How To Fix Snapchat Black Screen Issue On Android?

Are you facing a Snapchat black screen while taking videos or snaps? Well, this is not a new issue and has been around for a long time.

Since Snapchat is known for sharing videos or photos, it will be frustrating for a user when the camera stops working and shows a black screen.

When this problem appears, it doesn’t come up with any error message, which makes users clueless as it doesn’t specify why they are getting the black screen on the Snapchat camera.

So, if you are struggling with the same issue and don’t know how to respond to a black screen on Snapchat, then don’t worry.

This article will guide you to fix this Snapchat error on your Android device. So, let’s dig into it and follow the given solutions one by one.

What Causes Snapchat Camera Not Working, Black Screen Issue?

If you want to find out the reasons behind the Snapchat black screen issue, don’t skip this part. Here, I am going to explain all the factors that are known to be responsible for this error. Let’s take a look at them:

  • Device Camera is Damaged: The Snapchat camera will show a black screen if the camera of your phone is damaged. 
  • Disable Camera Permission: To take videos or snaps on Snapchat, you must have enabled the camera permission for the app. If the camera permission is denied, then the camera will not work and show a black screen on Snapchat.
  • Due to Cached Data: If your Snapchat app has collected too much cached data, it won’t be vital for the app’s performance, and you will end up with such a problem. It can also happen when the cached data is corrupted.
  • Bug in the App: Sometimes, Snapchat black screen error also appears due to a bug in the app. If there is a glitch in the app, it will malfunction.
  • Linked Snapchat with 3rd Party App: Linking your Snapchat app with the 3rd party apps can make it buggy. You may not see any direct consequence, but it will significantly reduce the app’s performance.
  • Outdated App or OS: Using the outdated Snapchat app is another viable reason for the Snapchat camera not working and the black screen issue. Similarly, running outdated firmware on a phone is equally responsible for this problem.
  • Device Issue: There is a possibility that you are facing this problem due to the issue with your phone.

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How to Fix the Snapchat Black Screen Issue on Android?

Method 1: Try Basic Fixes

In order to fix the Snapchat black screen on camera issue, you should first try some basic solutions:

  • Restart your phone: Many times, this problem caused due to a glitch on the device that can easily be resolved by giving a fresh start to the phone. So, restart your phone and then try to use the app.
  • Check internet connection: If the internet connection is not stable or is working slow, you can face this problem. So, make sure the internet is working properly. To ensure this, switch to the mobile data or vice-versa, disable and enable the mobile data, or turn on and turn off the Airplane mode on the phone.
  • Relaunch the app: If you are using the app for a long time this might be the reason behind this problem. In this case, close the app, wait for some time and relaunch the app.

Method 2: Check Camera Permission

The Snapchat black screen issue can be happened due to the misconfigured camera permission. When Snapchat lacks the mandatory camera permissions, it could result in such issues.

Hence, you must give all the necessary permissions to the Snapchat app in order to fix the Snapchat camera not working issue.

Now, to do this, follow these instructions:

  • Go to the Snapchat app and long-press it.
  • Tap on the App info (i button).

Snapchat black screen with white line

  • Click on the App Permissions.

Snapchat black screen error

  • Find out the Camera option in the list and tap on it.

Snapchat camera not working black screen issue

  • Now, select the Allow option.

There have been so many cases, where changing the camera permission on the Snapchat app fixed the issue. So, after doing this, check if it resolved the problem on your phone or not. If you are still having the same problem with the app, mo0ve to the next solution.

Method 3: Clear Cache and Data of Snapchat

The next potential solution to the Snapchat back screen and camera not working issues is clearing the cache and data of the app. When the app stores too much cached data, it is most likely to get corrupted. 

So, if you have the same case, clearing the cache and data of the Snapchat app will fix the error.

  • Open the phone Settings app.
  • Go to the Apps > Snapchat.
  • Click on the Storage option.
  • Tap on the Clear Cache and Clear Data buttons.

clear cache snapchat

  • Now, restart your phone and check whether the issue git resolved or not.

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Method 4: Update Snapchat

Using an outdated app can lead you to several issues, including this one too. If you are also running the outdated Snapchat on your phone, it could be a reason why you are getting the black screen on Snapchat. Now, update this app and see if it can fix the problem.

  • Open Google Play Store.
  • Search for the Snapchat app and open it.
  • If there is a new update available for this app, you will see the Update button.
  • Tap on the Update button.
  • Relaunch the app and check if the camera started working or not. If the Snapchat camera is showing a black screen, go to the next troubleshooting method.

Method 5: Reinstall the Snapchat App

If updating the app didn’t resolve the Snapchat black screen with a white line problem, try reinstalling it. There is a possibility that you are experiencing this issue due to some kind of glitch in the app. In this situation, reinstalling is the best way to deal with the app glitch.

  • First, uninstall the app from the device.
  • Now, give a restart to your phone.
  • Go to the Play Store and reinstall Snapchat.
  • While setting up the Snapchat app on your phone, make sure to give all the required permissions to the app.

This time the app should work fine without any problem. However, if you are still getting the Snapchat black screen with a green dot or white line, then try the other fixes.

Method 6: Re- Login to Snapchat

If you failed to snap or take videos on your Snapchat camera, this may be happening due to the server issue.

You resolve this by refreshing the server on your Snapchat app. For that, you need to sign out and sign in back to the Snapchat account. 

Method 7: Uninstall Snapchat Update 

If this issue started appearing after updating the Snapchat app, might be the new update is buggy and is responsible for the black screen. Just uninstall the recent update on Snapchat to resolve this camera issue on the app.

  • Go to Settings > Apps.
  • Click on Snapchat.
  • Tap on the Uninstall Update button.
  • Relaunch the Snapchat app on your phone.
  • Now, check if you are still getting the black screen on your app.

Solution 8: Factory Reset Your Phone

If you have tried all the possible ways to get past this problem, but none of them has worked then here is one more way to respond to black screen on Snapchat. Here, I am talking about factory resetting the phone.

Doing this will restore the app to the default settings and has the potential to fix the errors and issues on the device. So, if this error is occurring due to a problem on your phone, this would be a wise choice.

Warning: Performing factory resetting on your Android phone will remove all data from the device. Hence, before moving on with this process, make sure to backup your phone.

  • Open the Settings page on the phone.
  • Go to the About Phone option.
  • Click on the Backup & reset > Erase all data (factory reset).

Snapchat black screen issue

  • Finally, tap on the Delete all data button.

delete data

  • Wait for the factory reset process to be completed, and then restart the phone.
  • After resetting your phone, the Snapchat app will be removed from the phone. So, once the phone is restarted, install the Snapchat app.

Alternative Solution: Fix Snapchat Camera Showing Black Screen Issue

You can also fix this issue by using the Android Repair Tool. If this black screen problem is happening due to the app crashing issue, then this tool will help you to resolve the problem without following any manual solution.

Not just this issue but you can use this software to deal with many other Android errors and problems, such as black screen of death error, phone stuck in a boot loop, battery draining issue, update failure issues, and many more.

So, don’t waste any more time and use this tool to fix your errors on an Android phone. You can check the user guide for the complete instructions.


Note: It is recommended to download and use the software on your PC or laptop only.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I fix the Snapchat camera not working problem on Android?

There are several easy and proven ways to fix the camera not working error on Snapchat. Below are some of the most effective methods users have tried to fix the error:

  • Check the camera permission
  • Update Snapchat
  • Reinstall Snapchat
  • Clear cache and data of the Snapchat app
  • Make sure the camera is not damaged
  • Contact to support team of Snapchat

Why the screen is going black when opening Snapchat and how can I fix it?

If you are getting a black screen on your phone while opening the Snapchat app, then it might be happening due to the app crashing issue, don’t have enough space on your phone to load this app, due to app glitch, or using the outdated version of Snapchat. To fix this problem, you can do the following:

  • Restart your phone
  • Clear the storage space on your phone
  • Update the app
  • Clear cached data on the app and phone
  • Reinstall the app
  • Factory reset your phone
  • Use Android Repair Tool

How to fix Snapchat camera zoom problem?

To fix the camera zoom in issue on Snapchat, you can follow these troubleshooting methods:

  • Restart your phone and the app
  • Install the security patch for your phone
  • Clean the Snapchat lens data
  • Update the Snapchat app


It brings us to the conclusion of this guide. After following these solutions, you will get past the Snapchat camera not working black screen error on Android. And now, you must be able to record videos and snaps using the Snapchat camera.

However, if you are still facing the error, contact the Snapchat support team. They will help you to resolve the problem.

Besides, if you have any further queries, ask us on Twitter.