streak Recovery: Restore Disappeared Snapchat Streak

Snapchat Streaks are always exclusive for me. This Snapchat feature keeps me attached and involved with my friends no matter whether they are close or far. It won’t be wrong if I say I am using Snapchat merely for Snapstreak. However, there are situations where I have lost Snapchat streaks and stressed a lot until I discovered a way of Snapchat streak recovery.

About Snapchat Streak

To recover Snapchat streak it’s very important to understand the basics of Streak in Snapchat.

Actually, creating Snapstreak is not a solo act. It begins when you and your friend send Snaps directly to each other every 24 hours for three consecutive days. Once it is done, a fire emoji (🔥) appears next to the names of both along with the number of days the streak is continuing.

In fact on completion of a certain streak threshold, special emojis such as Red Heart (❤️) emoji, a 100 number (💯) emoji, etc. are awarded to Snapchat users.

Benefits of Snapchat Streak

There is no such benefit of maintaining a Snapstreak apart from how dedicated you are on social media and taking pride in it a bit. Also, the more you Snap more your in-app score will grow that’s it.

Rule of Snapchat Streak

The only rule to keep the Snapstreak going is to send Snaps (pictures/videos only) to each other every day within the time frame of 24-hours. If this continuation breaks then your streak will be lost.

Below mentioned actions do not count as a Snap in Snapstreak –

  • Snap to a group or adding one to My Story.
  • Snaps sent from Snapchat Spectacles or Memories.
  • Chats, video calls, or sending stickers.

Though there are numerous emojis you will see in your Snapstreak but an important one to look out for is the hourglass emoji (⌛). If this emoji appears beside your name that means the Snapchat Streak is about to expire and you need to send a snap or ask the other person to do the same.

How to recover Snapchat Streak?

Snapchat gives numerous indications when your streak is about to break in the form of emojis (hourglass emoji). Once the Snapstreak is broken then the standard way is to build it from scratch as there is no such one-touch Snapchat streak recovery option.

But if the disappeared Snapchat streak means the world to you and you can’t afford to lose it then you can restore Snapstreak by appealing directly to Snapchat support. Before we get into how it is done, there are few things that you need to keep in mind moving forward.

  • You cannot do it on a regular basis.
  • There is no guarantee that you will get your Snapchat streaks back after appealing.
  • It’s entirely up to Snapchat support how generous they are about your appeal.
  • This method does not work if you have lost multiple streaks. There is a limit of one appeal per user only.

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Now let’s find out how to appeal for Snapchat streak recovery step by step.

snapchat support

  1. First, visit Snapchat Support page.
  2. On the left side of the page, you will find the “Contact Us” link. Click it.
  3. Now under the “What can we help you with?” section choose “I lost my Snapstreak”.
  4. Just fill in the form below with all the information and send the request by clicking the “Send” button.

You must be careful while filling the form. Double-check your and your friend’s username before sending. In the “What information should be know?” box explain in detail how you lost your Snapstreak. You can always cook up any story you want. The trick here is to remember that you have to convince Snapchat that you are the genuine case and lost your streak because of some unusual circumstances.

Things to do to Keep Snapstreak Alive or Going

The answer is really simple i.e. “keep sending snaps”. I know it sounds a bit dumb but that’s all you need to do to keep your snapstreak alive. Snap anything, you need not to dress your best all the time or care for the background. The idea is to engage yourself in and I don’t think sending a snap in 24 hours and expecting the same from your friend is a big deal.

I hope you have got an insight into how to recover lost Snapchat streak back and other related information that you need to keep your friendship blooming.