8 Best and Safe Sites To Download Android APK Apps In 2023

Couldn’t find your app on Google Play Store? Searching for an older version of the apps? In these cases, you should try downloading APKs from 3rd party websites. Here, you will find some of the best sites to download Android APK apps. So, keep reading.

We all know that Google Play Store is the biggest platform to download apps on an Android device. Google Play Store has over 2 million apps and thousands of developers/publishers update their apps every day.

Each day millions of users all across the world access the Play Store to download or update apps. Despite these facts, Google Play Store still has some downsides.

There are certain Android apps that you cannot find on the Google Play Store anymore. This can happen due to several reasons: if the app is locked in your region, there is adult content, or the developer has removed the app.

If you want any such app to download on your Android phone which is no more available on the Play Store, then you need to get the APK file of that app. So, even though you cannot find those apps on Google Play Store you can still get them by using the safe APK sites.

There are several APK download sites for Android apps. So, if you are looking for the best sites to download Android APK files safely, then you must take a look at the list of APK websites shared below in this article.

What is APK and is it Safe to Download?

Android Package Kit (APK) is an extension for the Android Package files. Android uses this file format to download & install the apps. APK file contains all the data of an app right from the resources & manifest to the application code to compile an app.

Basically, it consists of all the elements and data that any app needs to install correctly on the device. In simple words, the APK file on Android is just like the .exe file on Windows which is used to install apps.

Now, coming to the point of whether it is safe to download APK files or not, it depends on the source from where you want to download it. If the website or any other source from where you are trying to download the Android APK is legitimate and has positive reviews, then you can go for it.

But, mostly APK files come with malware and this is the reason why one must know which is the best and safe Android APK file downloading website. So, if you are not sure which website will be the right one to download the safe APK  file, then check the below-given list.

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List of Safe and Best Sites to Download Android APK

#1: APKMirror – Best and Trusted Website to Download APK on Android

best & safest Android APKs

APKMirror is considered to be the safest and best APK download site for Android. It is a legitimate source for downloading APK files. It is a very well-known website. This website has almost all the apps APK you would look for.

Not just this, but it keeps adding new apps and releases. And you know what, the best thing is this Android APK site is totally one of the best sites for safe Android APK downloads.

On APKMirror you will find large sections and selections of apps. This site gets millions of downloads and views daily. Also, it’s quite easy to navigate through this website and use it.

So, here you can easily find out the safest and updated APKs as all the APKs file available on this website has been manually approved by the Android experts.

The bottom line is you cannot find a better Android APK download site and it is the safest option to go with because it never publishes the paid apps, pirated apps, or modded APKs.

#2: APKPure

best Android APK downloading websites

Another best site to download Android APK is APKPure. This website is full of a variety of APK files. They have a wide range of options on their site which makes them one of the best and safest APK sites to download APK’s on Android.

Their team updates all the APK files each day so that you can enjoy the latest releases of APKs. With this website, you can also enjoy the region-restricted apps which you were not able to download on your phone before.

The downloading and installation process of APKs is amazingly smooth even better than Google Play Store.
Interestingly, you can even pre-register for the future app, which means the app will be instantly installed on your Android device once it will be released.

APK Pure also allows users to enable the notifications so that they get notified of each new release and available updates. So, you see you have no reason to overlook this website when it comes to a safe site to download APK on Android.

#3: APK4Fun

safe websites for downloading APK

The next best APK website for Android apps is APK4Fun. It is a very well-structured website that makes things easier for users to find the Android APKs in a hassle-free and faster way.

They also provide the top downloaded category same as APKMirror does. Apart from this, there is a diverse category of Android APKs, such as Social, Puzzle, Action, Racing, etc.

APK4Fun lets you enjoy their best services by locating the best & safest Android APKs. And, the best part of this APK downloading website is you don’t need any kind of registration or subscription to access the website and download the APK.

Now, from the safety point of view, you don’t need to think even twice before trying this site as all the APKs available here are malware-free. So, feel free to download the APK on Android from APK4Fun.

#4: Android-APK

safest and best APK download site for Android

There are several apps that are quite difficult to find on APK downloading websites. If you are also experiencing difficulty getting any of such APK files, then must visit the Android-APK.

This site has a pretty great collection of old app APKs which is not easy to find on any other site. And, this is what makes this website different and better than other best websites to download Android APK apps.

On top of this, they also have plenty of new and trending new apps. And, I must tell you their database of the APK downloads will not fail to leave you impressed with the popular categories and apps.

The downloading and installing process of the APKs from this website is very smooth and effortless. So, Android-APK has everything you would look for while best safe Android APK download sites.

#5: BlackMart Alpha – Best APK Download Site

Best Sites To Download Android APK Apps

The next website in the list of the best sites to download Android APK is BlackMart Alpha. It is also considered one of the safest sites from where you can download the APK.

On this website also you don’t require any kind of registration to access their enormous library of Android APKs.
Talking about its interface, it is pretty similar to the Google Play Store which makes it different from other Android APK download sites.

Also, all the APKs available on this website are absolutely free to download. Due to its user-friendly interface, you can easily use this platform to download the apps without any limitations and complications.

#6: APK Downloader

Best Sites To Download Android APK

APK Downloader is another reliable website to download safe APK files. It is a great alternative to the Google Play Store. Here, you can find millions of APKs to download.

From the security perspective, you don’t need to worry at all while downloading the apps as they pull APKs directly from the Google Play Store which makes it a safe APK website to download Android APK.

Additionally, they also show if the app you want to download is safe or not. Not just this, but its interface is also easy to use, you can see all the apps are properly categorized.

On this website, you can get all the newly released apps along with the old apps that are rare to find on other APK downloading websites. So, you should try this website too to download the safe Android APK file.

#7: Aptoide

trusted websites for downloading APK files

Aptoide is a very known name among the giant APK downloading world. This website has more than 200 million active users & has been over 6 billion downloads. Aptoide has its own Android app which lets users download APKs directly from their devices.

It is also one of the companies that embrace blockchain technology & cryptocurrencies. The site also has a token named AppCoins which allows developers to raise their revenue share.

Now, you must be thinking why this website is not listed at top of the choices even after serving a huge number of downloads, then let me answer your query.

This website has one major drawback that made me place it in this position which is they have modded APKs also on their platform. So, if you wouldn’t pay attention, you might end up downloading a modded APK by accident.

Otherwise, Aptoide is also a great choice only if you are looking for the best safe APK download site for Android apps and are attentive while downloading the app.

#8: APKMonk – Safest & Trusted Android APK Download Site

APKMonk is also a very popular APK download website. If you are looking for downloading gaming apps, then this site is definitely for you. The website has mainly focused on gaming APKs, which include all the trending games.

The website’s homepage has gotten the attention of all the trendy and popular gaming apps.

Now talking about safety, it is safe to use as, like other legitimate Android APK download websites, they also pulled the metadata and images of the app from the Google Play Store and also linked the apps to their original listing on the Play Store.

Besides, they also run their own malware scan before listing the APK files on the platform. So, to conclude, this is a safe website and they have all the trending and popular categories of APKs.

My Recommendation:

If you will ask for my opinion to choose the one out of these best and safe sites to download Android APK apps, then I prefer using the APKMirror. This is the reason why I have given it the first rank on the list.

The first reason why recommend using this site is, first, you will easily find any kind of app here, secondly, the interface is quite impressive which eases the user experience, the last and the most important thing it is the safest website among all of these APK downloading websites.

However, other listed best and safe APK sites to download APK are also safe for downloading APK. So, at the end of the day, it’s your choice and you can go with any of these sites.

Best Sites for Safe Android APK Downloads: FAQs

1: What do APK files do on Android device?

There are so many apps that are no more available on Google Play and this is where APK files come into the play. APK files are basically extension/file formats of Android apps. So, APK files allow users to install the apps on an Android phone. It holds all the files needed to install the apps correctly on Android. So, when you download the APK file and run it on your phone, it installs the apps on your Android phone.

2: What is a Mod APKs?

Mod APKs are basically the modified versions of the original Android apps. The mod APK is created to provide mobile users with all the features that cannot be used due to paid options or restricted geo-location. The mod version of the apps is coded in such a way that you can use the app even if is restricted in your geolocation and also unlocks the paid features of the original app.

3: Is it safe to cracked APK?

Cracked version of the app is nothing but pirated Android apps. Talking about how much is it safe, well it is not debatable at all. It is because we all time and again get to hear of Android being not one of the safest OS and how malware attacks and security breaches increasing on Android devices. So, if the app is not from Google Play Store or a legitimate source, it is more likely of being infected with malicious codes. So, once for all, it is not safe at all to download cracked APKs.

4: How can I download APK files on Android?

You can follow these steps to download APK files on your Android device:

  • First, go to the best website to download Android APK on your phone’s browser.
  • Search for the app’s APK on the website and tap on it.
  • Download the APK file on your phone.
  • Tap on the APK file.
  • Click on the Yes button when prompted.
  • Now, it will start installing the app.

Wrap Up

So, this is the list of safe and best Android APK downloading websites. I have mentioned the 8 websites, however, the list could have more names. But these are the most trusted websites for downloading APK files and it makes no point to go beyond this.

You can go with any of these sites, but one thing you should always keep in mind that never go with any website that allows malicious apps on their platform.

Even though these are safe options but you must pay attention while downloading the APKs as one wrong move can get you in trouble with downloading the modded apps.

I hope this article was useful for you and now can easily decide which website will be a good option for you to download the Android APK. Lastly, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for such informative guides.