How To Unlock Bootloader On Huawei Smartphones?

Huawei is one of the leading Android smartphone brands in the world. As Huawei fans are increasing with each passing day, this company also keeps new phones and amazing features.

Some of the users want to root the phone, install TWRP Recovery, install CWM on phones. But to do these you need to unlock bootloader on Huawei devices.

However, unfortunately, the company for its credit has decided to discontinue providing an official bootloader from their end on any device, fearing probable issues including ROM flashing.

But don’t worry as there are a few ways to unlock the bootloader on your Huawei smartphone. For that, you need to read this article till the end.

What is Unlock Bootloader in Android Devices?

In any Android device, a bootloader is a complex programming code, which runs on starting the device. This helps load the hardware and starts the kernel to get the device on. Like any computing device, a bootloader is crucial in triggering features when turned on.

More so, when you decide in adding Custom ROM, this only works after unlocking the bootloader. In addition, installing apps such as Magisk, Xposed and SuperSU are only possible if the loader is unlocked.

What is the Reason for Locking the Stock Bootloader?

When the device is shipped out of the factory, the device is always embedded with a locked bootloader. The reason is that the manufacturer (here its Huawei) wants you to only work with stock ROM.

Anything beyond this level would break the terms and conditions of the warranty. Even after this, if you are intending on knowing how to unlock bootloader on Huawei Phones, here are two methods.

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How to Unlock Bootloader on Huawei Phones (Official Method)

We would now look at the official step-by-step method on how to unlock Bootloader on any Huawei Smartphone and allow users to explore the possibilities,


  • Your phone must have at least 70% battery
  • You need a PC or laptop
  • Backup your phone so that you can use it if needed
  • Copying down IMEI number by calling on *#06#. Also, find out your ProductId by dialing  on #*#1357946#*#*
  • A USB cable
  • Enabling USB Debugging and OEM Unlock option on the device
  • Installing Huawei USB Drivers on the system
  • Installing the all-important ADB tool and Fastboot drivers from the official Huawei Page
  • Register on the Huawei website to get the unlock code – Click here.

Now, follow these steps to unlock bootloader on any Huawei smartphone:

  • Start with enabling the Developer Option. For this, go to the Settings app on your phone > tap on the About Phone option > tap on the Build Number for 8 times to get a flash message “Developer Option Enabled”.

How to unlock bootloader on Huawei Device

  • Now go back to the Settings page > tap on the Additional Settings >  Developer options > enable OEM unlocking option.
  • Download the ADB Fastboot tool on your PC and then extract the tool.
  • Now, call on the below-given number to find out the IMEI number and ProductId:
    • *#06# – IMEI number
    • *#1357946#*#* – ProductId
  • Now, register on the Huawei Site. For this, you need to visit this link – Click here.
  • If you already have an account on this page, then log in with the Huawei id or Register to create a new account.

Unlock Huawei Bootloader

  • Once you are logged in, click on the Download button.
  • Then, click on the Bootloader Unlock Page.
  • Type your name on the prompt.
  • Click & Agree to the Unlocking agreement.
  • Enter the entire device data, including Product Model, IMEI, and Serial Number.

huawei Bootloader Unlock Page

  • Once the step is done, you would receive an Unlock Code.
  • If for any reason, the step is failed, click on the Contact Us link to receive the code in 2 or 3 working days.
  • Save the unlock code somewhere safe to access later.
  • Go to the extracted ADB and Fastboot folder > Press the Shift key and right-click at the same time.
  • Select the Open Command Window option.
  • Next, connect your PC and mobile via USB Cable.
  • Now, to start the unlock Huawei Bootloader process you first need to reboot your phone into the bootloader.  For this, you need to enter the following command on the command window:

ADB reboot bootloader

  • The device would start to boot within the scope of the bootloader.
  • Ensure to check the cables are connected properly.
  • Now, type the following command in the command window:

fastboot devices

  • To unlock the bootloader on your Huawei android phone, enter the following command,

fastboot OEM unlock [unlock key]

  • The unlock key is the number given to you from the site’s end.
  • Once the process is complete, reboot the device by entering this command:

fastboot reboot

How to Unlock Bootloader on Huawei Phones (Using 3rd Party Tools)

With Huawei’s decision to stop providing official unlock code, there has been a flurry of 3rd party apps and software across the internet to resolve the issue.

However, unlike the official method to unlock bootloader on Huawei; these 3rd party ones are not free of charge. The price range varies from software to software. The most popular ones include,


On your PC:

  • Download and install ADB and Fastboot software on your system
  • Download any of the above mentioned online software tools
  • Also, download Huawei USB drivers

On your Mobile:

  • Charging up the device and holding at least 70% battery before starting any process
  • Note down the IMEI number by calling *#06# and productID by *#1357946#*#*
  • Connect your mobile with a system using a USB

Steps to unlock the bootloader on your Huawei android phone:

  • Enable developer option by going to, Settings> About Device > tap 8 times on Built Number
  • Go to the Developer option on the settings and Enable OEM Unlock.
  • Once you receive the code, save it somewhere secure.
  • Start ADB and Fastboot.
  • Open the command window or PowerShell by a combination of Shift+Right Click on the Mouse.
  • Turn off the mobile device and hit on Volume Up and Power button at the same time
  • This turns on Fastboot mode, where you need to enter the command (while your device is still connected to the system)

ADB reboot bootloader

  • Unlock the bootloader on your Huawei android phone using this command,

fastboot OEM unlock YOUR CODE

  • Enter your secret code at YOUR CODE segment.
  • Reboot the phone for one more time
  • With this, you are free to install Custom Kernel, Root, Custom ROM, and even TWRP Recovery.

Nevertheless, there is no way to unlock the bootloader of Huawei phones without code and both methods oversee the application of important codes.

Final Thoughts

These were the two ways to unlock bootloaders on Huawei devices with ease. Using any of these methods, unlock your device and test its potentials to its highest levels.

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